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Enforced Male Chastity Print E-mail
Written by admin (maid lexis*)
One of the best things about living a female supremacy lifestyle is that it is a decision driven way of life. Rather than simply reacting to the random everyday events that effect our lives, allowing ...

Enforced Male Chastity
I am a firm believer in the importance of enforced chastity for males. I will endeavor to explain why I place such a strong emphasis on such control.

One of the best things about living a female supremacy lifestyle is that it is a decision driven way of life. Rather than simply reacting to the random everyday events that effect our lives, allowing chance to be one of the primary sculptors of our future, the female supremacist is a very proactive decision maker and planner.

The fact that the female focuses so strongly on decision making for her male; what he eats, where he sleeps, when he orgasms, and every other facet of his life, causes her in return to clearly focus on her own goals, needs, and desires. This assures, to the greatest extent possible that her life ends up becoming exactly what she desires. Contrast this with the lives of average people, as they only react to events, so much is left to random chance, leading to frequent frustration and disappointment.

Active decision making is often avoided because people think that it is easier to just let events take their course. This is undoubtedly incorrect, and it is always easier to achieve ones aspirations if decisions are made proactively across all facets of life.

I have heard some females talk about control of their males sexuality as just another chore, and how much easier it is to just leave the decision to orgasm up to the male. This is a prime example of incorrect thinking. Enforced chastity of the male is the very best, and I might add, the easiest way for a female to have her goals and aspirations met on both a long term and a short term basis.

If the female will take some time to make an active decision about how often, and indeed in what ways, her male will be allowed to orgasm, and if she takes a few moments each day to enforce her decision, she will find that her life will become immeasurably easier as his focus naturally moves away from his own gratification and towards hers. Thus, enforcing control over the male orgasm is not added work, rather a very effective method of reducing the female's workload, and molding the males behavior to better match her desires.

Females should think:

How do I feel about the male orgasm itself? Do I enjoy watching it? Is it disgusting to me? Offensive to me? Do I just not care one way or the other? The answer will help to serve as a guide to proper decision making.

Using the above answer as a guide, and whatever desire she has for her own sexual use of her males cock, she can then easily decide how often he should be permitted orgasm. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, only on special occasions, yearly? The possibilities are indeed endless. Other frequencies used fairly often by female supremacists include: only on days she intends to permit intercourse so that the male can perform properly, or indeed, as many females have decided, never.

Done properly, there is no risk to the male if he leads his life under severe orgasm control including living out the rest of his life without another orgasm. Prostrate massage is the key to keeping a male undergoing long term orgasm denial healthy. Resources about prostate massage abound on the internet.

Strict and ongoing control of the male orgasm is so important to the female supremacist because of the profound effects it has on male behavior. These positive effects are the result of his instincts for reproduction.

All males who are not under strict orgasm control are completely sexually satisfied at all times. This is because all males use masturbation every time relief of their biological drive is needed. To believe anything different about male masturbation is to be dishonest with oneself.

A sexually satisfied male is, due to his instincts, a male who is no longer motivated to completely please the female in his life. His instincts cause this lack of interest in pleasing her because his drive to reproduce has been temporarily met. Without the instinctual drive for reproduction pushing him forward, the male cannot be properly focused on her needs, wants, and desires. Rather the male will always place his own needs and wants first.

This is not learned behavior, and this is not somehow the males fault. Neither is it something which he can change. It is simply how the male gender functions as a result of the instincts it possesses.

Contrast this with a male who lives under strictly enforced orgasm denial. The denied male, when not in a sexually satisfied state will have his entire focus on fulfilling the needs, wants, and desires of the female in his life. All of the males otherwise wasted energy will be directly focused on her pleasure, not only her sexual pleasure, but in all areas of her life.

Again, this is not something that the male has learned, or that he can change, it is simply male instinctual response.

His instincts force his energies towards satisfaction of his need to reproduce, this naturally translates into behaviors in which he does everything possible to earn the affection of the female who controls his ability to orgasm.

When the female muzzles her male with an effective chastity device, and exercises an effective release schedule, she will have a male uniquely devoted to her happiness. When she does not do these things, his instincts force his behavior to fall far short of the ideal.

An interesting side benefit of enforced male chastity is that the male who is sexually unsatisfied will have more energy than he would if he were sexually satisfied. This is a biological response in the male that can be quite profound, and extremely positive.

In most males this extra energy is manifested as creative energy, in others as physical energy. Either way, it can be of great benefit to the female supremacist as she uses it for her increased pleasure.

Behavior modification is another tremendous benefit brought about by the males lack of sexual satisfaction. As females we need to admit to ourselves that we all have a desire to change our male. We want him to more often exhibit behaviors which please us, and less frequently exhibit behaviors that are displeasing to us.

Females are taught by society that it is not right to want to change the male, and that even if it were ethical, it can't be done anyway. The conclusion we are to draw is that if we try to change our male our efforts will fail and we will be deeply disappointed.

This is a lie, a lie of course foisted upon females by our prevailing patriarchal society. A lie which should not be allowed to stand as we females create our future gynarchy.

Male behavior will change and improve dramatically when the female supremacist removes her males sexual satisfaction. His instincts will drive him to exhibiting pleasing behavior towards her, and will make it much more difficult for him to exhibit behaviors which she does not approve of. As females, control of the male orgasm is our best opportunity to improve our males behavior patterns and mold him more closely into the "man of our dreams."

Through enforced chastity we can change the male with relative ease, and we should do so.

When discussing enforced male orgasm control it must be remembered that there is a significant time delay as the male moves from a state of sexual satisfaction to a state of sexual dissatisfaction. It is not instantaneous or even quick, and a control only exercised for a few hours or a few days will not yield the desired effects.

A good rule of thumb is that it takes about a week in the average male. If he is allowed orgasm on Sunday for example, and is denied orgasm until the next Sunday, he will be getting his orgasm at about the same time as he was finally becoming sexually unsatisfied and his instincts were beginning to align his focus on the females needs and wants.

Thus a male who is granted one orgasm per week will never be able to give the female his proper focus. She will not receive the benefits of enforced chastity because she is not allowing enough time for him to become sexually unsatisfied.

A helpful way for females to consider this is by thinking about it as a vacation. Every time the male achieves orgasm his focus will move away from her for about one week. During this time he will be "on vacation" as he will not be serving the female to the best of his ability.

With that in mind, when thinking about how often her male should be allowed orgasm, the female should consider how many weeks per year she wants his focus to be away from her, and how many weeks of "vacation" he should be granted.

The female supremacist does well to remember that:

One male orgasm per week translates to 52 weeks of "vacation" per year.

One male orgasm every other week translates to 26 weeks of "vacation" per year.

One male orgasm per month translates to 12 weeks of "vacation" per year.

One male orgasm per quarter translates to 4 weeks of "vacation" per year.

One male orgasm every six months translates to 2 weeks of "vacation" per year.

One male orgasm per year translates to 1 week of "vacation" per year.

Completely doing away with the male orgasm through permanent enforced chastity will result in the male always being focused on the fulfillment of the females wants, needs, and desires.

As female supremacists we should ask ourselves, how many weeks of vacation does the average employee receive per year? How many weeks per year should we be willing to tolerate our males focus being on his desires, rather than our own?

As females, when we consider these questions, the best answers for ourselves, and our relationships will come.

Once it is decided through an active and thoughtful decision making process how often the male will be permitted orgasm, the male should simply be informed of the decision, and expected to obey without complaint.

The female must of course hold true to her decision and not allow temporary weakness or pity to soften her resolve. If she does not enforce her decision, all of her efforts will be for naught.

As mentioned, the male should not be allowed to complain, or even to request an orgasm. Complaints, requests, and whining are poor behavior that should be punished.

In the chastised male who belongs to a female supremacist with a strong resolve, a request for orgasm is nothing more than whining for attention. Knowing that, the female must use care in her choice of punishment.

The male should not be whipped or beaten because to do so would be giving in to his true motivation, which is to get undeserved attention. More whining and other bad behaviors would directly result from such punishment.

Instead of a beating, a "time out" is a much more effective punishment in this instance because it totally denies that which underlies the poor behavior.

If the male complains, whines, or asks for an orgasm he should be placed in a closet with the door closed for a few hours. If desired, and issues of safety are considered, he can be tied and gagged while locked away.

I am very lucky in that my home includes an outhouse left over from the days when indoor plumbing was not available. Unlike most around the country, mine has always been kept in good repair through all these decades of disuse. Thus I have a perfect "time out" place. I can lock a male in the outhouse for hours on end which not only punishes him by denying his desire for my attention, but by the nature of it's intended use serves as a perfect form of humiliation. With a male locked in the antique outhouse I don't even need to think about his bodily functions, and in theory if some water and food was periodically delivered I could punish a male in this way for days. While I can't imagine this would ever be needed or desired, it is nice to know that the option remains always available to me.

The female supremacist should never feel that denying her male orgasm for long periods of time is overly cruel. In fact, rather than cruelty, long term orgasm denial is a gift she provides her male. This is because for the male in a relationship based upon female supremacy, being granted an orgasm is a false mercy.

His instincts drive him to an extremely powerful desire for orgasm, but deep down, in the core of his being, he does not truly desire sexual release.

From a practical standpoint, after orgasm it is much harder for the male to serve the female, and he finds much less fulfillment and joy in his service to her. Intellectually, the male knows this which is why so many males seek out a female who is willing to limit male orgasms. Males are much happier in their role when they remain sexually unsatisfied.

From a less practical standpoint, when the male achieves orgasm it is accompanied by a release of all sexual tension. As being in a state of sexual tension is so blissful, the male orgasm is always to one extent or another a disappointment.

As female supremacists working to improve our lives, and striving for a female led society, we need to use our intellect to decide how to best regulate the orgasm in our males. Males can't do this themselves because their baser instincts cause them to abandon their own intellect in favor of following their "idiot stick." Strict control of the male orgasm will greatly improve the life of the female who is willing to exercise that control, it will also however serve to improve her males life as she uses her intellect to overrule his "idiot stick."

Comments (6)Add Comment
written by dan496512, January 12, 2009
id love to be yours. x
fantastic, how true, you know your stuff ...
written by nickbates, September 13, 2008
fantastic, how true, you know your stuff.
written by jabber, August 26, 2007
Nice article, I tend to agree with you. Male chastity ...
written by Paddy, August 01, 2007
Nice article, I tend to agree with you. Male chastity will keep the focus on the female's wants and makes a dutiful housewife out of him.
I think this is very well written article, please ...
written by freida, October 23, 2006
I think this is very well written article, please keep up the good work.
Everything you have said is right-on! You have a good ...
written by Bobbybig, September 01, 2006
Everything you have said is right-on! You have a good insight into the male mechanism. Never allowing orgasm,ever, will keep him forever wanting more. Get him a strap-on dildo he can use for your pleasure. You can even turn it around and use it on him to keep him milked. Keep writing. You are good at it.

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