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Cuckold Wedding Vows Print E-mail
Written by admin (maid lexis*)

Cuckold & Mistress Vows

Cuckold & Mistress Vows:

Femdom Bride and Submissive Cuckold grromThe CUCKOLD Contract of Vows (A Marriage of the Cuckold to his Mistress)
This contract forms a binding agreement between the two parties named below in respect to their Cuckold Agreement:

Mistress (Wife/Girlfriend) Cuckold (husband/boyfriend)

Without abstention both parties have, by means of performing the Cuckold ceremony, agree solemnly to comply with the following set of vows.

Section 1


(1.1)* The Mistress will reserve the right to pursue and undertake extra marital affairs.

(1.2)* These extra marital affairs can be of any nature.

(1.3)* The number of partners is not limited in anyway.

(1.4)* The selection of a partner is the sole responsibility of the Mistress.

(1.5)* The cuckold must be informed at the beginning of the extra marital affair.

(1.6)* All details of the extra marital affair must be conveyed to the cuckold.

(1.7)* The Mistress reserves the right to terminate the extra marital affair at a time of her choosing.

(1.8)* The Mistress when in the company of extra marital partners at all times must pay attention to the use of contraception.

(1.9)* All extra marital affairs must be covert at all times. Except from the Cuckold and those that both the Cuckold and Mistress agree to tell.

(1.10)* A safe system must be arranged for the emergency contact between the Mistress and the Cuckold at all times during an extra marital affair experience.

(1.11) The Cuckold must carry out tasks as detailed by the Mistress during any extra marital affair experience.

(1.12)* The Cuckold must never undertake any activity that could be construed as attempting to facilitate an extra marital affair between himself and another.

(1.13) The Cuckold may be allowed heterosexual or homosexual experiences as deemed appropriate by the Mistress.

(1.14)* The Cuckold shall never join the Mistress and her partner, unless expressly approved to do so by the Mistress.

(1.15) On occasion the Cuckold may appeal to postpone an encounter between the Mistress and her partner under special circumstances.

(1.16)* Although the postponement of an encounter may be accepted by the Mistress, she has no duty to cancel any arrangement between her and her partner on behalf of the Cuckold.

(1.17) During any extra marital affair experience taking place within the presence of the Cuckold, the role of the partner will be decided by the Mistress as she deems fit.

(1.18) The cleaning of the Mistress and her underwear following an extra marital affair experience is the duty of the Cuckold. And is to be done in a manner decided on by the Mistress.

(1.19)* The Cuckold will give the Mistress cunnilingus prior to the commencement of an extra marital affair experience. This will signify the official beginning of the experience.

(1.20)* The Cuckold will offer the Mistress cunnilingus following an extra marital affair experience. This will signify the official end of the extra marital aspect of the experience.


Section 2

Duties & Dress

(2.1)* While at home the Cuckold will remain naked or mostly naked with the following: collar, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, chastity device.

(2.2)* On each Saturday morning the Cuckold will dress in his full maids uniform, make up, corset and wig to service the household for the day.  This includes remaining in the uniform through the evening and in front of any lovers or company that are knowledgeable of our lifestyle.  The Mistress may choose to substitute one day for another should other plans be in effect for the day.

(2.3)* When greeting the Mistress upon her return to the house the Cuckold, with prior notice of arrival, will be waiting on his knees at the door.  He shall properly greet his Mistress and atone to her feet.


Section 3


(3.1) Intercourse between the Mistress and Cuckold will take place in a manner decided on by the Mistress.

(3.2) The Cuckold must submit to any sexual advances by the Mistress.

(3.3) The use of a harnessed dildo will facilitate the penetration of the Cuckold by the Mistress in order to maintain a gynosupremacist relationship.  This will be the primary form of sex for the Cuckold.

(3.4)* Both the Mistress and the Cuckold must maintain a high standard of hygiene at all times.  The Cuckold will be required to shave or keep trimmed his genitals.

(3.5) The Cuckold is responsible for the cleaning of any apparatus used during intercourse.

(3.6) The Mistress will allow the Cuckold to orgasm once for every four orgasms she has experienced. Orgasm may be in any form the Mistress wishes being sexual relations or masterbation.

(3.7) The Cuckold must at each session offer cunnilingus to the Mistress, both before and after coitus.

(3.8) The Cuckold is responsible to the supply of all absorbent materials to be placed within the vicinity of the bed.

(3.9) The Cuckold may only ejaculate on approval from the Mistress.

(3.10) The method of disposal of any spilt semen is at the discretion of the Mistress.

(3.11) The Cuckold may not be permitted to request sexual intercourse.

(3.12) The Cuckold may not be permitted to have an unauthorized erection (See Section 4).


Section 4

Chastity Enforcement

(4.1)* The Cuckold will wear, when deemed at all times, his chastity device as supplied and fitted by the Mistress.

(4.2)* The key to the chastity device will be held only by the Mistress at all times.

(4.3)* An emergency key must be available within a sealed envelope crossed with the Mistress’s signature. It can only be used in dire emergencies.

(4.4) Removal of the chastity device is at the discretion of the Mistress.

(4.5) Extended removal time will be issued as reward for good behavior

(4.6) Extended attachment time will be issued as punishment.

(4.7) Whilst in chastity the Cuckold must remain prepared to submit to any intercourse as desired by the Mistress.

(4.8) Whilst not in chaste the Cuckold may not masturbate unless expressly ordered to by the Mistress.

(4.9)* An initial maximum chaste period of three days is to be observed. With extended periods thereafter, at the discretion of the Mistress.

(4.10) Cuckold is allowed orgasm based on rule (3.6) above or at the discretion of the Mistress.

Section 5

Ownership Rights

(5.1) The Mistress may commission a tattoo upon the Cuckolds body stating her claim to her possession.

(5.2)* The Cuckold will not argue with the Mistress.

(5.3) The Cuckold will not raise his voice to the Mistress.

(5.3) The Cuckold will not criticize the Mistress.

(5.4) The Cuckold will not break promises to the Mistress.

(5.5) The Mistress has possession of all the Cuckolds innermost fantasies.

(5.6) All material items within the household, which were budgeted for by the Mistress, are the possession of the Mistress.

(5.6) The Mistress may commission piercings on the Cuckolds body in any manner or place the Mistress so chooses.  The only restriction is publicly viewable piercings which require the Cuckolds consent.Section 6

Domestic Duties

(6.1) The Cuckold will carry out with immediate affect any domestic duty as requested for by the Mistress.

(6.2) The searching for all Cuckold Marriage apparatus (toys) to be purchased is the duty of the Cuckold.

His findings must then be recommended to the Mistress.

(6.3) The Cuckold is responsible for the cleanliness of all Cuckold Marital apparatus.


Section 7


(7.1) All punishment will be administered by the Mistress, or a partner acting on behalf of the Mistress.

(7.2) Punishments are at the discretion of the Mistress.

(7.3) Punishments can take the form of any of the following (in reverse order of severity):

Extra domestic duties - Extra jobs or a higher standard of workmanship will be expected.

Whipping - To be administered using the riding crop or flogger across the buttocks whilst the Cuckold bends forward against a wall or over a piece of furniture. Given in groups of six, the number of groups depending on the severity of the crime.

Chastity - Extended periods of chastity of up to two week extensions can be placed on the chaste period.

Denial of witness  - Denial of witness to extra marital affair activities. A punishment to be carried out during an extra marital affair experience.

Humiliation – The Cuckold will spell out his limits to the Mistress in the beginning of the cuckold lifestyle. This can re-negotiated at any point by either party in the relationship.

Humiliation can includes but no limited it the following activities:

· The sexual ridicule of the Cuckold in front of the partner.
· The Lover humiliating the Cuckold with the Mistress’s permission.
· Preparing the Mistress for her lover.
· Preparing the Mistress’s Lover for her.
· The enforcement of feminization or homosexuality, photographically recorded for future use.
· Whatever the Mistress’s decided within the pre-defined limits.

(7.4) All punishments must be real and not role-play. Suitable restraint must be issued.


Section 8

General Rules

(8.1) All vows not annotated by * are punishable offences. The remaining are contract compromises and will, therefore, result in the termination of the agreement

(8.2) The Mistress is responsible for the composition of a crime and punishment charter, detailing the consequences of breaking each vow.

(8.3) The Mistress is responsible for the imposition of a safe word system during punishments.

(8.4)* The agreement is binding whilst resident in the family home or during vacations within a hotel or similar rented accommodation.

The aforementioned vows will take effect from the date of the Cuckold ceremony. The date for this being

Signed in agreement:





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written by cabestro.lopez, April 21, 2010
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written by jean, April 25, 2007
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Very good...but we are looking for wedding vows to be ...
written by ProudCuck, November 01, 2006
Very good...but we are looking for wedding vows to be exchanged with wife and her bull as he is her full time lover and has been for several years and they plan to stay together for some you know of anything like that?

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