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Chastity Lifestyle seeks to explore the dynamics of the Femdom - D/s lifestyle and primarily the use of male chastity devices to control the male orgasm. We seek to blend a combination of fantasy and real life to weave a comprehensive web of delights and offer a uniquely erotic site. 

The internet offers so much fiction and fantasy that revolves around D/s and chastity that we wanted to try and offer a new twist on the subject - through debate, fantasy and shared experiences.  Though we will strive to make the site fun and erotic we also hope bring intelligent debate into the mix allowing new and experienced practitioners of D/s and chastity to learn and grow in their own personal relationships.

Click to View Lexis' ProfileChastity Lifestyle welcomes all those with an interest in chastity to participate in our site. Chastity is fetish that spans both the vanilla and alternative sexual realms.  From BDSM,  D/s or cuckold lifestylers to housewifes keeping their husbands in chastity for a couple of hours before sex. 

Chastity Lifestyle has put together a community based site that allows those with an interest in chastity to participate.  Visitors can read or post personal chastity experiences submitted by wearers and keyholders. Add your own chastity device reviews.Read or post fictional/fantasy stories, personal chastity photos and participate in our message forums.

You may also participate in our Chastity Polls located throughout the site.

This site is run by chastised male maid Lexis.  ChastityLifestyle seeks to share and explore these topics in a public forum that revolves around chastity as the cornerstone of submission to a Dominant Woman.


Are you looking to purchase a chastity device?

New Videos: Sissy Slut & Chastity Sessions

Take a peek at these new videos out from TransFetish Productions...Very Hot Sissy and Chastity Videos. 

  • Sissy Pimpin: Miss Dita turns James into Jade, her latest transformed tranny trollop she'll pimp out for her pleasure and profit!
  • Sissy Slut Sessions: Mistress Kendra continues Jizzelle's total sissification by introducing "her" to the joys of giving oral pleasure to a real man. He's got plenty of splooge to splurt all over Jizzie's face... why do you think Mistress Kendra named her Jizzelle!?
  • Sissy Sex Slave: Like any good sissy sex slave, Jade has to start somewhere. Miss Lexi decides that the truck stop men's room out on I-69 is as good a place as any!
  • Sissy Maid Slave: When Miss Dita discovers Felipe's pretty painted toe nails and stocking under his work uniform she forces him to become "Fifi," her new sissy maid slave for life! Dita's friends come over to try out the little tranny whore and decide to rent her out for the weekend.
Absolute Kim - Cuckoldress

Welcome to the world of a typical suburban PTA Mom who has a truly wild side - Femdom, Swinging and she is an Extreme Fetish Slut. Kim and her husband live a hardcore extreme kinky life that includes: a 24/7 Lifestyle BDSM with a cuckold slave hubby

Absolute Kim

Chastity Galore from The English Mansion

The English MansionFor all of you that enjoy viewing chastity videos we know there are not that many places on the Net where we can find video's/dvd's that highlight our chastity fetish.  Well one great new resource I have found is from The English Garden a Femdom site run by Mistress Sidonia von Bork and her various Femdom friends.

There is currently over 80 hours of footage in their members area, movies range from 5mins to 1.5hrs in length. They are available to download as complete movies or in approx 7mins segments - below is just a glimpse of what's available in there Movie Vaults. View Web Site

Cuckold Husband in Chastity - The English Mansion
cuckoldhusband1.jpgA dominant wife has cuckolded her husband and turned him into her slave. She puts him into a chastity device and then makes him both watch and clean her boots while she fucks a younger man in front of him. Finally making him clean up the mess afterwards. HOT HOT HOT! Click here to see more femdom/chastity videos from The English Mansion.


Recent Forum Posts:
  • Re:Jailbird from Mature... By: cgdandshvd
    Enjoy! I've been in the MM Watchful Mistress for almost a year ~ what a difference from the CB series.
  • Wife loves the new Bon4M By: bobt396
    She likes the look and feel of it much better then the CB6000s. Maybe because it's SS not plastic. I got the small version. It's probably the same size as the CB6000s. The cage seems like it could be a bit shorter then the 6000S but that could just be my imagination. This is a heavy device. You...
  • Re:Jailbird from Mature... By: luvsub
    Thanks. :) I'm spending as much time in the old cb between now and then as I can. I'm hoping it will shorten the break in time. I ordered almost the same measurements as the cb6000s (shorter by 1/4 inch) so hoping that helps too.
  • Re:Jailbird from Mature... By: sissypantees
    Congrats! Now you know the secure feel of real steel! Enjoy your lockup for a long, long time...
  • Re:Goddess Petra By: Schiavo Casto
    CruelTeaserGoddess wrote: Hi all, wanker-boys and chaste-subs! I am Goddess Petra, and i'm looking for young, pretty, submissive, obedient toy-boys for online domination. Just italians for real. Kisses La prego mi dia il privilegio di essere il suo giocattolo!
  • Giocattolo da torturare By: Schiavo Casto
    Dea Petra, Sono il giocattolo giusto per il suo divertimento... La prego mi contatti e mi dia il privilegio di essere ai suoi piedi...
  • Re:Jailbird from Mature... By: Muttlyvb
    Congratulations. I am sure you will soon learn to love your MM Jailbird. I wish you a very long lock up
  • Jailbird from Mature... By: luvsub
    I'm so excited. After a cb 3000 (repaired with crazy glue) and a cb 6000s (repaired with polycarbonate solvent). I can finally get to feel what a steel cage feels like. I'm so exited that I'm in danger of busting out of old faithful right now. Not fishing for comments, I just had to...
  • Re:Is wearing a chastity... By: sissy for chastity
    Err... I'm sorry about that. But I just tried it, it works here. I don't understand...
  • Re:Is wearing a chastity... By: toppcatt36
    sissy for chastity wrote: If only i had a PA... ;) There are a lot of PA steel chastity belt here: If my mistress expects me to have a PA piercing, then I will get one. Otherwise, i don't think i would dare to do it by myself. But thank you...
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