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BNW - Sissy Boys

Sissy Denise's first public walk Print E-mail
I proudly have to say that I’m the Mistress and Owner of sissy Denise. I thought that it might be a good idea to share this true story with you, and a nice surprise for Denise which is a member ...

I proudly have to say that I’m the Mistress and Owner of sissy Denise.
I thought that it might be a good idea to share this true story with you, and a nice surprise for Denise which is a member here and visits this site everyday.
On Sunday evening I told her that it was about time for her to go out for her first public sissy-dressed. She refused in the beginning because she hasn’t a wig yet.
I said that it was o.k  if she wore a hat. She refused once again, I didn’t say a word from then on and a while later she went to the shower.
Half an hour later she appeared in front of me and she looked absolutely beautiful!
She was wearing white garterbelts ,  white stockings , white thong.A real slut!
A black satin skirt and a white shirt made her look like a Lolita!
I was turned on!
“So- I said- are you ready for a walk?”
“Yes I am she answered a bit shy.”
I then made up her face, I put a black scarf on her neck and a black hat on her head.
She finally put on her black stiletto boots.

It was freezing outside so I told her to put on her white fur.

My little slut was ready to go!
Me on the other hand, I put on my strap-on but she didn’t know yet…
We got into the car and I drove on the way to the sea-side.
I could feel her blushed of shy but she was so hot and I absolutely enjoyed her inconvenience !
She both wanted and didn’t want to do this.
I parked the car. It was dark but there were many lights along the street.
I got out of the car and I offered her my hand to help her get out too.
I could feel her shaking a little bit. She couldn’t even hold her head up!
She was only looking down.
The first person that saw us was a lady waiting outside a phone-booth.
As a matter of fact she was staring at us!
I absolutely loved it!
We started walking along the sea for a while. A man passed by and thanks for Denise he didn’t stare!
We kept on walking and I stopped outside a café.
I then asked Denise: “ would you like to drink a coffee honey?”
“Oh no, I would rather we didn’t…I’m not wearing a wig so…I don’t feel so comfortable” she said.
I didn’t insist. Besides, it was her first public walk.
I then saw a man in a car staring at Denise’s legs!
“Did you see him? Did you see him staring at you?” I answered her.
“  No, I don’t look at all. I keep my eyes down” she said.
We continued on our way back to the car.
It was then when two guys in a car stopped and looked at as!
That was a great feeling for me. They  couldn’t let their eyes of Denise!
I’m sure that if they were outside the car they would have made a move on Denise!
We got into the car again and I took her on a small dark street.
“Where are we going” Denise asked.
“ I  want to fuck your hungry pussy my little slut” I said.
I stopped the car and got outside.
I told her to get out too.
I told her to put her hands on the car. I then lift her satin skirt, I moved her thong as much as I needed to, and inserted my strap-on in her beautiful asshole.
I fucked her strongly, so strongly for about fifteen minutes that I thought she could almost cum.
I then told her to get into the car and I kept on fucking her like a cheap whore!

When I was done with her and after me having multiple orgasms I took her back home.

I asked her how she felt. She told me that she felt awful in the beginning and during the walk. She was shy all the time but she enjoyed the fucking and that from this unique experience and on she was in subspace!
I promised her another walk with a wig on this time in a more public place: In  a café!

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You should have let the man fuck her on the street ...
written by mastergreywolf, June 02, 2007
You should have let the man fuck her on the street soit will make her feel like she is a whore that she is .
i love denises first outing. she should be out in the ...
written by bridgett, December 06, 2006
i love denises first outing. she should be out in the day light in a mall or beauty parlor at least three times a week in her maids out fit wish you owned me. luv bridgett
Mistress, I love the story and agree that sissy's ...
written by MDsissy, July 26, 2006
I love the story and agree that sissy's should be taken out often for humiliation training. My Mistress always said, why get all dressed up with no place to go? and she would take me out often to show me off as her sissy slave.
I hope you continue to train her to accept her place as your sissy.

sissypants tonya

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