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IMG_1898.jpg651 views1 commentshollyandjay
IMG_1833.jpg667 viewshollyandjay
IMG_8270.jpg599 views2 commentshollyandjay
just_for_laughs.jpgNeat pictures2860 viewsuntrainedmale
the_benefits.pngBenefits of Chastity1972 viewsJust for fununtrainedmale
bytheballs240.jpgLeashed on the balls1526 viewsFemrule prison transport guard escorts unfortunate male to his attitude readjustment appointmenttjryder
plaschas400.jpgClub Mandingo Flags2034 viewsflags for cheating wives and for sissy cuckoldstjryder
image.jpgCock comparison1525 viewsMe versus wife's new friend.1 commentsSmallscott
Snapshot_20130609_2.JPGI have just got dressed for this lovely weather 1295 viewsleyland
103_1000.jpg2293 viewssomething other then spamRoose
106_1000.jpg1845 viewssomething other then spamRoose
986_1000.jpg1728 viewssomething other then spamRoose
105_1000.jpg2143 viewssomething other then spamRoose
110_1000.jpg2323 viewssomething other then spamRoose
113_1000.jpg2061 viewssomething other then spamRoose
982_1000.jpg2180 viewssomething other then spamRoose
995_1000.jpg2382 viewssomething other then spamRoose
990_1000.jpg1835 viewssomething other then spamRoose
993_1000.jpg1860 viewssomething other then spamRoose
KISSdark300.jpgcuckold sissymaid1804 viewsPerforming as a maid at an OBEAH function sissymaid Jesse smiles at the attention his beautiful wife is getting.tjryder
SMILE400a.jpgClub Mandingo Smiles1749 views From april 2013 story
Sissy beachboy Timmy is plesed to see the couple he introduced the previous evening seems to have clicked
noescape400.jpgNo escape 1392 viewsThe teasing guards at Femrule Prison joke that no male ever escapes with their balls.tjryder
SMILE2C300.jpgballs in stocks1586 viewstjryder
5RINGS300~0.jpg5 rings1561 viewstjryder
CHAS8A350~1.jpgchastity honeymoon1836 viewstjryder
BATHCHAS350~0.jpgSissymaid bath attendant with blue balls!1830 viewsCheating wife loves to have her chastity belted husband help prepare her for dates with big black men!tjryder
French_Maid_in_Chastity_01.jpgFrench Maid in Chastity1943 viewsPhoto of me in Chastity
Sissy Maid Teri
coco-and-her-nigger-dreams.jpgFake wit a Coco's pic1621 viewscocotheslut
SHOWER2A400.jpgTortured Towelboy! Coming Soon!2915 viewsClub Mandingo's towelboy caters to the beautiful bbc loving girls while encased in chastity rings and carrying blue balls.tjryder
roomserv350.jpgClub Mandingo room Service3249 viewssissymaid in chstity waits until the couple is ready for morning coffeetjryder
chastubes240.jpgChastity Tubes3244 viewspunishment for sissymaids at Club Mandingo is the 24 pin chastity tube injector.tjryder
bytheballs_large.jpg3362 viewspm cock
CUCKSISS240.jpgChastity Waiter at Club Mandingo3802 viewsWaiter patiently waits for the interracial couple to finish as he stands by the table with his small penis and blue balls projected out in a display casetjryder
Lovesbbc.jpg3987 viewsTgrl10
bestchasrage4p.pngChastity Rage5894 viewsThis might be a bit too vanilla for this site, but I thought it was funny. I edited some of the pet names and removed the real pics of the wife in panties; promised wife I wouldn't show those ;)
The chastity plaque is what we use to decide if I will be locked or not. It is an easy way for us to enjoy the lifestyle without it becoming a nuisance. After sexy time while the cage is off, it is placed in the "can stay off slot" of the chastity plaque that is in the bathroom between our sinks so we always see it. When the keyholder wants the device put back on, she simply puts the cage in the "put back on" slot. Works great for vanilla couple like ourselves :) so long as you both respect chastity plaque.
2 commentswasd8x
005.JPGIt is safe4829 views1 commentskamkam
BELTGR375.jpgCuckolds and Chastity Belts5317 viewsFrom vol 6 of NFL Nursemaids, the continuing adventures of Jess and Lois, white married servant couple to rich black superstars. Lois sees her sissymaid hubby in his new plastic lockup chastity belt.tjryder
rules240.jpgClub Rules3992 viewsSteel chastity belted cuckold on Mandingo beach witnessed by gorgeous babe in thong bikinitjryder
WBW-Forum-1156587.jpg2811 views1 commentscocotheslut
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Sissy Pimpin Video: Sissy maid and chastity content

Miss Dita turns James into Jade, her latest transformed tranny trollop she'll pimp out for her pleasure and profit! Dressed up as a slutty schoolgirl, Jade is trained for his, um... her new purpose in life - "she's a sissy slut, just a couple of holes to fuck and suck!" Later on, Miss Dita sends her little sissywhore, Jade, out to a seedy hotel to service some dude with a huge cock! This is forced-fem sissification and forced-bi at it's best!

Sissy Slut Sessions

Bambi is begging to become Mistress Kendra's latest little sissy bitch, but he'll, um... I mean she'll have to learn her new place in life first... on all fours taking it up her sissy "pussy" for Mistress' amusement... or profit! Mistress Kendra continues Jizzelle's total sissification by introducing "her" to the joys of giving oral pleasure to a real man. He's got plenty of splooge to splurt all over Jizzie's face... why do you think Mistress Kendra named her Jizzelle!?! Mistress Kendra decides she just can't have her sissy bitch, holly embarrassing her when Dakota comes over to use the little fuck hole (that's holly, by the way). She decides to open the bitch up a little bit more with the "fucksaw!" That way holly has no choice but to be most accommodating when she gets fucked like the sissy slut she is! As if that wasn't enough, Mistress Kendra makes sure that holly chugs all the cum from the dude's used condom too!

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