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This morning was the closest my wife has allowed me to be with her in seven months. She has gotten tired of my neediness and has cut me off from touching her almost entirely.  She took away my cb3000 and i have been free to my own devices for the last seven months because she doesn't want to hear from me anymore.  She still sees Jason about once a week on average but i have been no part of it since july. She goes and i know when she is with him for the most part and comes back and showers.  She is gettig all she wants but i am only left with my hand. 


This morning she let me cuddle with her in a more suggestive fashion and i got to kiss along her panty line. I could smell her arousal and knew that my kisses had an impact but then i was sent away. She is warming back up to be but "if we get back into the whole cuckold chastity has to be less intense less whiny and less intrusive and dramatic."  Jason spankings with the paddle were less punishment then this ignoring for so long. It seems she is warming back up to me but i am to remain calm and relaxed.

Always trying to please

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

So many little changes and happiness fallows with my sissy emotions. Now that i have really worked hard at getting rid of my male ego and urges. A very pleasant calming has washed over me as my new over whelming situation takes control of my emotions. Dressing pretty so i show complete submission to my superior supervision by Momma and My Lady. They do have their own way of doing things and that's all that matters.

    My Lady bought me a new washer and dryer to keep me busy and my folding has really improved. Some hand washing is still needs to be done but a nurturing feeling comes from within me as a happy feeling. Still a little embarrassed about having to hang my rubber pants out on the clothes line for others to notice. My Lady prefers to explain me little secret and redirect the fact that the pink rubber pants on the line are for me. That sometimes it is better for me to except how deep seeded this sissification is going to be.

     Doing the homemaking and renovations will do me more good then trying to be who i am not. Never in my life did i believe that my happiness comes from being humbled and grateful.

Many changes for me

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

Now that the New Year has begun, I took a look back to see my past. How fearful i was to wear pink jumper and earnings out in public. To have my hair in a French roll with light pink nails and pretty flats, maybe i received some stares but always lived through them. Oh i wish that i could wear all the clothing My Lady can wear and look fabulous.

    Then being lead around by the by Momma or My Lady well shopping and being verbally reminded that wearing my nappies is good protection encase of accidents. These conversation are always two against one and i am learning very slowly that this is the best for me. Even when they find a blouse or shoes for me to try on while others notice. The shame i use to feel has lowered but still lingers.

   My Lady feels that i should show some more emotions and by crying when i am upset. This conversation keeps  arising  and i realize that one day the pressure put on me to fully except that i am a full time sissy homemaker. Who fully dependent on My Lady and Momma guidance and structure.

Hugs and kisses

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

     Always another bend to being a grateful homemaker sissy. Now that Momma and My Lady are so close, that it is two against one most of the time. All the hugs and kisses all the time as treats and feminization. This is all becoming more comfortable with me as my confidence improves being more of a sissy.

     Sometimes, i just sit and listen to these two Ladies discuss my life and usefulness of my being. There are cute little digs about my manners and behaviour while in my nappies. There are no male clothes for me to wear any where in the house or the future. Then Momma and My Lady bought me some full size body girdles to help shape my body and mind. Then pointed out the fact that the girly girdle will hide my nappies with a smoother look. The only concern i had was wearing the full body girdle and the removal for my piddling. Little damp accidents happen all the time, rubber pants will stop any leaking stains and if you  don't complain no one will know , the Ladies smiled.  

     These two Ladies are very insightful and intuitive as well show so much love and devotion to this family. Getting dish pan hands always will be a pleasure. There seems to be another adventure every day and i am so excited about the future.

holy trainer v2 first day

Posted by: krikke82 in Chastity on

Yesterday, I have received the Holy Trainer version 2 in my mail and have installed it directly on my willy.

The first impression was that it was invisible under normal clothing because it’s made backwards, other than the cb’s. There is also no lock visible so no clicking or pinching of the skin.

When I put it on me, I felt a little pain but I think that this was because it was new on my body. Now I feel that there is something but it feels as a normal garment.

gEight years! I've been on this site for eight years.  Wow.  My first experience with chastity play was not being able to masturbate while my frenum piercing healed.  I found this website after finding one based in England.  Since then it opened all kinds of fetishes for me.  My first chastity belt was an old style cb 3000.  Since then I've owned a 6000, 6000s, and 5000 and a birdlock neo.  I still have the 5000 and the neo somewhere.  The 6000 series ended up causing a sore to the shaft of my penis and the neo ended up pinching and damaging my scrotum.  The 5000 was to narrow.  So now I wear a new style 3000.  I've looked at metal cages on and off during this time, but never saw one I just had to have. 

This really does seem like a low time for the site.  Alexis has done some amazing things here, for very little reward, but somehow its still going.  Thank you.

So my fetish list has grown.  Thanks to this site I discovered cuckolding. Whew that has been the greatest discovery of my life.  I want I want I want.  That to me seems to be the greatest form of tease and denial ever.  I've discover pegging and now own a plug.  I've been pegged. 

Have learned to be grateful

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

     Now with all the little changes in my life of happiness and services to My Lady and Momma. Once i would pout when correction was pointed out in public. Now holding hands and being lead around the shop's looking for clothing and shoes that will help my style. Most of the time, i am treated like a child and this was embarrassing. Now i do have faith in My Lady and Momma on proper behaviour.

     People seem to be comfortable with this arrangement and are extremely helpful with opinions and suggestions. Like in the drug store as My Lady explains why i need to wear diapers and how much better i behave having to wear them. Also advices the staff about where rubber pants are needed. All of this is going on , Momma is holding my hand to reassure me this is necessary. Never really knew how many different products were out there. My Lady explained to me that She want's the staff to know who's wearing them and it not Herself or Momma.

      Just because i am becoming more sissified and more detailed in my appearance. People will have to get use to me .

Hello all,

 My name is Elivra, I'm single, 30 and for my entire life I've been desperately wishing and desiring to lock myself in a chastity tube and throw away the key.

But have never had the courage, or the will power to do it.

day 1 new kh

Posted by: lockedbyrachel in Chastity on

Journal of being locked

Night/day 1




This all started about March time frame. I was on my Tumbler account and came across several things on chastise, and key holders exc… So I Bought my first restraints witch was the gates of hell.  Wishing that I was able to afford the CB-6000 I waited. Got a small leather and steal cage that was a little to big (still effective) and just was not conferrable for long time wear at all. Mean while I will wanted to find me a key holder and play around with this idea. I was unable to find a holder let alone some to have sex with it seemed so I just played around with it myself.


Mean while a complete side note, I bought some prostate toys and a plug and played around with those witch I like… so far.


So finally I broke down and bought the CB_6000. It came in the mail on Tuesdays October 14th. When I got home that night I played around and had it on for a few hours and took it off   the next day I put it on before leaving for work. Went on a lunch break home and took it off and masturbated. Went back to work without it on just to give it a brake and time to get use to wearing it. Went home on my dinner break and put it back on. Having it back on it made me instantly horny again. I started texting Rachel and told her about me having bought the real thing and she started teasing me about it and making me even hornier. So she and I agreed that we were going to try this long distance chastity don/sub relationship.


We have started with the rules witch are:

·         Any time that I get out its on skype.

·         The first orgasm will be Tuesday Oct 21st  on skype

·         I will be required to talk mistress to a orgasm before I have my release.

·         I am at her graces, what ever she says I do.

As I was at Wal-Mart I seen a pair of Halloween panties and as a joke I sent them to mistress. She told I had two hours to send her a pic with me wearing them. At first I said that I would just put something that I had at home on and send it to her, seeing how we are both new in to this I felt weird buying them. So I went back in to the store and bought them. Did not even look at the size just hid them in the cart, got home and sent the pic to mistress and she loved them.  So we did a little roll play last night but not much. I think that she was going easy on me. I have had so mean boners that my cock is a little sore. Mistress was reading stories most of the night last night getting ideas she said. I asked her to share and she said no. L I can not wait to find out what mistress has in mind for me. We will be seeing one another for the first time sense being locked up on Nov 11th. I was able to get a free room at a B&B that is somewhat half way between the two of us. So needless to say I am sure that I will not be allowed out much until then seeing how its like four weeks away!!! THAT’S GOING TO SUCK!!!


So this morning was the first morning being locked up that I had to wake up to morning wood. It was not the most conferrable feeling at all. Took me a little while to get use to it. I think that one of the hardest things is not being able to touch my cock. I can touch the cage but that’s it. Its frustrating!!! So being the good little boy that I am, knowing that mistress likes those panties that I bought last night I wore them today for her. Sent her the pic this morning and she liked it. So I think that I am on a good start to this whole thing. We are both new to this all so we will see J I think that Is all for now


I have to keep reminding my self everytime that I get a hard on, and feel frustrated that this is all for my mistress and if she is happy then I am!


Work and being a sissy

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

The gradual sissified changes in my life have come into my work place. Yes i wear earrings and pink clothing with my hair styles in a French roll. This has not effected my business at all, on the other hand now we are so busy had to hire on two more employees. Seems people are a lot more accepting and not as fearful as i thought. My Lady was correct all along.

     This is a big load off my mind as living in a small town in the country may have ended my business. Now i am so grateful and excited that being a sissy homemaker is my future and happiness.

    Momma treats me like a small child the way She talks and corrections She points out for me. Having all these rules and manners are very strict but i do feel the deep love of control from these lovely Ladies. So if i act up there is always two against one and i have no problem with this.

Status Posts

Posted by: shieldingmatrix in Chastity on

Sept. 22, 2014 --- I just spent the past 5 days trying to tease myself into a fevered state while wearing my CB-5000. It worked! No relief possible till KH returns next week! Argh! What was I thinking?

Sept. 17, 2014 --- ShieldingMatrix Just locked up while his partner is 12 days from coming home. The keys are lockboxed, so he'll just have to wait in horny anticipation for her return.

  July 2, 2014 --- ShieldingMatrix in lockup for past week. Just left the house in lockup with KH for a 5 day business trip. Great chance for some away-from-home sex. "Oh, Shielding, darn it! I left your keys home..."   Sigh.... 

I've been wearing this CB-5000 now for about 2 months on and off. I can wear it with the largest PA pin, which I'm guessing is at least a 4ga.

 My experience so far in comparison to a ball trap device is that it's much easier to wear, more comfortable to do things in, such as driving, biking and sleeping through mighty morning erections. I took some web advice and ordered it at a 1/4 inch smaller size than recommended by the CB-5000 webpage suggested. This is tight but quite comfortable when I'm not aroused and tight without being oppressive when I'm at full size.

It's realitively easy to clean, except that the slot where the pin sits in the device and locks is hard to clean. I can sometimes get a finger in there to swab it if I'm really soft at washup time. It doesn't seem to produce any substantial smell or other unmanageable issues thus far.

22 long, hard, full days since I last got to not just edge but actually cum (and counting). At that time I hadn't cum for WEEKS, and only got to cum ONCE--not nearly enough. Plus, that one cum was not the explosive ejaculation I so desperately needed. Rather, it was mediocre--almost like a ruined orgasm. Now, I've been consumed with the overwhelming urge to ejaculate since day #19. I want to CUM soooooo badly!!! At this point I'm even willing to edge shy of ejaculation, just for some stimulation.

 27+ Long Hard Edging Days Without Cumming

 Now over 27 days since I last got to cum. STILL edging every day just shy of ejaculation--up to 97% of the way to orgasm, then STOP. Precum flows, but no cum escapes. Then repeat. I have to admit it is getting harder and harder to avoid cumming, and now actually painful blue balls are a factor the past two days. I desperately wish I'd been bold enough to cum on cam as offered a a couple days ago... I don't think I've ever needed to cum so desperately. Horny as hell...  How much longer until I  get to cum? I keep dreaming about glorious, intense cum explosions of ejaculatory bliss...
Over 4 long, hard weeks now. Periodic joyful stroking to the edge feels fantastic, but always stops without triggering any ejaculation. "MIGHT" get to cum at Thanksgiving, I was told. Can hardly wait even if cumming is not guaranteed!!!! Locked in belt on Oct. 16. Need to ejaculate BADLY. 
Over 50 days now without any orgasm! I was already extremely horny on Oct. 16, after weeks already without ejaculating, and even at that only got to cum once. That was Oct. 16. Had I known I wouldn't get to cum for over 50 more days, I certainly would have jerked off 5 or 6 times before being locked on Oct. 16. I just had no idea it would this long. She said I MIGHT get to cum Thanksgiving, but all I got was being edged to blue balls and denied orgasm! Since then she hadn't even given me a hint on when I might actually get to cum again!!! OMG I'm sooooooo horny it's unreal. I begged her already last week to please let me cum, just once even.  Today she finally said that my only chance to cum is if someone comments on here and posts when I should be permitted to ejaculate. Please!! And please put Dec. 6 as the day I get to cum if you're reading this today, or Dec. 7 if you're reading this tomorrow. 

Pink sissy clothes

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

   This has been pointed out to me often and i am going to get use to being a grateful sissy homemaker. Thought that the feeling of being a sissy would slow down and not be as exciting after a while. Now i really want to be able to stay at home and just support Momma and My Lady as their sissy homemaker. Every morning my desire to be more sissified is stronger and not leaving me.

    Dressed in Women's clothing and shoes make me feel safe and grateful. Every little change has helped me grow daily so much more comfortable being a sissy. Don't care if i offend some people with my appearance, that is their problem.

   There is however a lot of open minded people who don't care about my appearance and do enjoy my company. Even with my smooth hairless legs and French roll hair do. All these things were totally unimaginable a few years ago.

Locked in steel

Posted by: samgantschi in Chastity on

One of my goals is to share information to help people enjoy the chastity lifestyle. I don’t pretend to be an expert in the field. I have only been locked up full time for four months. But I have many years of experience with this subject having tested dozens of devices (mostly the cheap plastic ones), talked to many people who practice the various flavors of this kink, and read all I can find on the subject.


Times change, as did I. I was single in those days and kept myself locked on and off without having a key holder. That too changed when I met Master. Instant attraction, best friend, lover .... and Master. We have been together for a while now. Master introduced me to the world of leather and bondage. In turn, we met others in this special group of men, and times are always great. There are Masters and slaves, plain and simple. And I am the slave. Master always keeps me naked, shaved and in some form of bondage at home (and elsewhere when permitted) and since April 2014 also in a chastity belt.

im a domme for 10years and iam a serious Mistress. and i believe that all women should be on top and all mens are born to be a slave or servant i believe in women supremacy and all men should be on knees on us.. if you are interested serving me email me  i have a task waiting for you1

My new life

Posted by: eldorado29 in Chastity on

A year ago I   had told  my wife that I'm very interested in  BDSM, we were watching different sites in theme of BDSM,  I said here that I would like to try to be  submissive,  but she said that she is not interested...  and that made me sad...

A month ago we finally bought a small house near the lake we really wanted and spent some time in that house, when I went back to the city but my wife stayed at our new house  to and started to prepare it for living,  it was good for me to I had some free time for self-bondage and for work, but 4 days ago I decided to visit her, bought a lot of flowers for her some stuff she asked for house, went to the house  to help her. When I was in place she met me with kisses and her best friend ( lets call her Anna), actually hate her, she was very arrogant  woman. I was happy when she left our new house in that evening. Next morning we started to prepare house for my birthday party, I thought that will be a lot of friends but she said that this year I'll be with her only and I was happy, because it means that we will have a very hot night.

In the same evening  she told me to sit on the chair and don't go anywhere and left me for  few minutes alone, when she came back she said me " don't turn around" and I did... when she closed my eyes with something and left  me again... I was sitting in place and waiting for her after 30 minutes I started to think that she is playing with me and  decided to check what is she doing... I herd her in the yard and left the room to see... She was standing in the middle of the yard only with her panties, when she saw me she showed with her finger to come closer, and closer and closer and said me to undress I though: " wow it will be first time I will have sex outdoor". When i was naked she closed my eyes again and said "trust me, don't ask" and left me again standing in the middle of the backyard naked with closed  eyes, it was scary but exiting, after few mins I herd her with handcuffs or something it was sound of chains... and that was really scary she came and told me "are you ready to try something difrent you always wanted?"of curse I said, she took my hand and  cuffed with and old style flat handcuffs padlock, when other hand... it was to pairs of cuffs, finally she cuffed me in a standing spread eagle position, the hand cuffs was really heavy but i liked the feeling of cold steel on my hands... she touched my cock puled it hard, and told me "don't make any sound or I will feel real pain.." I said "OK" and she started crushing my balls it was hurt... after that I understand that will be better to stay still and quiet. She spread my legs and cuffed them too, and said stay here dong go anywhere. I was standing and thinking that  we are lucky that we don't have neighborhoods, when i was thinking about what gonna happen to me i heard steps and started shaking again, she came and started to play with my cock, gently, what was really cool I enjoyed the feelings, my cock was very hard in her  warm mouth it was something I have no words to describe it but it was...when she started to lick my nipples and finally she untie the eyes, and that was the biggest surprise for me it was  "Anna" my wife were recording all my pleasure on video tape, I started to ask what  a hell is going on... but and kicked to my balls and said to be quiet... I were confused scared and my balls were in pain... My wife told me that I wanted to try myself in BDSM, and said that don't even dream about freedom, "you want it? enjoy now" and left me alone, naked and cuffed, I was helpless with no chances to escape. after hour or maybe two they came back to me  and showed  me what I'll wear a chastity cage I wanted to say that I won't, but  I hadn't permission to talk. They putted on my cock that small thing with spikes and said "tell me do you want that I locked you? " I said "NO"  and Anna said: that's bad, but you will be locked and I heard the click, padlock was closed my cock in cage I cuffed I had no idea what gonna be next,  I was scared after few mins I wanted to the toilet but cant say that to them, and slowly started peeing when my wife saw that started laughing and said that I'm gonna be a perfect slave after few  more hours they decided to release me to wash what I did what was the greatest thing I heard I started smiling and said that was  good experience and I liked, and I made a mistake Anna kicked to my balls again and said don't talk, with  that cage was a lot of more pain when without... when my wife pulled my balls down and  said that Anna from now for me is the same as she and I had to promise that I gonna be good for them both, and also said that that cage is for very long time. When they uncuffed me I was happy  let me to clean myself and go back to  house and wait for them. And I did what they told me. After shower i dressed up and were waiting for them.  When my wife saw that I'm dressed up she said to undress again and be naked until she said to dress up  and cuffed my arms a behind my back and started to play with my poor  locked cock  My cock wanted to be hard but the cage is so small and its painfully small. I saw her eyes she was happy to have me as a slave, after that Anna came in to the room  and said "Its time" , And my dear wife I started to hate, told me go to the  basement to my new room, I told that I wont live in basement but she said  " you will". In basement I saw   that they did a cage  I asked how you did that  and wife said "from your salary" inside the cage was a bad and table and toilet. I asked And how long I'm gonna be here? She smiled and said no more questions and pushed me inside the cage, locked it, than uncuffed  my arms and and switched out the light said take a rest tomorrow gonna be hard day for me. That night I cant sleep at all first the cage was so tight and second that I had no idea what is going on... Next day I had no idea it was morning or afternoon I had  not clock inside me "new room" and no windows in it... I were siting waiting for my destiny after some time came my wife and asked me how was the night I said that was horrible impossible to sleep with that thing on my cock she smiled and said get use to it its for a long time, I asked her why she did that  why she asked Anna to  join this, she said that Anna helped her to prepare and and decided to watch me when my wife gonna be in work. I asked do I really have to do what she says? and I saw her beautiful smile on her face that was the answer... I asked her do you like that all? she said " a lot", when she give me a bag with clothes and said to dress up, it was female wear but i had to do what she said  I had to dress  bra, panties,  tights, dress and very high  heels. When  i was ready she chained my waist and cuffed my hands int front and said now I can leave my cell but it was dificul to walk with that shoes she was laughing all the time I tried to walk, and said need a little practice go outside and try to walk, what can I say all the clothes was comfortable except heels,  I liked to wear it what morning I was happy my wife too, Anna  were at home. It was all I wanted ( its sad that were was no hot sex in cuffs) but other was perfect. I had almost whole free day to learn walk on heels  in the evening Anna arrived and was surprised that I'm walking with high heels she played with my cock tortured a little and closed me back to the cell and even give me my laptop for work I' always worked from home so I know that I'll spend some time in here but I was happy event had a sleep second night but my wife said that next day she asked more girls to play poker so I'll need to serve them...


Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

     As our neighbors seem to be able to except some of the sissy life style. As My Lady gives me instruction about what and where things should be done. The neighbor Ladies do chat with me as i am working on the gardens and lawn. My Lady and me are good neighbors and are extremely helpful with our friendly neighbors. Now that i don't have any male clothing or shoes, my appearance is of a sissy.

    The last few weeks have been very busy as we found a used kitchen set of cupboard's and counter's on line. Took four pick up truck load's to move all of the items back to my shop and waiting to be installed this winter. My Lady is a excellent chef and always wanted a gourmet kitchen. Once the kitchen is ready and finished to My Lady and Momma approval.

       Then i must build the play room for my intensive training. My Lady wants to day dream at work about my training and punishment. As I am being moulded into a very submissive sissy. Now that it has been two and a half years since my last male orgasm.

on display

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

    Having been so busy at work even though i have stepped down in my responsibilities as owner. Being in cottage country there is no rest for the working class being in the service industry. Now the landscaping and home renovations start to take priority again. My Lady wants and deserves a beautiful new kitchen as She loves to cook. As all i have to do is cleaning, washing and be very thankful i can be of service. Deep satisfaction is all i feel cleaning and doing homemaking.

     As we have neighbors around our two acres, they stroll over to check out the landscaping and renovations. The Ladies always chat with My Lady about how feminine, i am. My Lady tells me about these conversation, that are done on a higher level. Just about my hair styles and dressing pretty with so much pink in my wardrobe. Then about my pink rubber pants hanging on the clothes line, My Lady told the neighbors that, they are for me. That i needed the extra protection in case my nappies are not thick enough, why risk a chance of bed wetting. My Lady explained to me, She told them the truth because She didn't want them to think the rubber pants and nappies were Hers.

   Now they are still friendly and chat when i am outside but i know they know. Those friendly smiles with a knowingly winks and maybe a silent giggle, my life goes on.

We have been away from here for a while but now my loving Lady and Wife have taken control of my sissy milk.

I am locked up in a cb6000 and i am loving it. My Lady have decided that we bought a milking machine, so my sissy milk can be taken away from me. My Lady own my sissy milk and want forced milking twice a day to ensure i dont carry sissy milk in my balls belonging to Her.

In the past we tried electro milking without success but now after locking me up and denying any way of orgasm by intercourse or wanking i am now forced to enter the milking machine to empty my milk for My Lady.

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