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Chastity Photo Gallery

Chastity device and chastity belt photos and images

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PMD_078.jpgPlugged and chastised135 viewsPlugged and chastisedSissy Maid Teri
PMD_079.jpgPlugged and chastised83 viewsPlugged and chastisedSissy Maid Teri
PMD_081.jpgI love being plugged and chastised116 viewsI love being plugged and chastisedSissy Maid Teri
PMD_089.jpgI love being plugged and chastised68 viewsI love being plugged and chastisedSissy Maid Teri
PMD_112.jpgGagged Chastised and plugged109 viewsGagged Chastised and plugged. The Sissy is ready to serve you Master!1 commentsSissy Maid Teri
French_Maid_in_Chastity_297.jpgFrench Maid in Chastity625 viewsFrench Maid in Chastity1 commentsSissy Maid Teri
French_Maid_in_Chastity_346.jpgFrench Maid in Chastity367 viewsFrench Maid in ChastitySissy Maid Teri
20160719_174814_edited.jpgNew panties516 viewsCage was removed so I could get the full feel of them. You can see the result but they were removed and I was iced and recaged without relief. Maybe next timepicksar
IMG_20160712_204035_525.jpg592 views1 commentsTomshandle2
IMG_8718.JPGPussy Training596 viewsMistress has decided we need to move on in our relationship since I now wear her panties. I am now having my pussy trained with her old dildo, she has instructed me to buy her a new one, larger to make my clit seem even smaller. In my opinion this is not a good idea, not that my opinion counts of course.picksar
IMG_8717.JPGback in cage and panties437 viewsThese re my favourite ones. Fresh from Mistress sniffed and licked before wearing. This is my heaviest cage so spoils the look a bitpicksar
20151229_223013-1-1.jpg1556 views1 commentssi55y
011.JPG727 views1 commentszoestoreycd
012.JPG826 viewszoestoreycd
DSCN0255.JPG1064 viewszoestoreycd
DSCN0256.JPG1282 viewszoestoreycd
DSCN0259.JPG1199 viewszoestoreycd
slave_6.jpg868 viewszoestoreycd
slave_10.jpg1228 viewszoestoreycd
slave_11.jpg719 viewszoestoreycd
DSCN0976.JPG629 viewszoestoreycd
DSCN1360.JPGCB-6000 and fox tail1078 viewsI got myself a nice slutty fox tail that goes perfectly with my CB-6000. Recently I also got myself a CB-6000S, which is even better! Expect some nice pics soon.1 commentssupersilent
IMG-20160318-WA0021[1].jpg New Cage883 viewsMy New Electro Chastity CageOpenmind
IMG_2142.JPGskirt848 views1 commentsneverbetterthannow
IMG_2138.JPGpanties and stuff1126 views2 commentsneverbetterthannow
Sir_Ms_Slut_008.jpg1072 viewsSissy Maid Teri
Sir_Ms_Slut_008A.jpg1109 viewsSissy Maid Teri
Sir_Ms_Slut_009.jpg784 viewsSissy Maid Teri
Sir_Ms_Slut_009A.jpg1072 viewsSissy Maid Teri
Sir_Ms_Slut_010.jpg935 viewsSissy Maid Teri
IMG_8876k.jpgLatowski mit roten Pumps1221 viewsFehlt nur noch etwas für BH wäre es noch viel schöner!Isonova
IMG_8879k.jpgLatowski mit roten Pumps864 viewsAuf dem Weg zur Sissy!
Nur ein Traum??
IMG_8884k.jpgLatowski mit roten Pumps798 viewsAuf dem Weg zur Sissy!
Das ist mein Traum...
Wer läßt in für mich Wirklichkeit werden??
IMG_8890k.jpgLatowski mit roten Pumps690 viewsAuf dem Weg zur Sissy!
Das ist mein Traum...
Wer läßt in für mich Wirklichkeit werden??
femmes+(64).jpg2051 views2 commentsmalentights
feminizations+(26)_(1)~0.jpg1676 views1 commentsmalentights
feminizations+(20)_(2)~0.jpg1427 viewsmalentights
2090473405.jpg2299 viewsmalentights
feminizations+(6)~0.jpg1071 viewsmalentights
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Sissy Pimpin Video: Sissy maid and chastity content

Miss Dita turns James into Jade, her latest transformed tranny trollop she'll pimp out for her pleasure and profit! Dressed up as a slutty schoolgirl, Jade is trained for his, um... her new purpose in life - "she's a sissy slut, just a couple of holes to fuck and suck!" Later on, Miss Dita sends her little sissywhore, Jade, out to a seedy hotel to service some dude with a huge cock! This is forced-fem sissification and forced-bi at it's best!

Sissy Slut Sessions

Bambi is begging to become Mistress Kendra's latest little sissy bitch, but he'll, um... I mean she'll have to learn her new place in life first... on all fours taking it up her sissy "pussy" for Mistress' amusement... or profit! Mistress Kendra continues Jizzelle's total sissification by introducing "her" to the joys of giving oral pleasure to a real man. He's got plenty of splooge to splurt all over Jizzie's face... why do you think Mistress Kendra named her Jizzelle!?! Mistress Kendra decides she just can't have her sissy bitch, holly embarrassing her when Dakota comes over to use the little fuck hole (that's holly, by the way). She decides to open the bitch up a little bit more with the "fucksaw!" That way holly has no choice but to be most accommodating when she gets fucked like the sissy slut she is! As if that wasn't enough, Mistress Kendra makes sure that holly chugs all the cum from the dude's used condom too!

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