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Chastity and the Male Submissive Print E-mail
Written by admin (maid lexis*)

You are a submissive male, you have a desire to serve a strong woman and have a desire to experience chastity and orgasm denial...

Perhaps you are a submissive male with a strong desire to experience denial and submission through chastity and orgasm denial.   Chastity, either imposed or asked for by you, under a Dominant woman is a constant reminder of who is in charge and how she is the one who controls the submissive male's orgasms.  Based on polls run on this site it's more likely that you, the submissive male, were the one to introduce chastity into your relationship.  This is quite admirable!  It's an important point in life the life of a submissive when you recognize your weakness and accept that you need help controlling your sexual fantasies and masturbatory compulsions. 

  • Are you constantly "over" masturbating to pornography?  Some men, though a small proportion, have a problem with over masturbation hence avoiding real life sexual contact with their partner.
  • Are you an intelligent submissive? I bet you know that chastity control makes you feel more submissive and attentive to your wife and you enjoy this.  Much of chastity is played in the mind and chastity enforces this by moving your sexual desires into your brain instead of your penis.
  • Do you enjoy the ache, the build up, the tease and the denial of chastity?  I bet you do.  I also bet you have the strongest orgasms of your life after you have been placed in chastity for "some" period of time.  I also bet that you have more of a full body orgasm as you achieve release.  Chastity offers men the opportunity to control release and focus this build up of sexual energy and desire into one bigger orgasm that numerous smaller ones.  This is almost a tantric experience.

These are just some of the reasons why submissive males are drawn into living a lifestyle of chastity and frustration.

strong>From a Femdom perspective...

Denial of Sexual Favor:  A major component of chastity training is to break the submissive male's demand for sexual favor.  A Dominant woman can not be in control of her relationship if she grants her submissive sexual favor upon demand or request by the male.  She needs to be the one in control of release.  It's up to her to set the schedule or perhaps at her own whim of when and how her sub gets to achieve orgasm.   If not, her submissive is simply topping from the bottom and at some point resentment will set in by her submissive as he begins to realize he is actually the one in control, even though he may actually desire to be controlled.  It's "the fight" and "struggle" of the male submissive that will arise at some point.  This struggle needs to be tamed or managed in productive manner to keep him in a constant submissive state of mind.  Even men who know they are submissive still feel shame and guilt at there lifestyle decisions.  At times the male psyche needs to be "consensually forced" to do what he actually wants to do, thus reducing some of the shame and guilt he might feel in his submission.

Training Tool: Chastity is a great training tool for submissive men.  It focuses their energy on how to best serve their dominant.  Why?  Because in order to achieve an orgasm they must earn one.  Just live Pavlov's dogs, if the submissive acts accordingly he gets a reward.  Chastity is the tool to enforce a woman's dominance.  Training could be taking place on several planes from: performing house hold chores, to dotting on the wife, opening doors, carrying bags in the mall, running a errand even though he is tired, to sexual service, to massages; manicures; pedicures and generally being at the service to his wife.

Sexual activity is denied as the chastity device counteracts against the urges of the mans sexual drive and is a good training tool to teach discipline and self control.  Almost all Femdom's strive for a male with discipline and self control.  No woman wants a irresponsible class clown as her submissive.

Another advantage of a chastity device is that the submissive male is usually forced to sit when he pees, though many men can get used to standing with a device on - but many times there is a mess as well.  Women should require there man to sit to urinate, less splatter accidents occur as the male is sitting and reminded of his diminished status as compared to other males. 

A Femdom relationship is one of mutual consent and exchange of power that meets the needs of a specific couple.  Exchanging and giving power, especially sexual power and the power to deny you, to your wife or Mistress is a big step to take, however the life of a submissive male is never easy but can be extremely rewarding.  Submissive men get to worship the women they love and adore.  They get to show, live and feel what most men only get to dream about - The absolute worship and adoration of their loved one.  That being said, sometimes the price you have to pay to worship your wife is to be placed in chastity for her...because she loves you and wants this for both you and her.

All About Chastity Belts

Chastity belts and devices are for men and women. The control of the genitals is one of the ultimate bondage experiences. A properly designed and fitted chastity device will definitely prevent intercourse with another person. Devices also can be designed to prevent or enhance stimulation of the genitals. They can be a truely frustrating experience. Originally these devices were invented to prevent cheating and unauthorized sex. Nowadays chastity has evolved to enhance sex play, is used for bondage/BDSM purposes and is also used for sexual control.

Why Use a Chastity Belt?

  • Tease and Denial - Chastity play can be extremely exciting when used to tease and excite the wearer. With a chastity device in place it is not possible to get sexual gratification or have sex. For the man, he can not get a full erection. Teasing and denial are highly erotic games to play with your submissive. There is extreme pleasure in riding the repeated waves of tormenting and teasing a partner in a chastity device.

    Chastity devices also effectively prevent masturbation, which gives one partner the control of all orgasms. This can be great fun for both partners.
  • Rekindling desire in a relationship - Chastity devices can help spice up those relationships that are now dull and lacking in desire. When someone gives control of their sexuality over to another, the arousal usually becomes extremely intense. Using teasing and denial to build sexual arousal gives for incredibly pleasant sexual release. Sexual release then becomes a treasured gift that both partners look forward to. Partners report experiencing feelings of passion, lust, heightened desire and caring love that they initially experienced in the early years of their relationship.
  • Stimulation - For both men and women, wearing a chastity belt is both controlling and stimulating. Feeling a chastity device locked and secured around the genitals can be wonderfully frustrating. The thought that release and orgasm are controlled by the key holder creates a fantasy of eroticism. Release and orgasm is only when the key holder allows it.
  • Torture and Humiliation - The torture of not being able to ejaculate, orgasm or use the genitals is sometimes described as "maddening." Being tormented by the key holder for days, weeks or longer and never quite being allowed to have a release. Being humiliated is part of this erotic fantasy. Such as being forced to serve friends or guests while naked, just wearing the chastity device.

  • Control  - The person who holds the key has control over the prisoner. The key holder owns the genitals and controls when and where their submissive is going to have an orgasm or be released. A partner can be trained to serve or please the key holder and be treated to release only after being "good." Sexual control can also keep the partner from having unauthorized sex while the key holder is away. Many people have their partners put into a chastity cage when they will not be seeing each other for long periods of time.
  • Games - Many exciting games can be played with chastity belts. Rules can be created to play on the different aspects of sexual bondage. For example, a woman has her male partner locked up. He must always stand up when she enters the room. If he forgets then she holds up some fingers and then he knows how many more days he will remain locked up before he can experience release. Take a look at your most erotic fantasies about being controlled or controlling someone sexually. Games for chastity play are only limited by your imagination.
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My Chatisty
written by bisson0, March 31, 2013
My Mistress made ​​me first quickly early to assert his superiority and then during our wedding night, she has imposed definitive wearing a chastity belt.
I wear it for 12 years and she emptied every month.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gif
gr8 article, definitely an 'over' masturbater here, ...
written by caged4luv, February 24, 2008
gr8 article, definitely an 'over' masturbater here, hoping to get the wife to place me in chastity....

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