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Karin von Kroft

House of Gagged, Chastised Sissies Print E-mail
Written by Constance

I've found the most wonderful appliance at JT's Stockroom:

My brain is whirling with all the devious ways in which I could use such a product. Of course it would require lots of sissies. I'd need several of you throughout my house. Your attire for my service? I'd want you laced into the strictest, figure-training corset with steel boning, the corset's 8 garter straps holding up seamed-fishnet stockings. Of course you'd be secured in a chastity device, with your bottom plugged. And the highest possible heels, I love the way a severe corset and spindly stilettos give my sissies that sway when they mince about...lovely.

Now that you're properly attired you'd each be fitted with the basic gag and placed throught the house. All but two...two of you will remain ungagged...for - special duties.

One of you will kneel by my office desk, on my right side, with the ash tray attachment. The smoke bothering you dear? Sorry pet, you'll simply have to suffer and endure.

A second sissy slut will kneel to my left, their serving tray attachement holding my wine. VERYexpensive wine, so hold that head absolutely still my slut!

A very lucky sissy, one without the gag...will find herself in my 'face chair' their tongue lapping at my bottom. Hard to breathe? I'll lift my bottom...just a little...deep breath...hold I come. Ah, a few wiggles of my bottom creates the perfect seal. I do love a sissy tongue snaking its way inside me. Do I taste good? 

Yet another sissy, with the boot brush attachment on his gag. is cramped under my desk, shining my patent spike-heeled boots. If I feel his efforts lacking, a sharp stab with one of those stilettos gets him back on task.

Time for a I stroll by the kitchen I see the cleaning sissy, on her knees, the floor brush attachment scrubbing my floor. How many times have you cleaned that floor today? Eight fingers...eight times. Well, I imagine that after 50, it will be spotless...right? Back to work, a few strokes of the cane should motivate you.

Goondess? Three sissies in Mistress's bathroom! All on their knees. One with the toilet bowl brush and one with the toliet paper convenient. Poor babies, is the tile cold and hard? Your knees in pain? Tears of suffering, one of Mistress's favorite things.

Yet there is one un-gagged sissy in the bathroom. I snap my fingers and that one crawls forth, a very lucky sissy, whose tongue gently licks away the last vestiges of my golden nectar. Meanwhile, the toliet brush sissy's head disappears into the bowl...very good're really getting into your work. I only have to piont to the toilet and my pee-licking sissy crawls over and begins to lick the seat clean.

I go back to my office and look down at my 'seat.' Goodness, your face is all wet and your hair is all matted, but you're still breathing...that's good. Ready for some more? I lift my panties...only my beautiful sex, framed by the most expensive garter belt and stockings. I slowly begin to sit, you know that it will be a fight for air, will I let you breathe? How often? Still, you've glimpsed the most wondrous of sights, and you smile, even as you are entombed in my ass-prison.

So my babies, which gagged, or non-gagged slave, do you want to be? Tell Mistress.

Mistress Constance 

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Breaking Cage at

Mistress Karin at

Enslaved at

Smythe Domination e-Books at

Comments (7)Add Comment
oh Mistress
written by bislavemi, March 31, 2013
make me the sissy that fluffs your real man male guests for you
written by Stu, November 30, 2011
Oh Mistress, kneeling before You, corseted plugged and locked... breathing Your smoke...
written by lenia, September 01, 2009
Please allow me to e Yuor pee licking sissy Mistress Constance and then walk me on your leash to Your ass prison and please allow me to pleasee You there!
id love to be the one entombed in my ass-prison. ...
written by dan496512, November 08, 2008
id love to be the one entombed in my ass-prison.
i want to be your pee-licking sissy. Mistress ...
written by dave, July 18, 2008
i want to be your pee-licking sissy. Mistress Constance
Maid Tracy
I would love to be the sissy with the toilet bowl ...
written by Maid Tracy, March 19, 2008
I would love to be the sissy with the toilet bowl brush gag Mistress
Maid Tracy
I would love to be the sissy with the toilet bowl ...
written by Maid Tracy, March 19, 2008
I would love to be the sissy with the toilet bowl brush gag Mistress

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