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IMG_2724.jpg27 viewshollyandjay
image.jpgCaught in a sad attempt to get relief292 viewsI was caught in a very sad attempt to get some relief. In addition to adding 2 weeks to my chastity, I have to post photographic evidence and own up to it.
The one redeeming feature of the tiny cocklet cage is that my penis gets air, is easy to clean, etc. It also lets me touch it and massage the exposed flesh every so often. Unfortunately since I can touch so much of it through the bars I occasionally get very desperate.
Simple cage shaking and rubbing doesn’t work, my cocklet is compressed to about 40% of its length. an Hitachi magic wand will essentially milk me and provide some temporary relief, even though the actual orgasm is entirely ruined. Sadly my KH had once caught me using her Hitachi and she now keeps a lock through its wall plug :( I was so hopefully the electric toothbrush would do the trick, but just not quite :(
1 commentsa_non_mouse
IMAG0669.jpgLocked up177 viewsMy tiny clitty locked up1 commentsYosho
tumblr_n43t6pPo7A1st1ckbo1_1280.jpgShock Collar locked on scrotum289 viewsMy KH has a fun new game. I have a shock collar locked around my balls, and the keys are setting on top of the transmitter. The shocking starts when I get within 12', and gets stronger the closer I get and the longer I stay in range.a_non_mouse
IMG_3599.jpggood night my little slut473 viewsMistress Elizabeth Kaiser of Manchester's sub
transsexual cuckoldress, Mistress, Goddess of MAnchester
IMG_3660.jpgfollow your Goddes you useless bitch625 viewsMistress Elizabeth Kaiser of Manchester's sub
transsexual cuckoldress, Mistress, Goddess of MAnchester
IMG_3588.jpgisnt it nice to tease a poor little sub when he is locked up?!475 viewsMistress Elizabeth Kaiser of Manchester's sub
transsexual cuckoldress, Mistress, Goddess of MAnchester
IMG_3646.jpgone of my subs after humiliation, watersports, ice cold water of course371 viewsMistress Elizabeth Kaiser of Manchester's sub
transsexual cuckoldress, Mistress, Goddess of MAnchester
IMG_2549a.jpgMy slave321 viewsMistress Elizabeth Kaiser of Manchester' s slavemistresskaiser84
Hard_Locked_.jpg185 viewsJSLAVE
Tiny_cage_-_Big_Toy.jpgTiny cage, too small for my "Toy"! (too Big for me)...224 viewssissypantees
IMG_1784.jpgToo big for my tiny dicklett!212 viewssissypantees
CAM00066.jpg108 viewsralphkramden
CAM00065.jpg80 viewsralphkramden
CAM00064.jpg82 viewsralphkramden
232323232fp-7;-nu=34-3-385-254-WSNRCG=339566;;53335nu0mrj.jpg94 viewsralphkramden
232323232fp-92-nu=34-3-385-254-WSNRCG=339566;47;335nu0mrj.jpg81 viewsralphkramden
me.jpg93 viewsralphkramden
photo_1.JPG197 views1 commentsmy6gapa
photo_6.JPG220 viewsmy6gapa
photo_4.JPG164 views2 commentsmy6gapa
img_0020p.jpgMy Chastity Piercings351 viewsberni3000
img_0021p.jpgMy Chastity Piercings339 viewsberni3000
img_0030p.jpgMy Chastity Piercings499 viewsberni3000
img_0032p.jpgMy Chastity Piercings973 views3 commentsberni3000
image.jpg430 viewsOn the way to the accountant. Will she notice?cockmistress
brian.jpgPlumber Brian185 viewswishing he could jerk off plumberwife
PICT9336.JPGPlumber Brian155 viewsBrian caught again staring at the runners assplumberwife
PICT7825.JPGPlumber Brian238 viewsBrian caught whistling at the hot runners ass, you can see his chastity bulge through his jeans plumberwife
brianchastity.jpgPlumber Brian383 viewshorny plumber locked in chastity1 commentsplumberwife
IMG_0004.jpgmy tiny clit401 viewsShaven and locked up, my balls full of sissy juice waiting to be milked to another ruined orgasmmaleslaveboi
12937973205_01ffcf1737_z.jpg670 viewslouiseacd
12937983585_0db0b654d3_z.jpg610 viewslouiseacd
12938072203_316b6ed11b_z.jpg699 viewslouiseacd
12938391204_0623174727.jpg416 viewslouiseacd
qk1.jpgQueens Keep689 viewsQueens Keepazure
qk2.jpgQueens Keep452 viewsQueens Keepazure
qk3.jpgQueens Keep566 viewsQueens Keep1 commentsazure
CAM00107.jpgCOCKLOCKED!463 viewsCreates a very noticeable bulge and is a constant reminder what real men have. littledickdaniel
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Sissy Pimpin Video: Sissy maid and chastity content

Miss Dita turns James into Jade, her latest transformed tranny trollop she'll pimp out for her pleasure and profit! Dressed up as a slutty schoolgirl, Jade is trained for his, um... her new purpose in life - "she's a sissy slut, just a couple of holes to fuck and suck!" Later on, Miss Dita sends her little sissywhore, Jade, out to a seedy hotel to service some dude with a huge cock! This is forced-fem sissification and forced-bi at it's best!

Sissy Slut Sessions

Bambi is begging to become Mistress Kendra's latest little sissy bitch, but he'll, um... I mean she'll have to learn her new place in life first... on all fours taking it up her sissy "pussy" for Mistress' amusement... or profit! Mistress Kendra continues Jizzelle's total sissification by introducing "her" to the joys of giving oral pleasure to a real man. He's got plenty of splooge to splurt all over Jizzie's face... why do you think Mistress Kendra named her Jizzelle!?! Mistress Kendra decides she just can't have her sissy bitch, holly embarrassing her when Dakota comes over to use the little fuck hole (that's holly, by the way). She decides to open the bitch up a little bit more with the "fucksaw!" That way holly has no choice but to be most accommodating when she gets fucked like the sissy slut she is! As if that wasn't enough, Mistress Kendra makes sure that holly chugs all the cum from the dude's used condom too!

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