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My Wife's Slave Print E-mail
Written by admin (maid lexis*)
I am the luckiest man alive. I am 32 years old, a husband, a father, and my wife's full-time sex slave ...

Submitted by: Anonymous

I am the luckiest man alive. I am 32 years old, a husband, a father, and my wife's full-time sex slave. We've been married now for 11 years, and I have never been more in love with her. Our sex life has never been hotter than it has been starting about 2 years ago when I gave her complete and total control over my erections and orgasms. I know it might sound crazy, but sex has become so intense since I've lost control over it. You know how they say that things become more important when you lose them? Well, it's sure true in this case. Over the years, our sex-life had become routine. Not bad or boring, but just sort of plain. But, now it is a fantastic treat that my wife allows me to have when she decides to. My sexual satisfaction has become the last priority (or no priority at all) in our relationship. When my wife allows me to engage in sexual acts with her, it is only for her pleasure, and she continually reminds me of this. She holds the key to my CB-3000 chastity device, which I am required to wear 24/7, only allowing me to remove it to shower. After I get out of the shower she immediately locks me back in my "cage." If I achieved an erection while in the shower, she ices me down until my dick shrinks and she can lock it up. I am also required to have a Brazilian wax twice per month, to keep my cock and ass smooth and hair-free. Her control over me is complete. Not only am I denied regular orgasms, but denied the most manly of things: erections. She tells me that "my" cock is really hers, and she decides how and when it is used, and I love her for it.

I usually go 1-2 weeks between releases (but, I have gone as long as 3 months), which can be an orgasm (rarely), but more commonly is just a milking. Mistress says milkings are better because it cleans me out without allowing me the pleasure of an orgasm. My pleasure and orgasms are very special treats. In contrast, my wife has multiple orgasms on a regular basis, usually every day or every-other day. There are many ways that she requires me to give her those orgasms, and I will describe most of them to you. Keep in mind, that I am required to be in my cock cage for most (if not all) of the time I'm servicing her. Mistress tells me that it keeps my mind on what is important: her satisfaction, instead of my own cock. She is absolutely right. When I'm performing my sexual duties for her, I am always doing my best to see that she is fully satisfied, because I know that that's the only way I am ever allowed a chance at release. If I do the slightest thing that displeases her, I am usually guaranteed another week or two in frustration. Actually, even if I do everything right, she will often still not allow me a release. That is her right. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. This is the way it should be, and I am grateful to her for keeping her firm control over me. She is my Mistress and her pleasure is all that matters. My releases are a gift she allows me to have when she feels like it. I cannot earn them, she can only give them.

When she desires servicing, she calmly and matter-of-factly orders me to strip. I must obey immediately without speaking or questioning. No matter where we are, I strip naked with only my cock-cage on, followed quickly by the leather slave collar she places on me. She will sometimes place a ball stretcher on me as well, if the mood strikes her. Also, she will often use a variety of bondage gear on me (she always likes to maintain as much control over me as possible) including spreader bars, hand cuffs, nipple clips, etc. Her first rule is that before any sexual activity begins I am required to have my ass plugged, with a large, cock-shaped (very realistic) butt plug. This is always mandatory before I am allowed to service her. Mistress tells me that this is to keep me mindful that she is in charge, that I am her slut, and that all good sluts need to a cock up their ass on a regular basis. During the time I'm allowed to service her, she wants me to have the constant feeling of "her" cock in my asshole, so that I never forget for one second that she owns me and controls me. However, just before Mistress plugs my ass, she usually likes to warm me up by ordering me to get on my knees, pushing my face to the floor, cuffing my hands behind my back (Mistress likes to cuff me, as it takes one more feeling of control away from me), placing an icey gob of lube on my asshole, and ramming her large strap-on dildo into me. She loves to fuck me for a good 10-15 minutes to get me loosened-up, while she holds my cuffed wrists, slaps my ass and verbally humiliates me. While I'm on my knees and she's got her hands on my hips driving her cock into me repeatedly, all I can do is think of how much I love her and how grateful I am to be owned by her. After my fucking, and immediately after she pulls her "cock" out of my ass, she replaces it with the butt plug I described, which isn't removed until after I'm done servicing her. At this point, she will sometimes give me a good paddling if she feels I need it for any reason. I have to tell you that the feeling of her "cock" in my ass, and her "cage" on my dick, while I'm performing for her all combine for the most erotic, exciting feeling I have ever known.

Regardless of what she's in the mood for, she almost always requires me to begin with an extended pussy eating. She usually makes me lie on my back, hands still cuffed, and sits on my face (another form of control), but sometimes she has me kneel before her long, widely spread legs and eat her out. When she really wants it to last, I may have to perform this for 30-60 minutes or more (while she grabs my hair and grinds my face into her pussy), but sometimes she only wants my mouth on her pussy for the first of her many orgasms (so, maybe 10 minutes of pussy eating). This form of servicing is most common, because she can have it almost anywhere and at any time. I eat my beautiful Mistress's pussy nearly every day, sometimes multiple times per day. I may be required to perform this for her at any moment, no matter where we are. For this reason, Mistress always wears a skirt with no panties when we go out. Several times she has pulled me into a public restroom, plugged my ass (always mandatory), and had me eat her pussy while she sat on the back of a toilet. Mistress has had me eat her out in movie theaters, under the table at restaurants, at a libraries, and in the backs of cabs, to name a few. In public, she usually only wants a quick come, then she tells me to return to my place (at her side) and we go about our business. When we are in private however, the pussy eating is almost always just a prelude to more serious sexual servicing.

It's at this point that she's usually ready for a good stiff cock (but not necessarily mine). So, I will usually either be required to put on my strap-on (my cock stays in it's cage underneath the belt, along with the butt plug in my ass), or my head-harness (with a dildo protruding from just below my nose). Mistress often likes me to wear these items because allows her to achieve as many orgasms as she desires, while completely denying me any sexual gratification. In most cases, I am to remain on my back and she rides my face or groin. Mistress usually will not allow me to get on top of her, as she believes that position is "too dominant" for me to be allowed to be in. I am her bitch, and she always gets on top of me. I really like when she makes me wear the head-dildo, because it allows me to breathe in the scent of her delicious pussy and ass while she rides me to orgasm, and that is a wonderful treat. She will ride me hard like this until she has had as many orgasms as she wants. Between her orgasms, she will often mix things up by making me eat her well-oiled and beautifully shaved cunt. She always reminds me what a honor this is for me, and she is right. She could, if she decided to, have me service her without ever being able to touch her beautiful body, or smell her scent, or taste her juices (and she sometimes does this). She occasionally allows me these pleasures (of smelling, tasting or touching her) because she is a kind and wonderful Mistress, and I love her all the more for it. In reality, it is much easier to perform for her when she denies my cock an erection, and denies it access to her pussy. She knows she can fuck me as long and as hard as she wants with no worry of me "not lasting." She will normally choose this form of fucking (maybe 75% of the time). Although Mistress likes to tease me with actual stimulation to my cock, she also says that sexual stimulation is a treat (even without orgasm) and must be given to me sparingly.

Fortunately (and unfortunately), she sometimes decides that she wants a warm dick in her, instead of (or in addition to) her various toy cocks. That is when things get really difficult for me. When this is the case, Mistress will unlock my cock, sheath it in a rubber (if she's feeling merciful), or (if I'm being punished) she will slide her beautiful cunt (or asshole when she's in the mood) down my bare dick. You might think that this is a treat, and you are partially right. It is a wonderful treat to be allowed to fuck my Mistress, but it is also a terrible torture. Remember, I am not allowed an orgasm unless she gives me permission, even (and especially) when she's fucking me. It is extremely difficult to go a week or two (or more) with no release, then have your Mistress slide her warm, wet, tight pussy down your bare dick, ride you hard, and not come. Very, very difficult. Thankfully, the Mistress only does this when I'm being punished, or when she just feels like torturing me. I can tell you that if I was ever to come without permission while she was riding me, I would be punished severely. I can easily imagine her forcing me to service her for months, fucking her bareback, without allowing me a single milking or orgasm. That's only one possibility. I'm quite sure I would have to endure her most sinister tortures for such a transgression. Thankfully, I have never disobeyed her in this respect.

The biggest moment of nervous anticipation for me comes after Mistress is satisfied and has had all the orgasms she wants during the sex session. It is at this moment that I discover whether or not I will be allowed a release. Mistress is a very loving and generous owner when I have pleased her, but that is not to suggest that she allows me my release every time I perform properly. Not by a long-shot. The only incentive (besides her pleasure) for me to perform perfectly, is a CHANCE of a release. It is never, ever, guaranteed. Mistress says it would not be good for me (or her) in the long-run. She says the only way she can assure that I will stay obedient, subservient, and continue to perform at the level she requires, is to keep my orgasms as a rare gift. This means that after I service Mistress, she will often just kiss me (while still panting from her last orgasm) and inform me that she is done with me and that there will be no release today. If I complain, or show the slightest disappointment, I can be assured that swift and stern punishment will follow. Once, after 3 weeks without a release and continuous daily servicing of my Mistress, she told me I could orgasm. I began to stroke myself, and she laughed and said she changed her mind. I groaned in disappointment, which was a big mistake. I quickly had my cock cage replaced, was forced to kneel with my hands secured, my ass in the air (with the butt plug still firmly embedded) and received a long, firm paddling (if you've never been paddled with a butt plug in your asshole, it is quite an....experience). While paddling me, she explained that I should have immediately thanked her for allowing me to service her and thanked her for not allowing me my release. I have since learned that it always in my best interest to remember that my only "job" is to please her, and that I should always be happy with any decision she makes no matter how badly I need to come, because if I don't, I will simply be extending and increasing my torment.

Now, if Mistress tells me I will have no release, then I immediately kiss her and thank her, get up and get her some water (if she needs it), help her clean up, clean any toys she was using, then remove any gear I'm wearing (including my ass-plug) and shower. If she's been riding me bareback, I always ask her permission prior to washing her delicious juices off my cock, because sometimes she prefers my cock to smell like her pussy for a few days. If I still have a hard-on after cleaning up (which often is the case), she usually handles this in one of two ways. Sometimes, Mistress will put me on my knees (with head to floor) give me a firm paddling until I lose my hard-on. If this isn't enough to do the trick, she will also put a pair of panties on me, with a bag of ice in the front, and combine that with a good ass-paddling. No matter how long it's been or how badly I need a release, my hard-on usually cannot endure much of this, and quickly shinks. Mistress then quickly locks me back in my cock cage. When the Mistress makes a decision that I am to go without, I guarantee she will do whatever she needs to do to get my cock back into its cage, where it belongs. Believe me, when you've gone weeks without coming, being in a cock cage is the only safe place for you.

If, however, she is feeling very generous and I have properly serviced her, she will occasionally allow me a release by milking me. When this is the case, she will usually first ice me down (again, sometimes in conjunction with a paddling), and replace my cock-cage. I am usually required to be in my cock-cage for a milking (there is a hole in the top of the cage to allow my come to leak out of). I am usually not allowed the honor of having both an erection and a milking at the same time, because I am her slut, and Mistress says that having an erection and spilling my seed is a bit too manly for me (however, there are rare occasions when she will allow it). After locking me up, Mistress will have me assume my standard, subservient position (on my knees with my face on the floor or pillow), cuff my hands behind my back, get the Aneros (a cock-like tool she bought just for the purpose of milking me), lube me, and slide it into my asshole. As an added level of subservience, she will sometimes also place a cock-shaped ball gag in my mouth, and secure it to my head (at this point she has no more use for my tongue). She then slides the tool in and out of me for about 10-15 minutes, fucking my ass and massaging my prostate until my seed simply leaks out of my caged cock, into a waiting glass or saucer. I experience no orgasm in this manner, just a pressure (like having to urinate) until she has milked the sperm out of me. When Mistress does me the great honor of taking time out of her day in order to milk me, she always collects my come as it leaks out. Next, Mistress immediately requires me to roll over (or sit up on my knees), pours it into my mouth, and requires me to swallow it (an act I absolutely detest). This is for two reasons. Firstly, Mistress considers this my way of repaying her for the kindness of taking the time to milk me and allowing me a release. Secondly, Mistress knows how much I hate eating my own come, so to her it is a sign of subservience and obedience for me to be on my knees or back, willingly open my mouth while she pours my seed in and watch me swallow it. I am required to maintain eye-contact with her while she feeds me my come so that I remember the reasons I am being required to swallow my own sperm: because she controls me, because she is a generous and loving Mistress, because it is my privilege to serve her, and quite simply because she wants me to do it. I swallow my come as a tribute to her, and to display my love and obedience. I always thank her after she milks me and feeds me my come. On occasion, and as a special treat, Mistress will sometimes collect my come, and pour it over her wonderful pussy, and require me to lick and swallow all my come off her beautiful cunt. If I do not clean her completely, I can expect severe punishment.

The rarest of all treats is when she actually allows me to ejaculate and have an orgasm. There are different ways she will allow this. Usually, when I am allowed an orgasm, she will have me kneel on the floor before her. She will spread her legs, so that I may look at her beautiful pussy, and she will order me to masturbate (the only time I am ever allowed to do this). It is a very subservient act, as I pump away, on my knees, with her watching me. It usually will only take a few pumps at this point until I spill my load. Even though she is allowing me to come, she still maintains a level of control and superiority over me by closely observing me during this act, and usually verbally humiliating me. Sometimes for her amusement, she will paddle me or fuck my ass with a dildo or her strap-on while I am allowed to masturbate. If I cannot come in a set amount of time, she will lock me back into my cock-cage until next time.

As an even rarer reward, she will sometimes grace me with her touch and jack me off personally. Mistress almost never uses her mouth on my cock. She feels that it is not a dignified act for an owner to perform on a slave. But every so often, she is in the mood for it. She will alternate jacking my dick (and/or sucking it) and squeezing my balls until I spew my come all over my stomach. The rarest treat of all (perhaps once in a one- or two-year period) is when she will allow me to come inside of her. It is only as the greatest of rewards or when she is at her most generous that I am allowed such a wonderful experience. When Mistress allows me such an honor, she will sometimes follow it up with immediate punishment, like a good paddling, just so that I do not take it for granted.

Usually when Mistress gifts me with an orgasm, she will not require me to consume my own seed after I come, because she knows how much I dislike it and because she understands that this is a special (and rare) moment for me and wants me to enjoy it fully. This is another example of her kindness as a Mistress. But, like everything else, there are sometimes exceptions. Sometimes (just to keep me off guard) she informs me after sex that I will be allowed to come (at which point I get very excited) and then allow me to proceed to orgasm in whatever why she decides. Before I get too far though, she will stop me and tell me that if I want to continue to orgasm, I will be required to either eat my own come (she loves the look on my face when she tell me this), or if I don't wish to eat it, I will not be allowed to come for 1, 2 or even 3 months after this orgasm (whatever she's in the mood for).

Imagine the scene. You have not had a milking in 2 weeks, and are desperate for a release. Your Mistress has required you to perform regular sexual servicing on her for those two weeks. She has just fucked you for the last hour, and your throbbing cock is covered in her slick juices. She then tells you that you can come, but throws this little dilemma at you with a smile. I will usually choose to eat my own come, because at that point I am so desperate for the orgasm that eating my sperm seems like nothing. But after the orgasm subsides, and the sexual excitement begins to wane, I suddenly have second thoughts. Do I choose to have her to pour the slimy seed down my throat and watch her smile while I swallow it down, or resign myself to being without orgasm for 60 days (or maybe more). It is a difficult moment to say the least. But it is a scenario which I wouldn't trade for anything. She likes to keeps things interesting, so she varies the details. Once she told me that I could come in her pussy, but before I did, she told me that I would be required to eat all of my come out of her immediately after orgasm. I agreed, then after orgasm, made the mistake of asking to be let out of it (eating my come). Mistress got quite angry, pushed my head back onto the bed, straddled my face, and dumped my entire load (which you can imagine was very large after not coming for weeks) down my throat. She was very cross with me for asking to be let out of eating my come, so the next 5 orgasms I was allowed (over the course of maybe six months) were followed by immediately having to swallow a full mouthful of my come. Three of those times I had to jack off into my hand, which I then had to lick clean. The fourth time, she sucked my cock (a very rare event). After I came in her mouth, she immediately spit the wad into my mouth, for swallowing. The fifth orgasm was the topper. Mistress had me give her an enema prior to our sex session and (you guessed it) I was required to come by fucking her ass and immediately after (even before the pleasure of my orgasm had subsided) she sat on my face and I was required to eat my seed as it leaked out of her open asshole. Believe me, I learned my lesson. But again, although I hate to eat my own come, I love my Mistress for forcing me to do so. Why? Because I love her, and I love her control over me. These acts reinforce the fact that she controls me, which makes me happier than you can imagine.

When we had regular, "normal" sex during the beginning years of our marriage, and when I used to masturbate on regular basis, having an orgasm was such a common experience for me that it was nice but not fantastic. Since Mistress took control over me, filling my ass, controlling my erections, milking me, and began deciding if and when I would be allowed to come, my orgasms have become one of the most intense sexual experiences I have ever known. Coming now is like a thousand fireworks going off in my head. I actually see stars and get light-headed. My body shivers, shakes, and sometimes I go numb afterwards. It is the most incredible thing I have ever experienced and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I owe all of it to my beautiful, perfect Mistress and wife, whom I love more than anything in the world. As I said, I am the luckiest man alive.

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I couldn't agree with Paddy more, you are indeed ...
written by mark, June 10, 2007
I couldn't agree with Paddy more, you are indeed lucky to have a wife that loves you that much. I can see why you are so in love with her.
You are a very lucky man to have such a caring wife. ...
written by Paddy, October 25, 2006
You are a very lucky man to have such a caring wife. She certainly knows how to control you.

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