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Making a Chastised Sissy Cuck Print E-mail
Written by Constance

Here is an excerpt from my new book: The Breaking Cage:

From chapter 9…making a chastised sissy cuck…

The next morning Joanna arose to find Gary huddled in a fetal position, wrapped in a blanket at the foot of her bed. At some point during the night he'd managed to finally drift off to sleep on the hard and unforgiving floor. Time to get up my little slut, there's more training to do. She took the leash from the bedpost and gave it a tug, watching him awake in a daze. "Up, I need coffee. Go make it now, wait, first we need this." Joanna took a penis gag from her bedside drawer and forced it into his mouth, tightly cinching the buckle in the back. Gary heard the ominous `click' of a lock. "Until you're properly trained to eat and drink only when and what I tell you, I need to make sure you don't sneak anything behind my back, understand?"

Gagged, Gary simply nodded and give a half-hearted curtsey.

Joanna unclipped the leash from his collar, turned him around and gave him a swat on his ass to send him on his way, "Coffee, now!" As her new sissy maid toddled off to make coffee, Joanna fell into the bed, languorously sliding the covers up around her. A spoiled and pampered bitch, that's what I'm going to become. She took a pen and notepad from her nightstand and made notes: Sell his truck, New car for me, Re-paint the maid's room, Ear piercing, Salon appointment, Daily exercise and diet, Finances.

Before Gary returned with the coffee she finished her notes and placed the paper in the drawer. No sense scaring him all it once, but by the end of the week things will be very different around here. When he entered the room Joanna gave an appreciative nod to the coffee service on the silver tray. "Very nice, it pleases me when you perform this well. Does it please you as well?"

Gary enthusiastically shook his head `Yes.'

"Then you like being a sissy maid?"

She smiled at the affirmative bob of his head and pointed to the floor at the side of her bed, "Kneel here and we'll have a little talk. Well, I'll talk and you simply nod yes or no, understand?"


"Do you like it when I dominate you, when I dress sexy, when I tease and torment you?"


"Did you think Karin was sexy? Did you like being dominated by her?"


"You like to submit to women; you want more of that don't you?"


"Do you want to be a pretty sissy maid like Suzette?" He hesitated and she took his nipple in her fingers and toyed with it, watching him sigh and quiver. She smiled when he slowly nodded, `Yes.'

"You want to have your cock locked away and wear pretty clothes?"


"But I still need a cock to make me happy." She pinched and twisted the nipple, loving the way he moaned through the gag. "I'm still going to need a real cock to fill me and give me pleasure; don't you agree?" Her nipple torment continued.

He closed his eyes and nodded, `Yes.'

"So you're going to be my pretty sissy maid slave and do whatever I want, wait on me hand and foot, obey my every whim."

`Yes, yes.'

"And I'll lock your little cock away, let's call it a clitty from now on, and I'll control your sexual releases. But I'll still have all the lovers and cocks I want - OK?" Her finger nails cut into his nipple and she felt him shake with, what - pain, pleasure? "OK, lots of sex for me and almost none for you, OK?"

`Yes, yes, yes.'

"Stand up! Look at your little clitty, it's trying to get hard like a real man's would. We're certainly going to have to lock that up. Oh sweetheart, it's leaking, you've got some sissy cream. You must be excited about all the things we've discussed, aren't you." Using her fingernails she lightly stroked the length of his cock. As his knees buckled his shaft got harder. We'll fix this! She grasped his balls and squeezed. The pain made him want to drop to his knees but she held him fast and he writhed on the balls of his feet.

"I don't need this thing to get hard!" she spat. "It's fucking useless to me for sexual pleasure. The sooner we get it locked up and put away the better. Then you can concentrate on ME rather than this useless piece of crap between your legs. Are you a sissy maid?"

`YES, YES, YES,' he nodded

"And do sissy maids have cocks?"

`NO, NO, NO.'

"So we should lock this away?"


When she released her grip he calmed down and simply stood in place, shaking.

"Good, just as long as we understand one another. You're a sissy maid with a locked up clitty. I can have as many cocks as I want." She viciously slapped his cock and balls, "agreed?"

`Yes, yes.'

"Clear away this coffee, I'm going to shower. If you want to jack off you better do it now. It may be a long time before you touch that thing again."

Gary gathered up the coffee tray and carried it downstairs to the kitchen. Not knowing exactly why, he quickly washed the items and put them away. I must always keep a clean and tidy house for Mistress. But Joanna's last words rang in his ears and as soon as he'd wiped down the counters he folded the wash cloth, put it away and immediately grabbed his cock. Pulling feverishly at himself he pummeled his manhood seeking that one last blessed relief. Although he became semi-rigid he wasn't achieving a full erection. Panic set it, if I can't get hard I can't cum and if I don't do it now, then when… He pulled harder and faster; frustration was overtaking him. When he heard the shower water turn off he reluctantly released his grip on his cock and rushed upstairs to grab a towel.

Joanna was impatient, "Next time be waiting when I get out of the shower; on your knees, with a clean dry towel in your arms. Dry my legs."

Gary dropped to his knees, shuffled forward and dried Joanna's legs.

"Enough," she said, "up!"

As he rose to his feet she spun him around. Gary felt her handling the lock and the buckle on the dreaded penis gag and then she slid it out of his mouth. He stretched his jaws and breathed deeply. Before he could regain his composure she spun him around again so he was now facing her.

She held the evil gag before his eyes. "You mouth off, talk back, eat or drink when and what you're not supposed to and it goes back in - understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"As long as you do what you're told, when you're told to do it in exactly the way you're told to do it won't go so badly for you. I'm not saying it will be easy, but if you fuck up it will be much worse. Did you jack off?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"And did you cum?"

His head fell to his chest and he fought back tears. "No, Mistress."

She heard the regret and despair in his voice, "Not my problem, you had your chance. You'll have to earn the right to another and it won't be easy." She dropped her towel on the floor, walked to the toilet and sat down. "Crawl over here and kiss my feet while I pee, then you can lick me clean. And after that - we lock up your little clitty."

After Joanna dressed she was true to her word and marched Gary to the shower where she made him shave off all his body hair. "You're to keep yourself smooth and hairless at all times."

While Gary showered and removed his body hair Joanna prepared to install his chastity device. When he emerged from the shower she clamped a bag of ice to his cock, noting with glee how it shriveled at the frigid onslaught. With deft hands she lubricated his penis, fit the rings and spacers and slid the cage over his cock, securing it with a tamper-proof numbered tag. "There we go, all locked away. You'll learn to obtain sexual gratification in other ways. You'll learn that your pleasure comes from pleasing others."

"Yes, Mistress." In his head Gary heard the voice: It's good to be a fuck toy.

The Breaking Cage at

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written by hump, July 24, 2009
i wish that was me
wonderful, i wish it was about ...
written by paganmaleNC, July 11, 2008
wonderful, i wish it was about me

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