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Questions on Edging, Blue balls, and tease and denial (1 viewing) (1) Guest

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TOPIC: Questions on Edging, Blue balls, and tease and denial
Questions on Edging, Blue balls, and tease and denial 7 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 0  

I have been lurking around for a while and I am just not getting into some of this with my wife and I wanted to get some advice on the details.

What does it mean when you are being teased and it says to edge your self 3 times?

I ask because I just stop for a few seconds in between until it feels like I can stroke a few more times with out going to far. I noticed its the same thing I do when I am trying to hold an edge and ride it for a while. Whats the difference in edging and riding an edge?
Blue Balls I know what it feels like but I am having some strange things happen like I used to get off everyday and I started to tease the crap out of myself for 3 days and every day I edged myself for hours without cumming. I was really horny but my balls didn't hurt. Then on the 4th day I have sex with my wife and I can't even get it hard she gave me a BJ while I was eating her out but she stopped when I got to the edge and I went soft while she was cumming. When we started to try and have sex I was just as flacid as I could be. I almost came while I was soft but with a little work I got hard and had a very strong orgasm. It was so strong even that my balls hurt really badly after words. It was like the worst case of blueballs ever. It even hurt to walk.
Is it normal to get blue balls after you orgasm?

Just this past week I have been edging and teasing myself at least 20 times a day. I went 7 days without cumming at all. I have not had blueballs but my sex drive is through the roof. Well I decided that a week of being teased was enough when my wifes friend came over today. I could see her hard nipples through her shirt I guess it was cold but I could not stop looking at them I started leaking precum all over the insides of my pants and I got a really huge embarrassing hard on that was imposable to hide from her or my wife. Instead of trying to distract her friend from it my wife made a joke about it and told her friend that it looked like I was happy to see her and they both giggled at me. I turned bright red. Well anyways I went to my room and lubed up and started to stroke off and when I came it was the weakest orgasm I have had. I would have thought that after being teased for so long it would have been huge even when I was just about to cum I felt like it was going to be huge.

Do you guys have any idea why after being teased for a week that my orgasm was so weak?

One last question. I have a lot of pre cum it it best to stop before you tease yourself so bad that you start to leak or does that have any effect on the strength of your orgasm?

Thanks for all the advice sorry i am so long winded but I look froward to joining your great community.
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