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Extreme Restraints

My wife loves to cock tease, she secures my hands to the bed, naked except for my cage. She especially loves to tease me if I have been caged for five or six days or longer ...

My wife loves to cock tease, she secures my hands to the bed, naked except for my cage. She especially loves to tease me if I have been caged for five or six days or longer. She will start by squeezing my already full balls, telling me how full they feel and how much she thinks they must ache. That her goal is to really make them ache.


She will start playing with my nipples, pinching and biting on them, she knows this drives me mad. At the same time telling me that she is going to take me so far that I will be begging an offering to do anything just to have some relief.  After a little while of

playing with my nipples and more ball squeezing she takes off my cage. My is cock fully at her mercy.


She climbs on my face, facing away from me and pushes her sweetness down hard telling me to get busy satisfying her. I can hardly breath with her grinding so hard on my face, she says if I don’t do a good job she will slap by balls hard. After pleasuring her for a  while, her juices covering my face, she takes my cock in her month and starts sucking on it for a few minutes.


By now my cock is aching for relief, but she is only getting started. She reminds me that if I cum without permission that I will not get out for three weeks. Just the feeling of having an erection after not having one for so long is driving me crazy. She finally climbs off my face to focus on really tormenting me.


At this point she slowly starts stroking my cock with some lube, up and down, up and down with slow firm strokes. She knows she needs to be careful in order to not let me cum. I can feel the huge load in my balls swelling waiting to explode, she can tell that I am about ready to cum and squeezes the base of my cock really hard to bring me back down. She tells me you almost got in trouble by cumming, you better not!!


Then she starts all over again. Making my cock rock hard with slow up and down strokes. She takes me to the edge of cumming repeatedly, stopping me just at the last moment by continuing to squeeze the base of my cock and balls.  She can see how swollen my balls are, my load trapped. I am pleading for her to let me cum, my cock is swollen, balls aching so bad. I tell her I will done anything if you will just let me cum.  


She then gets up and say I will be right back I have something to help with that aching cock. She returns with a bag of ice and places it on my cock which makes it go right down. Again I am begging her to please let me cum and she just say not tonight baby, I just wanted to give you a good workout and let your swollen balls ache and simmer even more for me!!


It takes me a few minutes to collect myself, finally she releases me from the bed and instructs me to put my cage back on with her watching.  Once the lock clicks shut she says maybe tomorrow I will let you cum…….now get done there and please me again, remember I’m the wife and can have all the orgasms I wish while you poor husband get none!!!        

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You lucky bastards, I get snipets of this sort of ...
written by ralph, May 03, 2007
You lucky bastards, I get snipets of this sort of thing though it's largely relagated to fantasy.
One area of tease I don't often come across is making the male struggle for orgasm which could involve many senarios to the point of making him perform a ruined orgasm.
Thanks for your story,
thats almost the way my wife teases me , except that ...
written by bodyman, May 17, 2006
thats almost the way my wife teases me , except that she has her bi-dom g/f gerri bring me to the point of precum 4-5 times a session , but never to the point of ejaculation .This goes on while Gerri's husband Alex makes love to my wife on the bed right in front of us ..when they are finished ,Gerri applies ice to my crotch ,reinstalls the cb3000, and i do all the cleanup on both my wife and Alex , for the rest of the nights lovemaking i eat gerri's pussy while my wife and Alex have more sex ...I love it ..

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