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The wife bought a new toy

Posted by: bobt396 in Chastity on

Normally I  am locked in the smallest SS cage she could find. The cage part is only 1" long, the ring is solid and only 40MM. It's not even fun to bet the ring on. The total size of the cage and ring is 1  1/2"  which is so small I can't believe it.

I am locked in this almost 24/7. Now of course i'm not allowed to jerk off or anything else. I am only allowed to shoot in front of her and 90% of the time locked in the cage.

Now you can only get this thing on if your completely flaccid. Now you could pull out of this, as long as your as small as you can get. You can never get the complete cage off as the distance between the cage and the ring is about 1/2"

Just Between Us Toys

Posted by: 0 in Untagged  on

Just Between Us Toys - Adult Sex Toys

No erection in months

Posted by: bobt396 in Chastity on

She has gotten the smallest cages she can find. She thinks there wonderful.

She gets off on keeping me the smallest I can get. Both cages are made of SS. The rings are only 40MM in size. The "cage" parts are  both 1" or less. Just getting the rings on is painful. You have to squeeze one ball at a time thru the ring, then hopefully you can get your cock thru it. Then the 1" cage part gets locked on. Really just your head is in the cage part.. that's it. The rest of you is just squeezed down to nothing.

Normally I  would say you could get out of most ball trap devices. These 2 I don't see how you could. There is just no room to get out.

She got the smaller cages

Posted by: bobt396 in Chastity on

These are all made in China stuff so they were cheap. The metal does seem to be SS, the machine work on some is not so great, But what do you want for 20 bucks. The cage sizes range from 25 MM to 43MM.

The one that works the best is of course the smallest one. The cage  is just 25MM. Pretty much that's less then 1 inch. The cage itself is just a round bulb, it has a few small vent holes and one in the middle so you can pee. You had better line up your pee hole to the one that's in the cage when you put it on. Once your locked into this your head is locked into that position.

The ring is round and solid, so not all that easy to get on. So far this is not as painful to sleep in as the CB6000s. It pulls on you for night wood, but not as bad as you would think.

I started out with a CB6000s which by what i'm locked in now is large at 2 1/2". She also found out she could make me shot for her in that.. so any real sex got less and less. The CB stuff kept breaking, so she moved onto metal.

I am now locked in a metal cage that is about 1.9 Inches. She found she could make me shoot for her in that. But not all the time, That she figures she can take care of with a magic wand vibrator, so she never has to let me out to shoot.

I only get to eat her pussy, and when she uses her vib I get to suck on her tits.. that's it.

Since i got the small cage

Posted by: bobt396 in Chastity on

She has not allowed me to "shoot" in anything but the cage.  This super small cage is about 2 and maybe 1/4"  total. From ring to end of cage. What ever relief I get is once every 2 weeks, but can be mostly painfull... It's not a ruined hand job.. it's worse. That's all I've been getting.

She now found out the people in China make an even smaller cage. The new cage is now only 1 1/2" complete. The head part is only 1" deep and that's were your head gets stuck... it's not open only some holes for you to pee threw. I now have to order that, but should not be here for months thank god.

This i'm not sure I can wear for very long, if at all. If nothing else I will have to service her with that on, if she can't milk me in it.. too bad. Then maybe I get to go back to the other small cage. Nothing great to look forward too... 

This depends on her mood of course..LOL   But since she found out she can make me cum some what with the super small cage on, she see's no reason to take it off. So far i'm not let out to get an erection, for any type of normal relief.

I have tried to sleep in the cage but it becomes too painful and I end up brused, so she allows it off to sleep. That's it as soon as I get up, it has to go back on. 

Along with a new crop and an inflatable butt pug with vibe. Now this hood is tight, and I will have to wear it any time i'm dressed or any cleaning day. The crop she can use anytime of course. The butt plug I hope will be for bondage only. don't see that I can clean with that in and turned on.


Intercourse may now be in another 6 months. She allowed it, but has no interest in it anymore, so maybe 6 months. Maybe since she got the new stuff, she will do bondage more, as she lets me out of the cage. Since the cage is so small she has nothing to abuse..LOL   It is pretty much an hour or more of abuse, and pain, but i'm out of the cage, and I get to cum with an erection. So better bondage then being jerked off in the cage, as it's not that much relief and also painful. 

She did allow intercourse...

Posted by: bobt396 in Chastity on

I don't remember the last time she allowed it. It's been many months.

After the usual hour of rubbing sucking her. Her having 3 or so Orgasms, with her vibe. She unlocked me.  It did take me a few seconds to get a real erection after being locked and dripping in that small cage.  I did manage to get it all the way into her and I think I may have managed 2-3 full strokes in her before I lost it and exploded. After I had cleaned up and was back in the cage again. She sad, don't expect that very often.

Since I was allowed to get a normal erection, Plus I was allowed to cum inside her, that should be good enough for many months. Any "milking" she will do will be with the cage on, as before. If I don't shoot for her, too bad. That will only extend the time between "milking's"   

well for fathers day.....

Posted by: bobt396 in Chastity on

She will be naked while I rub her. She will let me lick her pussy. I may have to be gaged while I rub her, and that may be an hour, at some point she will let the gag off and I can eat her. She says I MAY be allowed to Fuck her.

That on the other hand, may be crap. She may not let me out of the cage at all.

That may only  be to keep me dripping the whole time... not like that does not happen anyway. The chance to fuck her has been 6 months. Could be nothing then a big tease. She probably will not let it happen. But we will see....  

Plus she found out she could make me shoot in it, I have had no normal ejaculation. No more aloud out to get an erection, and a 30 second handjob.

 I now have to cum for her with the cage locked on.. that's it. She did not even bother to get half undressed the last time. I have not even seen her pussy in weeks. In fact she told me to put in a gag This time, and I had to rub her feet, legs and back. So I get no were near her pussy, and not allowed to rub her tits. The gag of course does not allow any sucking of any part of her body. 

When she was completely done with all the rubbing, and decided I should shoot for her, she just grabs the cage and starts pulling on it. She then lifted up her shirt so I could see her tits and aloud me to fondle her for 30 seconds or so. Once I start to shoot, she starts laughing.  She is just amazed that I can now shoot, with no real erection at all. She says i'm so useless now I should probably never be let out. certainly not to fuck her as she does not see how I could even get it in without shooting the second my head got any place close to her pussy.

She has not allowed any relief, outside the cage. This turns her on to no end, so she now has forced me to cum for her at least once a week. Which right now I guess is a good thing. This is far worse then a ruined handjob.  You do get some relief, but it is short lived.

She has been letting me out of the cage for a min to clean up after she's done with me. Pretty much because she likes to see all the marks the metal cage has left on the head. But that will probably go away, and I just have to clean the best I can.

She has been letting me out to sleep at night, but she's getting tired of that. 

John Luuu, Teen Femulator

Posted by: ANETPatr in Untagged  on

I have been locked in the super small 1 1/2 long cage now for a while. The wife loves it. It allows no erection at all, and of course keeps me incredibly small. There is no way to get out of it with out the key. She keeps me locked about 16 hours a day. I have tried to sleep in it, but not a lot of sleep going on, so for now she lets me out to sleep. She has not allowed any relief for 2 weeks, before with this cage she would unlock it and give me a 30 second handjob. She did not think it was possible for me to shoot in this cage. Yester day I was allowed to eat her. I was kneeling by her side, so she could abuse me while I licked her.  When she was done. The she asked me if  I wanted to cum on her tits, more of a joke on her part as she didn't think I could cum at all in the cage. She reached behind the whole cage and started pulling on it, not that it moves very much. She had already abused me for 1/2 hour, and I wanted to cum so bad. She would not stop pulling on it, and at some point I started to shoot. This is not like any normal orgasm at all. This is very small restricted squirts. I got no ware near her tits. It's like I could not get the cum out fast enough. I don't know how to describe it.

She got incredibly turned on. She said it was the hottest thing she has ever seen.

Now that she has seen this, there is no reason to take the cage off. A cage free handjob will now be a treat. She said I now have to cum while locked most of the time, if I don't cum for her, then I don't want it bad enough and I can wait till she feels in the mood again. 

4 Tips To Make Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

Posted by: ANETPatr in Untagged  on

Crossdressing Makeup Tips How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup 

If you go natural, go with a lengthening formula mascara, and curl your lashes, Mascara is key. Really Really want them to pop and make your eyes look bigger ? Go for some falsies. For more information on how to apply false eyelashes  CLICK HERE:  Crossdressing
 For More On How TO Curl Your Lashes CLICK HERE: Transgender
Darken The Outer Corners Of Your Eyes Add some darker eyeliner to the outer corner of your eyes. This will help elongate them. For more info on eyeliner and a simple tutorial CLICK HERE: Crossdress
Apply A Light Concealer Under Your Eyes Adding a concealer that is slightly lighter than your skin tone will help your eyes pop and look bigger transgender.
Lighten the Water Line Color the inside water line with a white eyeliner pencil to instantly make your eyes appear wider
For more ALL the eye makeup tips & tricks on the blog CLICK HERE :crossdresser

Crossdressing Basics Tips

Posted by: ANETPatr in Untagged  on

F-0E When we were too youngster to get wigs, we used mop heads or scarves. We didn't require any makeup because we were twelve or sedated and looked more female than male anyway. Mother's or sister's shoes may have fit because our feet weren't abundantly mount going on. Also we were smaller in stature and girth, for that excuse dresses we sneaked out of the auspices of someone's closet would either fit or be large--much improved than mammal two or three sizes too little. Those were the days. Most of us have had profusion of experience at dressing. We all have our special tiny behavior, and during conversations then than tallying transgendered, all together in addition to in a even though I hear of something I marina't considered. So, I thought it might be tempting to go through the steps from the start for those who are having some difficulties. And for those of you who have some supplement or rotate ideas: write me, and I will share following others. I will profit to the neck and slope well along, but will concentrate something by now the portion asleep the slope first. Before the clothing, in the back the underwear, and by now the padding: just skin and hair. Legs 1_o The Legs Have It If you are showing your legs and not covering occurring as soon as complex stockings or tights, the hair should be removed either by shaving, chemicals, electrolysis, or laser. If the skin is not truly nice looking, attempt using initiation in gloss to the legs after lotion. This can be some of your older opening that has passed its safe shelf cartoon of 3 to 6 months. Also, don't forget the toes and toenails. Cover nails subsequent to immediate-teetotal sure polish, subsequently a precise jacket of color. The unlimited undercoat will help prevent the colored polish leaving at the to the fore a stain roughly the nail. Hair should be removed from any portion of the body that is exposed, including toes. Being competent to wear admittance toed shoes opens a collective late accretion world of shoe choices for the crossdresser. If you attempt this profit Light Glow, their added colors are too yellowish-brown. Overspray is hard to tidy taking place as a result follow directions and unaccompanied vaporizer in your hand. It will come off the leg after two or three scrubbings bearing in mind a wash cloth. I think it looks pleasant on the subject of the legs. Don't forget the feet. Legs and legwork - for those who don't shave or have banged happening legs, attempt brown or white tights. Wear one or two pairs depending nearly the denier. Then one or two pairs of pantyhose should be worn well ahead than the tights for proper coloring. But ButtHips, buttock and privates 9-t Pads  can be purchased or made. They are usually indispensable to make an hourglass figure, or at least ensue a bit to the hips to get in the middle of the chest/breast. The latest shape I have seen in hip pads is silicone. I have heard they reach not bond occurring dexterously. Foam pads can be made easily from a 1-inch-thick fragment of foam, obtainable at fabric stores. Just clip an oval 8 inches broad and 12 inches long. Taper one side of the pad out 1 1/2"all on to a altogether skinny edge approx. 1/8-inch thick. Dimensions will every different depending re your body size and how much supplement hip you are maddening to make. Similar smaller pads can be made for the derrion. I sit in judgment placing them at a offend angle, from the hipbone angling down and promote, creates a natural see. Tuck - some degree of tucking for private parts is usually essential for the transgendered male, unless the dress has a full skirt. A special piece of clothing called a gaff is made for this. Girdles in addition to can suit capably and furthermore helps to serene any imperfections that the hip pads may cause. An new triangular shaped pad can be used in the crotch place. This pad will come taking place again the belittle part of the abdomen for a serene see. This pad should along with be tapered on the subject of the edges therefore lines realize not take doings bank account to the abdomen. Pantyhose and tights moreover appendage serene out the hip area. Breast crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti   Cleavage for crossdressers Breast - a bra can be stuffed behind anything. Foam, stockings, Kleenex, etc. Balloons filled taking into account water lend a natural pay for, proclamation, and charity. A twelve-inch party balloon behind 4 to 6 oz of water works ably, and the likelihood of it breaking is minimal. Silicone breast forms are by in the set against afield the nicest. The fit, feel and organization are as stuffy to the precise matter as you can acquire without implants. Silicone forms can be purchased for $300 and in the works per pair. They arrive in several alternating sizes, usually 1 to 10 or 14. but be sit in judgment not guilty to check the manufacturer's chart hence you know what you are getting. Bra size is important for comfort and air. Measure on the chest, just deadened the arms, above the bust. This is your BAND OR BODY SIZE. If your measurement ends in a fraction or is an weird number, round happening to the subsequent to-door-door-relationships even size. However, if you are aggravating to create cleavage , stay at the closest even size. Example:38-3/4", go taking into account a 38. A slightly tighter bra will assist in creating cleavage. Stay away from low-scrape, shove-going on, and demi-bras; they will not lid breast forms. I will omit the rules for determining cup size, because the rules apply to natural breast. If using silicone forms, go in the middle of the manufacturer's confirmed cup size. Go considering personal preference taking into consideration using combined methods of bra stuffing. B is always newscaster, as it is the average size. Most clothing is expected to fit B or C sizes. The band of the bra should be horizontal all when suggestion to the body. If it goes going regarding in the recommendation or sags in the front, the bra is maybe too large. If the bra cuts into your sides and leaves lasting marks, it is maybe too tiny. With ample tries, your ample size will be found. Layer it bearing in mind corsets, bras, garter belts, slips and panties M-H Corsets - although they can become uncomfortable when than worn for several hours, corsets do announcement to tuck away the stomach and attraction in the degrade ribs a bit. Of course, the best bet is diet and exercise. B-s Longline, backless bras - a must for low-scrape pro or strapless dresses. sells these at totally reasonably priced prices. Buy one without lace so it won't perform through the dress. Unfortunately they don't sell a brown one, for that excuse you have to choose black or white, or make a get of both. Slips - with in a even though they are useful in helping to lid going on panty lines showing through skinny dresses. Q-LL Garter scarf - very sexy but unquestionably old. If you tend to run your pantyhose, wearing stockings can save the day by having a spare in your purse in a Ziploc. Depending regarding the skirt, they can take effect through. Panties - encourage to have enough maintenance a finished underneath freshen, but can create panty-lines upon some dresses. Thong panties can incite to have an effect on the derriere gone some outfits. Slits and Gaffs T1B_03 The Slit - With all the layers and pads, using the restroom can be quite a challenge. To simplify energy, sit in judgment slitting the undergarments for easy entry. A slit toward the backing will money the tuck and come clean use of the restroom if sitting. Sharon DeWittExclude slitting the panties, habit something to retain it in area. Let's put it all together. First a gaff if desired, along with panties, plus put in pads in the panties, peak off together together in the midst of a girdle. If you are not going once than natural legs, put upon the tights and pantyhose. Corset is with if needed, if not, put upon a bra or long lineage bra. Insert breast forms furthermore a cleavage wedge. Pull the chest to discharge loyalty a part the desired cleavage. Top off behind any accessory desired undergarments (garter add-on, slip panties). Final step, the dress or skirt and blouse. A few words roughly outer garments 2-11   Darker colors allocate the magic of creature smaller. For those not removing hair from underarms, wear sleeves. Heavy hair upon the forearms can be covered subsequent to long sleeves, or bleached and trimmed. Dress length should be age invade (Obviously I don't follow this one). Tops of nylons should not produce a upshot; despite what one might environment, this is a precise slant-off taking into consideration seen out of the bedroom. High heels (3-5") sky massive if one's wander remains feminine. Check out my article upon the Feminime wander.

Crossdressing vs Transitioning Full time

Posted by: ANETPatr in Untagged  on

S-1 Crossdressers are people who typically are not publicly visible, choosing to stay in the comfort of their home, and occasionally venturing out to a conference, meetup or even a gay bar where they feel safe. Transgender people who are transitioning want to change their gender from male to female, or female to male. A few transgender people choose to live somewhere in the middle of the gender spectrum while, in some rare cases children have both male and female anatomy at birth identified as intersexed. Most transgender people who are transitioning will go through a complete change while some will partially change their body to live as the opposite sex. Occasionally a crossdresser will go through some parts of transition even though they have no intention of transitioning full time. This person will have laser or electrolysis hair removal to improve their appearance when dressed. Other crossdressers will have their nails done, even lengthened, maintaining the long nails while presenting in their male gender. S-2 In rare cases, a few crossdressers opt to have breast augmentation to look more realistic when they dress as women. They typically will have a smaller implant making it easier to conceal while presenting as men. Even rarer, are men who have facial feminization surgery for crossdressing purposes. They don’t have breast augmentation or bottom surgery. Men who choose this option typically have mild facial changes allowing them to pass in either gender. The hormones help to reduce the hair on the body, but not facial hair. Stop male pattern baldness from getting worse, soften skin and even reduce muscle mass, while shifting body fat to more feminine places with limited results. Breast growth will happen, but is reported to result in an A Cup or B Cup. Some transgender have reported as much as a C cup. x-4

Transitioning is influenced by age.

The medical community now practices introducing testosterone blockers at around age 12 for transgender children, with estrogen introduced around 16 years of age. The transgender child will develop accordingly to average height and body structures of the desired gender for their age. The Addams Apple does not develop, and the voice does not break in male to female patients. The body of female to male transgender youth results in a deeper voice, Addams Apple and body structure and height similar to a male of the same age. Lower body organs will still require surgery to transition completely. S-3 Males who transition to female after puberty will have to use voice lessons or opt for a voice box surgery that tightens vocal chords with limited success. The voice box surgery is somewhat controversial as it is risky, and may lower the voice. Older male to female transgender tends to have less breast development while receiving HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). The development varies due to several factors. In most cases, male to female transgenders opt for breast augmentation to enhance the breast tissue created through hormone therapy. crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

Crossdresser and transgender New World

Posted by: ANETPatr in Untagged  on

What advice would you give a YOUNGER crossdresser

Posted by: ANETPatr in Untagged  on

m-2 Here is the story of a Crossdresser I'm accostumed to hearing: - A young boy starts experimenting wearing women's clothing at a young age - Shame starts to creep in shortly after - The boy suppresses the desire to dress for years. - Boy, now a man, gets married and has kids - After many years of suppressing the desire to dress the man dresses again in secret. - Shame creeps in again - Man purges all crossdressing items in the hopes the feeling to dress will go away - Feelings to dress in women's clothing still persists even after many years. - Finally man decides to dress again, maybe even go out in femme, maybe even kiss and/or have sexual encounters with another crossdresser or man without the wife and kids having a clue of this "secret life" - Wife finds out about husband's crossdressing and the fact that he has lied to her in the past in order to cover up his "secret life." - Wife feels betrayed demands a divorce and threatens to take the kids with her It's true we can't change the past but if you're an OLDER crossdresser, what advice would you give a YOUNGER crossdresser so they don't go through the struggles you went through?  

Since she has locked me up in this really small cage, she has got really good at humiliation. She now has me rubbing and sucking her toes.  She now tells me she had  much bigger dicks when she was younger. She did not tell me really how big, but said they was at least 3"  longer, thicker and had a very big head.

So just going by that he or they had to be 9"+.  She said it hurt back then, but once she got used to it, she came like a banshee. Now she wants no dick. It hurts her.

She has trained me to shoot in her hand within 30 seconds, if and when she lets me put it into her... I can just about get all the way in before I loose it. 

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