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Sissy Slut Training, a page for all who like chastity, forced feminization, transformation and sissification. Real hardcore BDSM domination with lots of strapon training, chastity and humiliation to the Sissy Sluts!
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Sissy Maid, Chastity & Femdom Video
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Sissy Maid Lucy
written by Sissy Maid Lucy, July 05, 2011
Awesome video, very lucky sissy and Mistress, wish I had a Mistress to treat me like that!
messy boots123
written by messy boots123, July 01, 2011
that was orsome so tender and erotic that slut realy was enjoying that smilies/kiss.gif
Dazed and Confused
written by Shy Guy, October 12, 2010
again a lovely liv but this would truly never happen lol
written by dirtybird, January 14, 2010
wish that was mesmilies/kiss.gif
Barbara G
If only
written by Barbara G, December 27, 2009
If only my Mistress were so nice to me!
written by hump, August 01, 2009
I could only wish
written by sissyjacklyn, July 10, 2009
oh god was that hot
written by slavetoby, June 12, 2009
very nice movie. one very lucky sissy maid. i have watched it over and over
written by lady_grey_an_sissy, June 06, 2009
Great video
written by caged, May 26, 2009

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About this video
Date :24 April 2009
Views :82765
Votes :6 Rating :5
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Watch as the chastised sissy maid gets plugged with an inflateable butt plug and teased. More from Sissy Slut Training
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Watch as the chastised sissy maid gets plugged with an inflateable butt plug and teased. More from Sissy Slut Training
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