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Dressing to be cute in public

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

Spent the last few days wearing my dresses out in public and i do believe that my training has worked. Yes i was nervous and my mouth was dry but all my fears are behind me now. For the past few years, my training and change was slow and steady. The tomboy look working well to build up my confidence to bring me to this moment.

    Nothing special about my dress and blouse but no makeup. Meeting people and doing business was all positive. Some how i did relax , while my personality sincerely came out. One gentleman noticing my firefighter license plate on our van walked up and introducing himself as another firefighter. We talked about the changes in the fire department till My Lady reminds me to get going.

  There is now a sense of accomplishment and freedom that has been denied to me by me, after all these years. No , i don't have any regrets , just realizing that my opinions are not always fair to me.

I have been kept in a CB6000s or the Bon-4 M small which is about the same size for years now. In fact the only "orgasm" I've had in the last 4 months has been with the cages locked on. She found out that if she pulls on it enough, she can make me shoot. It is some type of relief, not pleasant, but at least something.

The new cage is so small as to be stupid. The wife loves it. Now in the other cages, there is some room to grow. You do get something, your head gets bigger, you get alittle wider, granted you are jammed into the cage at that point, but it is some type of erection.

With the new cage, there is just nothing. I measured this, it is only 1 1/2 " long.

Trapped and trained

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

   Sometime ago after an accident while wearing my chastity during my work. My Lady decided that wearing a diaper would be more practical to prevent injury. Slowly and i didn't even give it a second thought because i love being controlled. Just felt like i was being dominated and with Momma, monitoring my wear a thin adult nappy would come up in the conversation. That was just for my daytime outings and because, i sure didn't want anyone else to know. So this diaper wearing worked out just like a form of chastity for me.

   Then a few years ago My Lady was really upset with me because She found a little stain on my side of the bed. She was not too shy of telling me of my faults and She won't have this ever happen again! Since then to please My Lady, i have worn my nappies to bed ever since.

  This is where i get a little confused because i don't ever want to leave a stain annd to be berated like before. Ever with the nappies from Costco some nights i would stain the sheets on my side. Then hurry to change the bedding before My Lady noticed. On line i found rubber pants to help and that worked for a while annd My Lady thought that was a good idea. As She figured i would become dependent as i was changing. Didn't really understand that remark but i just kept on trying because it was once in awhile.  

2016 Update

Posted by: Herboy77 in Chastity on


Hello readers. It's been a while since I blogged. Mistress and I celebrated 10 months of Her ownership on 26th January and we went on a kinky retreat so I could focus on serving Her and Her needs.

In the run-up to Christmas She invented a very clever variation on the 12 Days of Christmas. The 12 Kinks of Christmas involved me having a daily task to accomplish and kept me firmly focused on Her and how much I adore Her. It culminated in an allowed orgasm on Boxing Day. Until Jan 26th, that was the last orgasm I had. Mistress kept me chaste and horny as hell for a whole month! (With the exception of one night-time leakage in my sleep)

being trained for life

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

Still remember the morning My Lady confronted me about a small stain on my side of the bed. That's when She told me that i would have to start wearing some protection to bed, almost three years ago. Somehow and i cannot explain why but my bladder has become weaker. After some accidents and i thought they were minor, My Lady comes home with some adult diapers for me to start wearing 24/7. They were from costco and  hide under my clothing rather well and i didn’t have to worry about a little dribble.

   Over a course of a year, the urgency and flow became more than the the nappie could hold. Now i was really concerned and afraid of another public incident or My Lady finding out about my crisis. There is no hiding anything from My Lady as She works in the medical field as a professional. Thicker all night diapers was the start, than two dozen plastic pants showed up in the mail. For one year, i became very comfortable wearing diapers and rubber pants to bed and my sleep improved greatly as i was worried about staining My Ladies sheets.

    For the last six months, i have to wear overnight diapers with a booster pad, which i never even heard of till My Lady put one on me and the whole thing is held together with a pair of rubber pants. Once there is a urge , then a trickle but holding back is useless because i can’t any more. 

Trusting My Lady

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

My Lady really has put me in a position that i have to trust Her for all things. Only realizing this now because of my lack of insight to what i really need. My Lady has told me to consider the benefits of being castrated like Her puppies. She pointed out that for three years , i have managed to be happy and grown into this relationship with out orgasm's. She said do worry, just think about being smooth and a little less male. Sorry to say that is all i have been thinking about but feeling less worried and more trust.

   My Lady makes too much sense when She is speaking to me. She would like me to be more dependant on Her and that is one of the reasons for the nappies and plastic pants. So when i am not near She know, Her sissy is well cared for and vulnerable. This life that i am learning to  let go and have faith that i will become very  happy because i am being help to my new limits.

      Love you so much My Lady oxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxox      

Smaller world for mypet

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

  Sorry i haven't been able to post my new life but i have been really busy and enjoying everything. My Ladies career is moving forward and i have to be so much more attentive to Her needs. Still working full time at my business and giving all my earning's to My Lady to control Her funds. So now i don't need to carry any money and have to ask My Lady want i may need.

    Yes i have given up trying to look like a male and it is easy now with out a stitch of icky male clothing left in my dresser or closet. Been carrying a purse for three years now and now i don't even think about as my mind is adjusting to new ways of my reality. Just remembering how sensitive i was to wearing anything that even looked close to being Female. Now i don't have a choice and that just fine for me.

   My Lady has been talking about having me wear some makeup too help my transition but that will come soon enough. Now i will just wait tile My Lady thinks it is time for me to grow. Always making work for another level of sissyhood.

I'm a Lockedpussyboy 100% conscious of having to stay forever deprived of my genitals.
For this reason, currently, I'm permanently selflocked in a CB6000S without cum out since 26.08.2015.

BUT If there is a Keyholder convinced that this is not enough, and that a Lockedpussyboy like me is forced to perform additional orders, he is invited to write and enforce its requirements. I will obey, I will satisfy its demands and will send to the Keyholder some verification's pics.


Mistress' new game...

Posted by: Herboy77 in Chastity on

I haven't seen much of Mistress lately. We've both had other commitments, yet it hasn't stopped Her tormenting me...

Her new game is to get me to self-service, up to the point of cumming, and to time how long that takes. I screensnap the stopwatch and send it to Her.

Then at random points in the day, She will order me to beat the time, WITHOUT cumming. This gets harder every time, as you might imagine!

So Far... So Good...

Posted by: Herboy77 in Chastity on

I want to thank the people that have been reading my blog thus far. I would welcome more comments and feedback, so don't be shy. Living a lifestyle in chastity is not easy for any of us. I hope my blog helps Dom/mes understand what suffering a sub goes through for Them too. I know Mistress S certainly does, and She tells me how my suffering pleases Her. I feel treasured by Her, it's a lovely feeling.

This week I have continued to learn about the world of TG/TS and discovered how much I admire a convincing person of this persuasion. I guess it's a new area for me, so being on the dedicated website to chat to such people is akin to the proverbial "kid in a sweet shop" ... Again I would love to hear the experiences of any TV/TG/TS people who have also experienced chastity. I suspect it is commonplace, and I have a very open mind.

Elsewhere, it is going to be nearly 3 weeks until I see Mistress S again... this will be hard... 

So Far... So Good...

Posted by: Herboy77 in Chastity on

I want to thank the people that have been reading my blog thus far. I would welcome more comments and feedback, so don't be shy. Living a lifestyle in chastity is not easy for any of us. I hope my blog helps Dom/mes understand what suffering a sub goes through for Them too. I know Mistress S certainly does, and She tells me how my suffering pleases Her. I feel treasured by Her, it's a lovely feeling.

This week I have continued to learn about the world of TG/TS and discovered how much I admire a convincing person of this persuasion. I guess it's a new area for me, so being on the dedicated website to chat to such people is akin to the proverbial "kid in a sweet shop" ... Again I would love to hear the experiences of any TV/TG/TS people who have also experienced chastity. I suspect it is commonplace, and I have a very open mind.

Elsewhere, it is going to be nearly 3 weeks until I see Mistress S again... this will be hard... 

Expanding horizons

Posted by: Herboy77 in Chastity on

After the 22 day lock-in, I felt my endurance was really pushed, and I feel better for it. Mistress was delighted with my efforts. It's so rewarding when She tells me how pleased She is.

 Readers may have noticed in my picture that I do cross-dress, however I do not consider myself a TV/TS. There are people far more devoted to that particular lifestyle and I wish not to offend! That said, I have been chatting to TV/TS people on a dedicated site in order to garner experiences, tips and generally educate myself more on the TG/TS world.

 One particular conversation I had with a post-op TS really opened my eyes to the struggles people go through to be how they believe they ought to be. Really brave young woman.

19 Days and counting...

Posted by: Herboy77 in Chastity on



After acknowledging and apologising to Mistress S for begging my way out of the previous period of chastity, I have promised to try harder. This time I am determined to fulfil HER fantasy of me under 24/7 lock & key as long as She desires. Today is day number 19 and I am raging with testosterone and as horny as I can ever remember being, but I shall not beg for release. I am prepared to satisfy Her desire to have me in chastity for as long as She deems necessary. I am learning all the time, and Mistress has told me She is proud of my efforts this time round. This makes me so happy. Nothing beats making Mistress happy, and as I discussed in my previous entry, is one of the things that make me love Her more and more. 

I'm sure some of you will agree and be aware, that the reality of being owned and in chastity to a Mistress (or Master) is quite different to the fantasy.

A real Mistress cares for and needs Her sub, as much as a sub needs his Mistress. She of course doesn't need to express this, but you know it's there. You know your devotion is paying off, your Mistress is pleased and rewards you with a warm smile, or looks in to your eyes in a way that reminds you that you are Hers, yet She wants no one else.

 The intensity that chastity brings amplifies a good Mistress' benevolence and kindness. Her warming presence soothes and guides you through the experience. She understands your emotions and encourages you to express them. Being truly submissive is liberating, and a good Mistress brings that out in you and makes you feel safe and secure in Her ownership. The knock-on effect is that you want to please Her even more, surprise Her with small gestures, romantic or otherwise, and remind Her that She is your world.

15 days...

Posted by: Herboy77 in Chastity on

I recently did a 15 day stint of denial. Some of you will scoff at such a low number, but for me it was hard work. I know my training will eventually extend my endurance, but this period in particular was especially difficult as I was not due to see Mistress for another week.

The 15th day was agony! I missed Her so much, and I knew if I was seeing Her that day, She could not release me but being in Her presence would be enough to sooth my raging loins for another week.

Now of course, the dominants among you would be quick to point out that my suffering is for Her pleasure, and Hers alone, so if She decrees a further week of denial, I have to accept that. I agree, dear reader (in principle), but I genuinely could not bare this anymore. One of the many reasons I love my Mistress is Her understanding and benevolence. She allowed relief, and I was truly grateful.

Dear readers, you probably all instantly agree with the title of this chapter I'm sure! Here is why I think so:

 FOCUS : Being in a constant state of arousal keeps me focused on Her needs. It intensifies my desires for Her. I know this is an obvious thing to state, but it probably isn't considered "edge play" in the same vein as say knives or nooses. 

My argument here is that it releases those same rushes as the aforementioned perceptions of edge play. I've not experienced much of it, but I know that ultimate rush of adrenaline that appears just before something you fear. For us chaste men, it's the moment that padlock closes. Knowing You are helpless, completely under Her control, and basically a total slave to Her whims, desires and requirements. Where chastity continues to pay off as edge play, is that very moment before She knocks on your door, Your mind is excited to see Her, your loins are on fire at the prospect of serving Her in the flesh, and the outside chance You may earn release. You feel simultaneously guilty for wanting release, but desperate for it as your throbbing groin will testify! You feel guilty because you know it is that desperation and constant arousal that drives you. You also know that She loves the fact you're in a state of "do anything to please". You, in turn, love the fact She's aroused by that very state.

Mean males

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

This was a little but humbling experience with how mean a group of males can be. Had to go down to a cottage for a service call and i wasn't in a dress but wearing shorts and a pink tank top with my hair in a ponytail, more like a tomboy as My Lady likes to say. Any way the customer was very polite but the drinking party had some mean mouthed males. Say how i look like a sissy and asking why i shave my legs. One said very loudly the my top look just like the one his Wife has. Then another said look at those sexy legs with a wild whistle.

   This happens sometimes but this time was a little more over the edge. All i wanted to do was to finish and leave that spot right away. The customer apologised for their company and gave me a nice tip.

   Even though i dress modestly, some males are over board with their comments and bullying of  people they feel are weaker. Then when i told My Lady about the incident, She just smiled then told me that the way it is for Ladies and sissies. Now that i have graduated to being a full time sissy there is nothing i can do about it as She put it to me. Some how i have to put this behind me and carry on with my new life style as a sissy homemaker.   

Episode IV

Posted by: Herboy77 in Chastity on

The theme of this week is "liberated". This is how Mistress makes me feel. We have such open channels of communication between us, about our feelings, our fetishes, my continuous desire for Her and what fantasies we might explore in the future.

 I wrote for Her, on this Worshiday, a poem entitled "Liberated" and She was pleased. I am a romantic at heart, and whilst a D/s arrangement is quite far removed from the conventions of vanilla relationships, there is still room for romance and making my Mistress feel like a special Lady. After all, She deserves to know how wonderful She is to me, as would any Woman.

 This Friday is the 24th of JUly... "24/7" ... and in celebration of this significant date to the chaste among us, I have spent this week in 24/7 chastity for Her. No release for anything. It excites me to do this for Her, but of course is a nervy step to take too. I am normally released for sporting activity, however a minor injury has prevented my participation this week, so a full week under 24/7 conditions has been made possible.

Still excited about being a sissy

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

  Though i wear cute earrings and my hair in a french roll and i have not a stitch of male clothing in the house for me to wear. Dresses are more fashionably plus more comfortable for me to wear now and i do not mind the odd look because i am so happy with my life as a full time sissy. The bulk of my diapers and rubber pants seem to be covered better with a dress. The fact that wearing rubber pants for extra protection, they are hot to wear. The secret to wearing the rubber pants is to have enough diaper to keep the rubber away from my skin. Now my bottom looks a lot more bulky but the dresses do hide my underneath shape. After three years in diapers full time and some accident that are not preventable anymore i would be fearful to go with out wearing my diapers. My Lady and Momma are very encouraging about my pendants about my journey into a sissy life.

  Now i have realized how much i look forward to getting instructions and directions from My Lady and Momma on what to do. As their combined tutoring has made me learn to change my way of thinking as i am more concerned about cleaning and cooking then my old job. Keeping the house tidy and dust free is a deep down sense of pride for me, always on the go picking up after My Lady as She is too busy with Her career and i have to have Her need me as Her personal maid.

            Love you so     much My Lady Oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo   

Episode III

Posted by: Herboy77 in Chastity on

Hello readers,

 I have created a new profile on the new version of this site (same username) however there seems not to be an easy way to upload blogs on there, so I shall continue to blog here for the time being.

 This week has seen a small step up in the intensity and intimacy with Mistress S. We went toy shopping together in Soho, and Mistress found a collar for me to adorn. I am to wear Her collar at all times I am at home (alone and with Her) This serves as en extra token of ownership and my devotion to Her.

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