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Cuckolding & Humiliation Print E-mail
Written by admin (maid lexis*)

Chastity, Cuckolding and D/s Relationships

Quote by Elise Sutton: "As far as cuckolding goes, I have explained what this represents in great detail. Done correctly, cuckolding is ultimately sex occurring within the psyches of the dominant wife and the cuckolded husband. It is an act of female liberation and male humiliation."  


Member Question: Is cuckolding a chastity related topic?

What is a Cuckold?

  • A Cuckold by simple definition is a husband with an unfaithful wife - the husband could be willing or unknowing. Cuckolding is "the act" of making a husband into a cuckold. Now in terms of a lifestyle or D/s, cuckolding this is not simply about a wife going out to have sex with other men.  It's a mind screw of the man's psyche and the wife is cuckolding him with his knowledge.  The husband needs to be turned on or have other needs being met, such as being humiliated, dominated or simply being able to see his wife have an orgasm that for some reason he is not able to give her.
  • There are also different degrees and flavors of cuckolding. Most couples into this type of lifestyle still have sex together, but with the wife enjoying or perhaps even preferring another man or men. Some couples are considered a lifestyle or extreme cuckold couples; meaning the husband is not allowed to have sexual contact with his wife/girlfriend.  Many times this is accompanied by chastity for the submissive male, thus increasing his desire and submissive nature.  The cuckold gets turned on by this jealousy, orgasm denial and humiliation.
  • The wife still treats the husband very lovingly, though perhaps with a touch of dominance. However, the husbands usually wants the wife to treat them a certain way.  This might include humiliation, extreme domination, watching a wife in sex acts with a lover, having the lover humiliate the husband etc.
  • The key is that the husband finds "pleasure", on his own terms, when he is treated this way by his wife or girlfriend. It turns him on to know that she enjoys her newly found sexual freedom and dominance so she can have sex with other men.
  • Cuckolding is not about cheating and cuckolding should be consensual.  Otherwise it's simply cheating by the wife/girlfriend as she has an extra-marrital affair.

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Cuckold Poll (For Woman Only)
Please - Only WOMEN should vote in this poll!
1) Does the thought of cuckolding your husband, boyfriend, submissive turn you on? *
2) Do you currently cuckold your husband/boyfriend? *


Cuckold Poll (For Men Only)
Please - Only MEN or should we say "chastity, cuckold sluts" should vote in this poll!
1) Are you currently being cuckolded? *
2) Does the thought of being in chastity and seeing or knowing your Mistress/Wife is having sex with other men turn you on? *

How chastity can get tied up into cuckolding:

For many cuckolding follows chastity as night follows day...

There are different degrees of submissive feeling and D/s relationships of different intensities, and for some this might be paraphrased... "Suffering is your reward slave"

If it is the decision of the one you adore and worship and have surrendered to, to keep you in chastity and cuckold you at some point, this is your reward. What meaning is your surrender if you resent the decisions of the one you have surrendered to?

It is certainly not chastity or being a cuckold which makes a submissive irritable or sulky. It is resentment and lack of acceptance of the decisions of one's Mistress which make him irritable or sulky. And far from feeling self-loathing, a submissive takes pride in obedience and in the genuine frustration and torment which he provides for his Mistress's amusement. As for the submissive feeling useless as a chastised and denied cuckold, quite the contrary, a chastised cuckold remains energetic, ever eager and pleasing, and accepts that the slightest detriment to his Mistress's mood may delay his next opportunity for release.

That is if submission means submission, which of course often it does not.

Chastity and cuckoldry are immensely powerful, dangerous, and easily abused. But within emotionally secure and appropriate relationships with prior discussion and mutual understanding they may be intensely rewarding for both the one who suffers and the one who enjoys the other's suffering as an act of love and absolute devotion.

Getting Started: Talking about it during sex or at other times is a start. Fantasizing about it for many is as far as they will ever get or want to go. Behind the excitement of being the cuckold or being the wife/mistress who is free to take a lover, are the many other factors that are not as exciting but, nevertheless, come with this lifestyle. The degree of the committment of the marriage bond as you introduce another sexual partner to enter, the knowledge that there are STD's and AIDS out there which certainly would alter your health, the fear of being exposed to your friends, family, or co-workers who are very conservative, and any potential religous issues. And there are more but each couple has to weigh the pros and cons and decide what "does it" for them.

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Husbands who are denied intercourse with their wife

Husbands who are denied sexual intercourse, including oral and vaginal sex, with their dominant wife...

In some cuckolding relationships or marriages the Femdom may decide to take her male tothe next of submission through complete denial and replacement of intercourse.  Note, this is simply denial of intercourse and not complete denial of orgasms.  Her aim is to completely replace her husband as her sexual partner while maintaining a continued husband / Femdom marriage.  Though this is probably not the norm, one might think different from reading stories online.

Now replacing her husband does not mean they don't continue to have a sexual and intimate relationship - far from it.  Couples engaged in a cuckold lifestyle are often much more intimate emotionally and physically than when the husband was allowed inside his wife.  This can take a husband, who is ready for it, into deep submission to his wife.  The complete replacement of his access to intercourse can be a deep satisfying experience.  But this takes time to build up to and an extraordinary amount of communication between partners. 

Men desire sex with a wife/partner to satisfy two needs 1) to share in emotional intimacy with her and 2) to get sexual release. Both of these can easily be replaced in other ways without allowing the husband to engage in sexual intercourse with his wife. 

Some examples (certainly not inclusive):

  • Date Preparation: When the cuckold helps his wife get ready for a date, including shaving her for her lover, it is an intensely intimate experience for them both. Another intimacy they can share is when she helps him achieve his sexual release in other ways.
  • Masturbation: she can excite his penis manually herself while they discuss the intimate details of her previous or next encounter and allow him to orgasm. This can be a lot of fun for the wife who can delay his orgasm as long as she chooses and keep him in an aroused state for an extended period.
  • Outer-course: This when the wife mounts her cuck who lays beneath her and rubs her pussy along the length of his penis. This stimulates both his penis and her clit while still denying him penetration.

What cuckolds have in common despite the variety of ways they practice their lifestyle is submission. These are all very submissive males - especially sexually. Accepting their wife's sexual adventures with other men is the first serious step into openly accepting a submissive position in the relationship. Being denied sex and even having his penis locked in a chastity device while his wife remains available to other males greatly magnifies that sense of submission.

Cuckold Ground Rules

1. Husband has to trust wife not to become emotionally involved with any of the men she's with.  The cuckolding lifestyle should provide sexual excitement and satisfaction to the marriage, an outlet of submission for the husband and dominance for the wife.  The wife should remain "mostly" emotioally distant from her lovers.

2. Though the husband doesn't have to "approve" of the men a wife cuckolds him with, he is allowed to voice concerns about them if the cuckolding is to be done with his knowledge. When possible, the husband will know where she's at, the intended schedule of time, and will be able to reach her via cell phone if needed. This is a safety valve for most women.

3. The stable of men/lovers will never include the husbands relatives, friends, or co-workers.

4. If cuckolding the husband without his knowledge - a new spur of the moment lover, the wife should use her best judgement with the man/men and will leave any situation that doesn't feel "right."

5. The wife will always use protection. No exceptions. This is for both the wife's safety and her husbands.

Here is an interesting page on how to appraoch cuckolding with care: Cuckoldry? Certainly!

BlacksOnBlondes goes cuckold

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the night I knew for certain.
written by patiecake, October 03, 2014
I was dressed, I came into the room as she was undressing. She had never let me before, I am not supposed to know she has a lover. I was quick and dropped to my knees and sucked her through her panties. I could smell the salty sent of his cum, I moved her underpants to the side and licked as deep as I could. She started to protest the grabbed my head and laid on the bed. She helped me take her panties off and laid back holding her legs in the air. I was dripping through my cage but still had my pants on, she doesn't know about the cage, I don't think I would be allowed to wear it. I plunged into her hole and sucked hoping for a load. It was salty but not full, I felt myself cunning but managed to stop before I wetted my pants, I excused myself to go to the bathroom and unlocked my cage, I hide it in the bathroom so I can wear it as much as possible. When I came out I undressed fast and moved between her legs, she shuddered as my tongue entered her hole. Then from the muscle contractions I could taste it, a load of sperm salty and musky flooding my mouth. I swallowed and started to cum from the excitement. I grabbed my dick and squeezed hard to stop then a scooped my cum up and licked it off my hand quick. My wife didn't notice but grabbed my head and pulled it back between her legs. I was in heaven, it was exciting, humiliating and so good that I was surprised. How to tell her now, how to let her know I am OK with her having good sex with others as long ad I can be at home with a eager tongue.
written by MistressDevina, June 03, 2014
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written by bisson10, May 14, 2014
I am married to my wife for 10 years and in the last 5 years permante chastity.
My wife cheats on me with her best friend for 2 years.
She set his girlfriend at home.
Now I'm dominated by two Goddesses
Clean up duties
written by Landguy37, October 05, 2013
Performing clean up duties is the highest honor to conduct on your mistress. A woman should never have to clean herself up after sexual activities.
getting started
written by vicci, March 15, 2013
I came home with my best friend to catch my husband wearing my favorite underwear he didn't see us until we had taken photos of him on our mobiles.He pleaded with us to delet them but ho no this was the chance to sort him out,i had been wanting to cukhold him for a while as he is 15 yrs older than me.I had already prepared a cukhold contract which my friend Liz soon produced from my desk ,i told him sign it now or the photo's go on the net he signed Liz said do you know whats in the contract as she signed it as a witness he said no.I took control of it & told him he would get a copy to read latter
He was then given his first instruction get in the shower & shave every bit of hair from your body you have 15 minutes & then i will inspect you, he was soon standing there in front of me &Liz what he didn't 2 more of my friend Sue & Jill had hidden in the kitchen you should have seen his face as they came into the room more photos for latter use.I then put him on a 4 month transformation program as follows.

1. He read his contract the next day & understood how serious iwas & that the contract was binding he did ask some questions .As it covered all aspect of his life being controlled by me even down to i had the choice who would get me pregnant should i decide to have children.I then sent him out to buy a maid outfit that he would wear all the time when in the house.

2.I very soon changed my appearance to become the HOTWIFE buying a new wardrobe of sexy gear,I booked myself in for a boob job which took me from a 34C to 38GG & started to wear victorian corsets to pull my waist in & give me a fantastic figure of38GG -24 -26 that soon got the men intrested when i went out i told him i was going out with now panties on 7 WHEN I WENT OUT HE WAS PLACE IN CHASTITY.

3.Month 3 was great i started to date other men & tell my huuby a few bit i would come home with my hair ruffled & lipstick smugded & made sure he noticed at the end of the 3rd month i introduced him to other mens spunk i came home after have sex with 2 guy in both my holes,i got home & said come on lets go to bed for some fun we kissed a little as i took his chastity of and played with him he had'nt had me for 2 mths so he was really horny i got him going & plunged his face into my pussy& licked my pussy clean i then said what about my bum you always liked it & he rimmed me ,i then said ho darling i am tired & rolled over.W hen he got up the next morning i said to him did you enjoy last night he said yes i then told if he wanted more he would have to wear a chastity device perminantly & i also wanted him to become more femmine by taking hormone replacment tablets that would help him grow boobs he agreed straight away & he took his first tablet whathe did'nt know the tablets also subdue the male sex drive & if you take them for 12 months it not likley to return. It took about 4 weeks before you could see his boobs starting to grow & we had many more nights when he cleaned me after i made my boyfriend smile.

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White servant couples!
written by tjryder, November 17, 2011

'Fox sports news'. The latest status symbol among the fast growing ranks of superstar black athlete multimillionaires is having attractive white married couples for servants. The Depression has hit the middle class hard and superjock Tyrone makes an offer to the beautiful high school teacher who failed him after she lost her job and her husband's business failed during the depression!

Blackowned Wives, Giant Black Bulls and sissified,
chastity-belted hubbies!]
written by woreout, November 10, 2011
I was a cuckold husband at least fifteen years before I even knew what a cuckold was. My wife started haveing sex with guys I knew within a year of our wedding. She called it sidemeat , at first I never knew where, when ,or who it had been. I'd come in from work and she would be in just a robe or PJ's. I knew then she had been haveing sex all day. Rainny days still bring shivers due to that's when most of her sidemeat was free to come over. She bought me a CB2000 in 2000. My longest lockup has been three months. But I haven't had sex with her for almost eleven years now. I get the left over creamypies and some times she will video tape her encounter. So far no black lovers that I know of.
Proud to Server
written by johnsail, February 10, 2011
I refer to my wife as "my Queen" I long to serve my Queen. She has taken a job that keeps her away 5 to 7 days and nights per week. She was getting so discused with my lying about jerking off that she ordered me to obtain the CB6000 and made me ask the lady at the counter to special order the "S" model because "the 6000 would fall off him"!!! I got so red and hard I bought and and currently are honoring my Queen!!!!
gay cockold
written by bedwettterr, September 24, 2010
i am 49 and at 40 i relised what i real was a total sub bottom more for men than women and as a result i have not used my cock to pleasure any one since then only thing it is good for now is to piss and i still can't do that right specailly at night but the man that owns me love it when i am restrained well he is fucking someone else know it should be being breed he is so right and i get so frustrated that it is not me being breed
written by jaylyne, August 05, 2010
The idea of tasting the man's cum from inside Miss L's pussy has sadly been taken away from me because of the threat of STDs. i do still have the pleasure of licking Her pounded pussy afterwards, knowing and hearing Her relate to me how good it was. Miss L has found a way to further humiliate me, She keeps the used rubber and when i'm finished cleaning Her, She empties the contents on to my face and forces me to just let it dry there. A real cuckold sissy facial.
written by ser, July 09, 2010
I just joined the site and I like it ...

I just joined the site and I envy all the submissive cuckolds here. If anyone is interested in humiliating and training me to eat their cream pies and clean them please contact me.

Briefly about myself:
I have been married few years ago and my ex wife walked out because as she said I couldn't satisfy her. Although I have athletic body and quite big cock. My main fetishes include: Foot/Leg/Stocking/Pantyhose/Shoe/Boot Worship/ Boot licking/Bodyworship/ Degradation/Discipline/ Face sitting/ Obedience training/ Public humiliation/ Spanking/ Water sports/Face splitting/Cuckolding
My experience as a sub quite limited, but I believe in Female supremacy and eager to serve.

Hoping for another slutty girl relationship
written by creamypielover469, April 21, 2010
I'm currently without a woman in my life, but have been chatting with someone that i believe has the potential to be a hotwife/cuckoldress. We've exchanged naughty emails/texts and she said she loves how wet my messages make her. Once when I asked her what she'd have me do after I made a mess of her pussy, she said that she'd make me clean it all up and not miss a drop. My cock started throbbing and leaking right then!

We've also been talking about how her pussy belongs to me and my cock belongs to her. I typically say that its HER cock and HER cum. I also tell her that I stroke myself while thinking about her but that I don't allow myself to cum unless she approves it first, since its hers. I tell her how I make it hard, throbbing and dripping for her until my balls are aching for release but that I then don't cum, keeping that aching, tingling sensation going as long as I can before I stop and let it eventually subside. She then tells me how wet she gets knowing that I'm hard for her and that I don't cum unless it's for her. I'm hoping that we'll get together for the first time next week. I plan on getting her into vibrators that are bigger than me and commenting how hot her pussy is when she gets stretched out by the bigger cocks, and also asking her to make sure that she always makes me clean out her cum-filled pussy. Those little subleties will get more and more intense as time goes by and I increase her control over my orgasms and gently push her into taking big-cocked lovers. If all goes well, I'll marry her and tell her that I don't want her to be faithful to me. I want her to fuck whomever she wants and bring me sloppy seconds to suck out of her. I'll hopefully get her into allowing me to clean her and her lovers - maybe even fluffing them for her eventually. smilies/grin.gif smilies/tongue.gif
Used condoms make Sweet Gift
written by gp306955, April 15, 2010
Safe sex is the best way to go. The use of condoms has it’s own rewards. The wife can bring them home as gift showing her husband she was thinking of him. I enjoy the responsibility making sure that she had an ample supply of condom at home and in her purse.
Liberated Lady
Libby and her Sissy.
written by liberatedlady, April 13, 2010
Although the events in Libbys Sissy's previous response are true, we do not want to promote unsafe sex. I did do an extensive interview with each of these men or had prior knowledge about them before assuming they would be safe partners. I admit this was far from a fool proof plan. Luckily, my assumptions turned out to be correct, but I do not recommend unprotected sex. I want to enjoy this lifestyle for a long time, and have come to realize that safe sex is more important than fulfilling a cream-pie fantasy. Any future partners will be required to wear protection. If I want my sub-hubby to eat a cream-pie, it will be his own. Have fun and play safe.

Libby and her Sissy.
Pantied Male
written by Libbys Sissy, April 10, 2010
I am thankful that Libby chooses to cuckold me regularly. It is now understood that this will continue to be part of our femdom marriage. I know I am a pathetic excuse for a man, and I don't deserve to feel pussy on my cock when I need to cum. Every man she has slept with is more deserving than I, and I deserved tasting all of them inside her. I have now eaten four other men's cum from my wife's pussy over the last year, and three of the men had multiple encounters with Libby, while one man was a one time thing. I was a little dissapointed that he had no repeat performances. He was 6'4" with a huge cock and he came so much; I've never seen her pussy so cum-filled and messy before that day. There is nothing more powerful than the feelings I get when I am under her, cleaning her, eating another man's cum from her. I couldn't even get hard for her pussy after the feelings took over. Libby has made me understand that she wants my pathetic cock hard enough for her to slide her fucked pussy up and down it; she says I deserve to have another man's cum on my cock as well as in my mouth. I have since been able to overcome my feelings of inadequacy and do this for her. Now my cock stands up nice and stiff for her when she wants to cover it with another man's cum. This doesn't mean I'm allowed release as I am to stay hard for her, but no cumming. Whenever I do have sex with Libby, I have to eat my own cum from her immediately afterwards. This was a bit of a chore in the beginnining, but now I am used to it and have no problem with clean-up. The fuzzy feeling that cum leaves in the back of my throat is how I know that I just swallowed sperm. I have eaten a lot of cum, and I expect that I will eat a lot more in the future.

Libby's Sissy
I love cleaning her up
written by creamypielover469, January 09, 2010
I was the one that suggested my girlfriend get sex from another man as I couldn't satisfy her completely most times as she has a very high sex drive. I had been cleaning her up after having sex with her and also to get her off orally. When she asked me if I'd like her to have sex with someone else, I showed her that my dick was hard and that I also wanted her to have bareback sex and let him cum in her for me to clean up. The first time she did was so hot as she fucked him in our bed while I waited in another room. By the time she came to see me, it was running down her legs. I loved licking her clean and she giggled that it was turning her on to see me enjoy licking her clean. I was hooked on cleaning her up and practically begged her to fuck him more and let me have the creampies to clean up.

She eventually had even bigger cocked lovers and I cleaned up their creampies too. Even though we talked about it, and it turned her on to talk about, she never did have me clean their cocks or let me be present while she fucked them. She just let me clean her up after. It finally got to a point that she only let me have sex with her after I'd cleaned her up first. Of course, that only made it hotter for me to know that I had to clean her up first as a reward to put my smaller dick into her and feel how stretched out and slippery she was. Man, I love that taste and feeling!
New cuck
written by jammiee, October 27, 2009
Since before my wife and I were married, I have been allowed to engage in my favorite fetish of wearing her panties, first to bed then she bought me my own panties and I wear them all the time now. I had thought that I satisfied her, even though I only barley measure 5" when hard and can only manage to fuck for 30 to 40 seconds before cuming. Well she just told me she has met a man at work and one thing led to another and thye ended up in his bed. He has a thick 8" cock and she now can't get enough of it. She told me she still loves me and wants me to stay true to her, but she made it clear that she needs this big man in her life as well. He has been through 2 marriages so he is not looking for a LTR. I love my wife and am considering staying with her and hoping that this arrangement is short term and that I can go back to being her paantie boy in bed.
Am I wrong in my thinking?
What should I do? I have never been in such a situation before?
written by weakboi, August 12, 2009
i am so turned on by the thought of orally pleasuring my gfs lovers, especially now she has become a blacks only slut. recieving their hot load is the best part of my day
written by kinkycouple85, May 27, 2009
after 18yrs of cuckolding my hubby i have just recently began denying him sex. i never realised how much more submissive he would become! i have this site and all of its members to thank for this. since i have been comming here and reading all the articles and postings i decided to begin denying hubby sex and it has really uped the anti! hes even more attentive and submissive then ever! i also just recently took my first black lover, also due to everything i have read here. having hubby suck him off while on his knees as i watched was incredible! and the sex...WOW! 9" of big thick blk cock was very satisfying!
i agree with luvmywifemore
written by kinkycouple85, April 30, 2009
the cuckold rules were almost exactly as hubby and i conduct our sexual relationship. the only thing i would add would be that hubby is not allowed to ever have sex with other woman. i know that seems elementary but if we are writing it down that rules should also be clear. also i do have sex very often with my husband. i dont deny it to him, i just decide when he can have it! that useually coincides with every time iam horny! see i dont go on one night stands. my lovers have to be my friend before my lover. also i want them to be able to get along with my hubby because i want mfm threesomes and i want the three of us to also be able to hang out socially. so i guess you can say i to prefer friends with benifits! for us though its not really about humiliation because. sure theres some, you cant do this with out some level of humiliation because even if the womans not really feeling it, we all know that its a major part of what makes it a turn on for the guys. but i credit our sexual lifestyle for keeping my husband and i totally in love with eachother all these yrs. i guess thats part of the reason i dont deny hubby sex. because i want to enjoy it all with him. i dont consider myself his better half because i totally respect him for being so in love with me that he can enter into a relationship like this and have no worries that i will always only love him!
written by petiteboi, March 09, 2009
mistress_cb thats a good question. I dont think there any real boundries when it comes to cuckold and arousal. I am divorced and my ex has a couple of boyfriends and I only have sex with her when she wants me to. It is a turn on for me as we do notlive together but I am treated like I am still her property to use. We live apart and I have accepted her desire to live out her fantasies.
graham the wimp
its only right
written by graham the wimp, March 03, 2009
It's only right for a wife to seek a real man's cock to give her ultimate pleasure that a pathetic droopy cocked wimp hubby like me could never give her. It'sonly right for a droopy cocked wimpy hub like me to serve her and her bull anyway they see fit
Is it cuckolding if it's with another woman?
written by mistress_CB, February 19, 2009

This is a question to the community at large; Are you cuckolding your husband if you deny him sex and make him watch you engage in a night of hot sex with another woman. I do that to my husband, but I am never really thought about it as "cuckolding". He does serve us...get us drinks, massage, or whatever is requested. However, he's mostly there to watch and feel unfullfilled desire & lust for me. Am I cuckolding him even though I have never been with another man...just women?

My wife is an escort
written by sub2woman, January 12, 2009
My wife is a mature escort. She has had over 700 clients and also now has four lovers she sees.

We have practiced the Femdomme lifestyle for many years, but she has recently spoken to me about orgasm denial. She has declared that i am limited to four orgasms a week, but has not yet put me in chastity.

I have obeyed and I am always to report any orgasm which i don't have in her presence.

She has sex with about 25 guys a week when she is working. She also sees at least two boyfriends. Last week she called her most important boyfriend, the one she says she loves, and had me lay between her legs and bring her to a giant orgasm while he listened. He then came also and she held up her phone for me to listen. She then rolled over and went to sleep.

She has begun having less and less intercourse with me and finds new ways to humiliate me while I jerk off.

I would love to hear from other cuckolds whose ladies are in the sex industry.
in our case i like having hubby clean me up after a ...
written by kinkycouple85, October 25, 2008
in our case i like having hubby clean me up after a date and if he pleases me with a job well done i will jerk him off. he useually cums pretty quickly! one of the reasons i need a lover on the side to get me off!
One of the most erotic experiences a cockold can have ...
written by luvmywifemore, June 30, 2008
One of the most erotic experiences a cockold can have is to be sitting on the floor while his wife and her boyfriend make out. It is hubby's job to strip both of them while they kiss. Hubby must then orally prepare both for their lovemaking. He then gets a ring side seat while they make love. Of course his reward is to orally clean both afterwards. Wife should then praise hubby for a job well done.
konrad wirsing
i have to go to the biss of my wife closed-up and ask ...
written by flag133, February 20, 2008
i have to go to the biss of my wife closed-up and ask to give e a whipping. I had to clean the lady-boss husband by licking and have to strip. He aroused and want to penetrate me, but the boss at first likes to hear me cry and i had to kneel in front of her and not the boss gave me the whip but her husband until i cried and begged for an end.
The boss wants me to cry louder and her husband forced me to spread eagle and whipped my balls.
My voice became weaker and i begund to tremble as my wife comes in and there the key in her fingers i were allowed to come free, but not for release with my wife. Bob, the husband makes use of my ass. It was a 'quicky' and i cleaned his fluffy thing. Back now in the cage for the next three weeks.Sorry.
A submissive cuckold male, while appearing to be ' ...
written by Ms. Darlene MacComb, November 20, 2007
A submissive cuckold male, while appearing to be 'weak' to some, is perhaps the most secure and confident of all men. They have to be to tolerate (and love) much of what is done to them and are ordered to do.
Fantastic article, I wanna know MORE! AND I sure wanna ...
written by hiddensubmissive, September 28, 2007
Fantastic article, I wanna know MORE! AND I sure wanna be cuckolded
We have just returned from 16 days cyprus where i ...
written by ballless, July 25, 2007
We have just returned from 16 days cyprus where i slaved 24/7 for my wife/mistress and her cypriot lover. I stayed locked up for the whole time but was on call for cleaning duties. It would be an honour to be able to slave fultime.
Cuckolding led me to my feminine self, after many ...
written by Lauren, June 24, 2007
Cuckolding led me to my feminine self, after many years of straight male life. After three years of marriage,
my wife and i started swinging and inviting men for threesomes. I wanted to clean her from the beginning and
before long, i was enjoying her creamy pie three or four times a week. She dated her boss and often played with him at lunchtime or after work at his place.
They also travelled on business and stayed in hotels together. She would phone every night while in bed with him.
I often did housework while he or another BF enjoyed her in our bed. When he finished, I would clean her immediately and all real men find that disgusting
and some remarked on what kind of guy would do that.

Gradually our sex was only me doing oral on her. All these experiences were exciting to me and my male side retreated from view. I'm now a happy TS and i
thank the cuckold life for showing me my way.
I have to lick my wifes wet swollen pussy when she get ...
written by Peter S, June 14, 2007
I have to lick my wifes wet swollen pussy when she get home from her lover. She now meets him about 2-3 times a month. I am locked in a cb 3000. And when she came home from her friend really satisfied she sometimes masturbate me while talking how they make sex in details.
hello, all- i am a sincerely submissive male who has ...
written by leatherangel, June 08, 2007
hello, all-
i am a sincerely submissive male who has a real fetish for chastity and cuckoldry. in particular, i love being forced to clean sperm up from a Dominant Woman after She's had Her pleasure with Her lovers. does anybody know of websites, particularly videos, that show forced creampie eating? i would really appreciate a recommendation--thanks!
i would like to put a chastity belt on a sissy and ...
written by sissy master, June 05, 2007
i would like to put a chastity belt on a sissy and make love to his woman while he stands at the end of the bed tied up then fall asleep with her.the thing about cleaning up sounds good to.
I am a willing level 3 cuckold - which means I have no ...
written by Jills cuckold doug, May 24, 2007
I am a willing level 3 cuckold - which means I have no sexual intercourse with my wife Jill. My tiny dickette ( 1' soft & 3.2' erect) is useless for my wife's sexual satisfaction and as I love her unconditionally I have willingly agreed to be Jill's cuckold.

She has me dress in panties each day as an affirmation of my vow of chastity and a visible reminder that my little boy cock is the size of a nice clit.
The good and devotion cuckold is to serve his wife and ...
written by steve leon, April 25, 2007
The good and devotion cuckold is to serve his wife and her lovers,To give pleasure for his wife and himself he must obey his wife command whenever she wish him to do by eating the creampie from her fucked pussy and sucking her lovers cocks hard again for round two and so on.Cleaning her lovers cocks after sex is a very turn on for the cuckold,
my mistress wife told me to-night about how she has ...
written by slavedave, April 12, 2007
my mistress wife told me to-night about how she has taken a new lover who is bigger and better than me. Next time she's promised to come home and squat over me while I lick her out. I can't wait to show my devotion to her in this way.
i have just started cleaning my Mistress and her lover ...
written by ron long, March 15, 2007
i have just started cleaning my Mistress and her lover. tonight i get to start fluffing him for her.WOW!
My wife has discovered that Black men are suprior ...
written by Mike, February 28, 2007
My wife has discovered that Black men are suprior lovers and she has decided to go black only. Since then I am having the time of my life helping her get ready and her cleaning up and helping her resist the stammina of her lovers. Her Black master and her have decided to move one notch up and cage my penis in a chastity device.
yes...servicing my wife's lovers after they unload is ...
written by kimosabe48, February 18, 2007
yes...servicing my wife's lovers after they unload is the highlight of my sexual being.The pleasure it brings my wife is she watches me clean them up and bring them off yet again.....and finishing my duty by cleaning up her playground too....I drip with precum from the experience in the confines of my cb3k. :0)
Dressing Derek
I just joined the site and I envy all the submissive ...
written by Dressing Derek, February 04, 2007
I just joined the site and I envy all the submissive cuckolds here. If anyone is interested in humiliating and training me to eat their cream pies and clean them please contact me. Please!
white hubbies must be cuckolded and serve wife black ...
written by jean, January 26, 2007
white hubbies must be cuckolded and serve wife black lover
i like all idea and eating the pussy flooded with ...
written by msasikumar2, November 21, 2006
i like all idea and eating the pussy flooded with other man's cum nd not permitting to masterbate is a tremendous position for a maleslave and i yarn it from my mistress
kindly contact me my mistress
When my Wife locks me in chastity my submissive nature ...
written by kentcuck, November 09, 2006
When my Wife locks me in chastity my submissive nature increases more by the day, this is eventually how being cuckolded by her seemed a natural progression in our relationship.
booking hotel for Mistress' date $80.00 ...
written by rustyscuck, November 05, 2006
booking hotel for Mistress' date $80.00 buying lingerae for Mistress' date $120.00 paying for Mistress&Bull's cocktails $35.00 kissing Her stockinged foot as Bull rams Her Priceless
A Woman's right to sexual gratification is the duty ...
written by jansedboy, November 01, 2006
A Woman's right to sexual gratification is the duty of all men. husbands or lovers.
Cockolding is a very erotic experience for both the ...
written by luvmywifemore, October 09, 2006
Cockolding is a very erotic experience for both the husband and the wife.
First she and we are very much in love and I am secure in knowing that she will not leave me for any other man.
Any time a relationship gets too serious she ends it.
What she gets out of dating other men is that it helps her to feel good about herself. The men are always younger then her. It makes her feel HOT!!!! It helps her to work at keeping herself looking great. Plus she likes to dance which I do not do.
She does not have multiple partners, and only gets into a relationship if the timing is right. Lets say, no more so then if I was not in the picture at all.
She makes it known up front she is married and will not leave me. Their dating is for fucking and fun.
She tells then I know about it from the beginning and approve. She also tells them early on that I usually lick her clean afterwards. She tells them that while she is having sex with them she is not having sex with me.
For me, it is very erotic knowing other guys want her. I like to hear about her date. I like to prepare her for her dates. And I love to clean her up afterward.
I think cuckolding is one of the most empowering ...
written by MsMacComb, October 07, 2006
I think cuckolding is one of the most empowering methods that we have in our intimate lives. Done correctly it can place 100% of the power in our hands.
I've got to say having my husband clean me out after ...
written by Lizie, October 06, 2006
I've got to say having my husband clean me out after intercouyrse with my lovers has made him the best man in town as far as I'm concerned and I love him lots. We have been married only five years and he no longer gets to fuck me anymore and wears a neosteel 24/7 with some occasional and I mean very occasional release. He is just so willing and broken in I never thought it possible before to have one man serve me so absolutly and I recommend this lifestyle to everyone!!!
Good for you Lizie! My sissy is involved in date ...
written by jean, September 13, 2006
Good for you Lizie! My sissy is involved in date preparation and waits for me to get home with my date all dressed in feminine best. Sissy fluffs my lovers and licks them clean after they cum inside me. Afterwards, all of the semen must be licked clean from my pussy. This puts sissy in a total state of submission.
written by tonytonios, September 09, 2006
I have two long term lovers who fuck me regularly and ...
written by Lizie, September 03, 2006
I have two long term lovers who fuck me regularly and sleep over. Hubby gets the privaliege of preparing them and cleaning up afterwards. They don't use condoms but if I trust them to fuck me without one and cum inside me I trust its fine for hubby to swallow it all down. When its the wrong time of my cycle he even gets used by them for release. He says he enjoys the experiences and its very humbling for him but turns him on because he can see I enjoy it so much.
The idea of a powerful Woman controlloing her slaves ...
written by SubMarkul, September 01, 2006
The idea of a powerful Woman controlloing her slaves sex to the point of getting it on with another man, and thn having the slave clean up is such a powerful turn-on.

Can't help but love the idea of being frustrated in a chastity device and being humiliated. Loce it!
i truly believe Women are superior and that we ( ...
written by sissywimpdave, August 17, 2006
i truly believe Women are superior and that we (society) needs to evolve to this fact! i believe in a world were marriage will not exist and only suitable men should be allowed the privlidge of having sex with Women for the procreation of life. Otherwise sex should be between two (or more) Women.
I consider it a privilege to assist my Mistress/wife ...
written by servingwomen, June 30, 2006
I consider it a privilege to assist my Mistress/wife get ready for her 'date' and strive to help her be as beutiful for him as possible. It is my responsibility to orally clean them afterward, including removing his condom and drinking it's contentents to her satisfaction. I want her to have total pleasure although I will never be worthy to be allowed inside her.
oral cleaning of your wife and her lover aftre sex is ...
written by vantage, June 23, 2006
oral cleaning of your wife and her lover aftre sex is
the most humble act a man can do for his wife .
espesualy if he is kept in chastity while doing it .
also being used to suck your wife lover hard for round two or three .
I make my sissy husband clean my lover and me after ...
written by jean, June 03, 2006
I make my sissy husband clean my lover and me after lovemaking. This is his duty and if he doesn't do it properly he gets a good strapping. This is my biggest turnon!
I make my sissy husband clean my lover and me after ...
written by jean, June 03, 2006
I make my sissy husband clean my lover and me after lovemaking. This is his duty and if he doesn't do it properly he gets a good strapping. This is my biggest turnon!
i believe that the act of performing cleanup duties on ...
written by bodyman, May 17, 2006
i believe that the act of performing cleanup duties on both my wife and her male lovers is the most sincere way of letting her lover know that I am fully are grateful to him for taking my place in bed with her and giving her the sexual satisfaction that she needs and deserves .This also says that he has full rights and permission to use her for sex when ever he wants to ..
a woman is a natural superior being and a husband has ...
written by miriban, May 11, 2006
a woman is a natural superior being and a husband has to submit to her. By being cuckolded he shows her love to Her and is ready to serve Her and her black lover

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