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im a domme for 10years and iam a serious Mistress. and i believe that all women should be on top and all mens are born to be a slave or servant i believe in women supremacy and all men should be on knees on us.. if you are interested serving me email me  i have a task waiting for you1

My new life

Posted by: eldorado29 in Chastity on

A year ago I   had told  my wife that I'm very interested in  BDSM, we were watching different sites in theme of BDSM,  I said here that I would like to try to be  submissive,  but she said that she is not interested...  and that made me sad...

A month ago we finally bought a small house near the lake we really wanted and spent some time in that house, when I went back to the city but my wife stayed at our new house  to and started to prepare it for living,  it was good for me to I had some free time for self-bondage and for work, but 4 days ago I decided to visit her, bought a lot of flowers for her some stuff she asked for house, went to the house  to help her. When I was in place she met me with kisses and her best friend ( lets call her Anna), actually hate her, she was very arrogant  woman. I was happy when she left our new house in that evening. Next morning we started to prepare house for my birthday party, I thought that will be a lot of friends but she said that this year I'll be with her only and I was happy, because it means that we will have a very hot night.

In the same evening  she told me to sit on the chair and don't go anywhere and left me for  few minutes alone, when she came back she said me " don't turn around" and I did... when she closed my eyes with something and left  me again... I was sitting in place and waiting for her after 30 minutes I started to think that she is playing with me and  decided to check what is she doing... I herd her in the yard and left the room to see... She was standing in the middle of the yard only with her panties, when she saw me she showed with her finger to come closer, and closer and closer and said me to undress I though: " wow it will be first time I will have sex outdoor". When i was naked she closed my eyes again and said "trust me, don't ask" and left me again standing in the middle of the backyard naked with closed  eyes, it was scary but exiting, after few mins I herd her with handcuffs or something it was sound of chains... and that was really scary she came and told me "are you ready to try something difrent you always wanted?"of curse I said, she took my hand and  cuffed with and old style flat handcuffs padlock, when other hand... it was to pairs of cuffs, finally she cuffed me in a standing spread eagle position, the hand cuffs was really heavy but i liked the feeling of cold steel on my hands... she touched my cock puled it hard, and told me "don't make any sound or I will feel real pain.." I said "OK" and she started crushing my balls it was hurt... after that I understand that will be better to stay still and quiet. She spread my legs and cuffed them too, and said stay here dong go anywhere. I was standing and thinking that  we are lucky that we don't have neighborhoods, when i was thinking about what gonna happen to me i heard steps and started shaking again, she came and started to play with my cock, gently, what was really cool I enjoyed the feelings, my cock was very hard in her  warm mouth it was something I have no words to describe it but it was...when she started to lick my nipples and finally she untie the eyes, and that was the biggest surprise for me it was  "Anna" my wife were recording all my pleasure on video tape, I started to ask what  a hell is going on... but and kicked to my balls and said to be quiet... I were confused scared and my balls were in pain... My wife told me that I wanted to try myself in BDSM, and said that don't even dream about freedom, "you want it? enjoy now" and left me alone, naked and cuffed, I was helpless with no chances to escape. after hour or maybe two they came back to me  and showed  me what I'll wear a chastity cage I wanted to say that I won't, but  I hadn't permission to talk. They putted on my cock that small thing with spikes and said "tell me do you want that I locked you? " I said "NO"  and Anna said: that's bad, but you will be locked and I heard the click, padlock was closed my cock in cage I cuffed I had no idea what gonna be next,  I was scared after few mins I wanted to the toilet but cant say that to them, and slowly started peeing when my wife saw that started laughing and said that I'm gonna be a perfect slave after few  more hours they decided to release me to wash what I did what was the greatest thing I heard I started smiling and said that was  good experience and I liked, and I made a mistake Anna kicked to my balls again and said don't talk, with  that cage was a lot of more pain when without... when my wife pulled my balls down and  said that Anna from now for me is the same as she and I had to promise that I gonna be good for them both, and also said that that cage is for very long time. When they uncuffed me I was happy  let me to clean myself and go back to  house and wait for them. And I did what they told me. After shower i dressed up and were waiting for them.  When my wife saw that I'm dressed up she said to undress again and be naked until she said to dress up  and cuffed my arms a behind my back and started to play with my poor  locked cock  My cock wanted to be hard but the cage is so small and its painfully small. I saw her eyes she was happy to have me as a slave, after that Anna came in to the room  and said "Its time" , And my dear wife I started to hate, told me go to the  basement to my new room, I told that I wont live in basement but she said  " you will". In basement I saw   that they did a cage  I asked how you did that  and wife said "from your salary" inside the cage was a bad and table and toilet. I asked And how long I'm gonna be here? She smiled and said no more questions and pushed me inside the cage, locked it, than uncuffed  my arms and and switched out the light said take a rest tomorrow gonna be hard day for me. That night I cant sleep at all first the cage was so tight and second that I had no idea what is going on... Next day I had no idea it was morning or afternoon I had  not clock inside me "new room" and no windows in it... I were siting waiting for my destiny after some time came my wife and asked me how was the night I said that was horrible impossible to sleep with that thing on my cock she smiled and said get use to it its for a long time, I asked her why she did that  why she asked Anna to  join this, she said that Anna helped her to prepare and and decided to watch me when my wife gonna be in work. I asked do I really have to do what she says? and I saw her beautiful smile on her face that was the answer... I asked her do you like that all? she said " a lot", when she give me a bag with clothes and said to dress up, it was female wear but i had to do what she said  I had to dress  bra, panties,  tights, dress and very high  heels. When  i was ready she chained my waist and cuffed my hands int front and said now I can leave my cell but it was dificul to walk with that shoes she was laughing all the time I tried to walk, and said need a little practice go outside and try to walk, what can I say all the clothes was comfortable except heels,  I liked to wear it what morning I was happy my wife too, Anna  were at home. It was all I wanted ( its sad that were was no hot sex in cuffs) but other was perfect. I had almost whole free day to learn walk on heels  in the evening Anna arrived and was surprised that I'm walking with high heels she played with my cock tortured a little and closed me back to the cell and even give me my laptop for work I' always worked from home so I know that I'll spend some time in here but I was happy event had a sleep second night but my wife said that next day she asked more girls to play poker so I'll need to serve them...


Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

     As our neighbors seem to be able to except some of the sissy life style. As My Lady gives me instruction about what and where things should be done. The neighbor Ladies do chat with me as i am working on the gardens and lawn. My Lady and me are good neighbors and are extremely helpful with our friendly neighbors. Now that i don't have any male clothing or shoes, my appearance is of a sissy.

    The last few weeks have been very busy as we found a used kitchen set of cupboard's and counter's on line. Took four pick up truck load's to move all of the items back to my shop and waiting to be installed this winter. My Lady is a excellent chef and always wanted a gourmet kitchen. Once the kitchen is ready and finished to My Lady and Momma approval.

       Then i must build the play room for my intensive training. My Lady wants to day dream at work about my training and punishment. As I am being moulded into a very submissive sissy. Now that it has been two and a half years since my last male orgasm.

on display

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

    Having been so busy at work even though i have stepped down in my responsibilities as owner. Being in cottage country there is no rest for the working class being in the service industry. Now the landscaping and home renovations start to take priority again. My Lady wants and deserves a beautiful new kitchen as She loves to cook. As all i have to do is cleaning, washing and be very thankful i can be of service. Deep satisfaction is all i feel cleaning and doing homemaking.

     As we have neighbors around our two acres, they stroll over to check out the landscaping and renovations. The Ladies always chat with My Lady about how feminine, i am. My Lady tells me about these conversation, that are done on a higher level. Just about my hair styles and dressing pretty with so much pink in my wardrobe. Then about my pink rubber pants hanging on the clothes line, My Lady told the neighbors that, they are for me. That i needed the extra protection in case my nappies are not thick enough, why risk a chance of bed wetting. My Lady explained to me, She told them the truth because She didn't want them to think the rubber pants and nappies were Hers.

   Now they are still friendly and chat when i am outside but i know they know. Those friendly smiles with a knowingly winks and maybe a silent giggle, my life goes on.

We have been away from here for a while but now my loving Lady and Wife have taken control of my sissy milk.

I am locked up in a cb6000 and i am loving it. My Lady have decided that we bought a milking machine, so my sissy milk can be taken away from me. My Lady own my sissy milk and want forced milking twice a day to ensure i dont carry sissy milk in my balls belonging to Her.

In the past we tried electro milking without success but now after locking me up and denying any way of orgasm by intercourse or wanking i am now forced to enter the milking machine to empty my milk for My Lady.

            The start of my story is so long ago that I can’t remember my exact age, just that I was a pre-teen. It was a Saturday, off from school, obviously and two schoolmates in the neighborhood who were friends of mine called me up to get together, the one had just gotten some new comic books and, as it was raining, we’d bring some over to his house, maybe do some trading.

            We did that for awhile, and with the rain still coming down, decided to just play some hide and seek. I hid in his sister’s closet, thinking I’d tuck myself behind some of her dresses, but I noticed a pair of knee high white boots and started wondering what it would feel like to wear them.

            A bit of background at this point. A short time before, our church was having a bazaar, as they did every spring, and my mother was going through some old clothes to either bring to the bazaar or donate to charity. She held up what I later learned was called a girdle and I asked her what it was. I certainly had nothing like that in my dresser. She said something like “Here, I’ll show you.” Now Mom was always petite and I was always, er, husky. She put the girdle on me, and while it didn’t fit really tight, it was certainly snug, and I got a warm feeling “down there”. Mom had me wear it for awhile, I guess to appreciate what a woman did to look good for a man. A couple of hours later she said to take it off and see how good that felt to get out of it. Well, it certainly had felt better wearing it. That had started me sneaking wearing some of Mom’s things. I guess I was about 10, Mom being pregnant with my sister at the time.

My journey

Posted by: nosexcuck in Chastity on

            It all started with a trip to a swing club. Our sex life, never spectacular, was really becoming sporadic and unsatisfying for both of us. We decided to try a swing club to add back some spice. A friend of my wife’s, Mary,  told her about a local place and said it had really perked up their relationship.

            We had no idea what to wear or what to expect or how to go about it all, so Rebecca’s friend said she’d go along to kind of show us the way. She said that it didn’t matter what we wore, as there was a locker room that a patron of the club would put their clothes and basically be naked beyond that point.

            I was nervous and excited both as Becca’s friend drove us to the club. It was pretty non-descript from the outside, nothing hinting at what was going on inside. There was a bar in the front, the clothed area and we both felt that a glass of wine would relax us and lessen the nervousness. At least, my nervousness.

Feeling comfortable

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

  Going out in public in jumpers and a pretty blouse was very hard in the beginning but now it has become my new normal. My Lady says i have really good looking legs and to show them off. Thou i have always secretly fantasized about wearing Women's clothing, i never thought i could pull it off in public. My Lady taught and instructed me to be tasteful and not too flashy. Modest is my way of getting over the hurdle of dressing as a sissy full time.

   There maybe one or two that mention the fact that i dress like a Girl and i just reply that i am comfortable. Maybe there are many that secretly envy that fact i am doing what they wish but in a modest way. Hopefully people in Canada are open minded and accept others way of living. All i know is, i have never been so happy in my life and i don't plan to going back into male clothes.

           Love you so much My Lady oxoxoxoxoxoxo     

Lovely Ladies everywhere

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

     On our shopping trips, we go together with Momma and My Lady. Momma likes to lead me around, holding my hand, just like a child. My Lady walks a head of us because She loves to be first. My Lady has a sparkling gift of meeting people anywhere and making a friendship. As Momma lead me towards Her Daughter, My Lady was chatting to this elegant, blond, German Lady and they are both in the medical field. 

      My Lady introduced us to a very opened minded Lady as Her Mother and husband. The elegant Woman commented on my smooth, shapely legs. Do you shave your legs, She asked. My Lady answered by telling Her that all my body hair was removed by laser treatments. The German Lady eyes lite up with a big smile of approval. My Lady looked proud of me and the changes in my style. Yes, I like him in short or dresses to show off his legs.

    The nice German Lady, spoke of being happy and doing what gives you happiness and that She was pleased to meet others that do as they please. Then She spoke about men who are so fearful of showing emotions and expressing feelings. My Lady spoke about how, Momma and My Lady were teaching me to let go of my male ego. The German Lady looked right at me and asked if i ever cried? Only really honest males can show their emotions and they are hard to find. My Lady spoke for me and said that i do cry for my feelings.

Momma has moved in

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

    Life is moving forward at a good pace as Momma settles in to the household. For myself, i amazed at how much i enjoy Her company and supervision. Things have to be done a specific way or a new lesson for me begins . Seems like i am being raised like a child again but this time, willing to learn.

     Really feeling pleasure washing and folding all the clothing as well with the dish washing. As my training progresses with My Ladies and Momma approval. As i pass inspection as to my dressing and hair , there is a little kiss of approval on my cheeks. This is my reward for being well behaved.

     Wearing a over night adults nappies and rubber panties has been going on for me the past few months. Personally embarrassed to the fact that i bed wetting and having a difficult time adjusting to my weakness. This is a natural fact to my life and i don't see myself getting back to not wearing my diapers or apron. Sorry for imposing my little problem on my blog.

Momma is moving in

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

      Yesterday there was a beautiful and big change in my life. As Momma and My Lady being so close that i got down on my knees and asked Momma to please stay as long as She pleases. Momma replied like a regal Lady looking down at me, saying that She understands that She is needed to help My Lady to run this household. Momma also said with a smile that She can be a little too controlling as She has extra Mothering in Her charm. My Lady was standing right behind me, watchful of everything being said.

     Yes i was in pink jumper, earrings, laced blouse and my hair done in a French roll. Momma has been looking for extra projects to do as She is retired. Management was Her career and She misses the giving instruction. As My Ladies career moves forward and my home support becomes more important to Her.

     Late that evening My Lady told me that She was impressed with the way Her, Mother enjoying Her staying with us and how i have been behaving. Then My Lady told me that i have to stay at home to do all of the homemaking. Then my knees felt weak as a rush of wholeness filled my heart. Now i do really have to let go of my past.

Welcome Back

Posted by: janis in Chastity on

Well, it has been some time. Updated bio to show that i am now in OR.  Been back here a few years now, back to my home town.  Had gone back into the closet, but with the right encouragement...   So, may dab/dive back into the lifestyle and would like to make contact with local persons, into the lifestyle... a key holder or local Dominant female/woman willing to delve into the lifestyle with me.

My Lady is away

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

    My Lady is away working on big course for Her career and once this is done. She want's me to stay at home and look after Her house as Her career will be there for me to become completely dependent on Her. She had me sign a note from the bank so She will have total control over me.

     Do believe that my training is improving steadily towards becoming Her sissy husband and She  will lead me from now on. No questions from me as i have all the faith in My Lady. Momma has been giving me some instruction on what My Lady needs to be happy. Having a dependent sissy, waiting at home and looking after Her house gives My Lady the trust in me. This has been a real learning curve for me and hope that She is always pleased.

     Now i am really feeling a deep satisfaction way down inside that brings on a glow of fulfillment and love. Making a beautiful, clean home is the happiness i have always wanted.

Two and a half years

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

    Looking back and realizing i have not had any orgasm for over two years. My Lady has been giving some medication for my health and something to suppress my male urges. A few months ago i stopped having morning stiffness and My Lady said that maybe a side effect.

    Then My Lady told me that the stiffness protects me from leaking during my sleep. Now i have become dependent on wearing a diaper and rubber pants just encase of my loss of control but My Lady seems to enjoy my dependants on Her.

     Keeping me in a warm condition lowers any healthy sperm growth. Now i have not felt that hormonal motivation that i remember when we first met. Still very attracted to My Lady but find doing Her bidding and looking after Her house gives me great pleasure. My Lady and Momma are always looking for ways to improve their pets training.

Settling as a sissy

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

 My Ladies, Momma is staying at our home more and everyone is getting along very well. For me getting direction 's from two Ladies has been bothering me because of training of two things at the same time. Following instruction's is getting better on my part and my training is improving steadily towards becoming the household sissy. There is a lot more work to do on my part but i feel like i am up to the changes.

     Dressed like a sissy husband has become more comfortable then i could imagine. Now i wake up dreaming of what i will wear and it is mostly a balance of pink and white dresses. Find out that is difficult to keep clean even with an apron on while washing the floors, the laundry is easier to stay spotless.

     My Lady is working more at Her career and i am so impressed with Her capacity to deal with all of the work She starts and finishes. Hard to plan a yummy dinner for Her as i am not very sure when She will arrive home. Her career is more important and i am learning to be patient. Having Momma here is a great help as She needs to be able to look after Her Daughter's household and sissy husband.

     Now i have to go out side to get the yard ready for spring, we had an extra long winter this year.

My journey into chastity

Posted by: bobt396 in Chastity on

When I met my wife, I introduced her to bondage. If she had not done it before, she sure took to it. She liked it a lot, and we also had normal sex. A number of years ago I showed her a chastity device online. She said buy it, so I did. We first got a CB3000, but it was just not a good fit for me. I'm a grower, from maybe 2" to 6". It was not a good fit and too painful to wear. So we tried a CB6000s.

That was a much better fit. I pretty much had to wear that 85% of the time. Now sex was either bondage, or I had to service her for hours, with my mouth , or vibes, or whatever she wanted. When she was done, only the top part of the cage was taken off and she jerked me off and I had about a min to cum. Pretty much over time, she just trained me to shot for her, now within less then 30 seconds, if that. Fortunately she likes to see me shoot.  Now after a number of years of her "training" I no longer have any control. When she first told me to take the whole cage off and enter her, I could barely get all the way into her before I lost it and exploded. At first she thought that was cute, that she had gotten me to the point of no control at all. Now not so much. Now over time with the CB6000s, it's really not so great to wear 24/7. I have broken a lot of parts, spilt the cage and ended up cut or with black and blue  marks all over. I'm in a smaller ring(as I broke the next size up) but it's a tighter fit, at least during the day, but far too painful to wear at night. So right now , I am let out at night. I read the reviews on the new Holy Trainer. It's "supposed" to be a lot better to wear 24/7. I showed the pics to my wife, she said by the small one and in Pink. That took her all of 30 seconds to decide that..LOL  It should be here in a week or so. As things stand right now, I have to clean the house twice a week,  But I have to do this dressed up in her stockings, heels, bra, a collar on. I pretty much have to stay like that most of the day.  Once the HT gets here, and I can make it thru a few nights, with out MAJOR pain, or injury. Then I will go back to being locked 24/7 and she will only let me out to shave and clean the device. as far as penetration sex goes. If she really feels like a good "fucking" that lasts longer then 30 seconds, I would say i'm back to using the strap-on for her. I am pretty useless as a penetration sex partner for her now, she has seen to that. Being locked up 24/7 again, in what may be a smaller cage, and allowed no erections what so ever, will probably make it worse. I may not make it half way in before I lose control.

The few times she lets me enter her, I can usually make it all the way in and give her a few strokes. But there have been a few that I barely got the head in and lost it. I don't think the new cage will help this...  

You dress like a sissy

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

   That is some of the teasing i am hearing once in a while. The fulfillment that i have in dressing like a sissy is very pleasing to me. Following My Lady and Momma around the stories shopping is great fun for me. My Lady and Momma help me pick out clothing that is tasteful but Feminine and pink is my favorite colour.

   Thank goodness we live in an age of open minds and people don't react to aggressive to odd looking people. There was a day i wouldn't wear earrings or wear my hair up in a French roll. For the past few months my growth into sissy hood has grown and there are still more levels to rise to. Yes i wear dresses and have moved beyond a training bra to wearing a form fitting bra, my size is very small but i am very conscious of the little bumps out front.

   Think the trick to going out dress to please is not to look for acceptance from any one. Those who are not pleased will walk away and i make real friends while feeling pretty.

Interested in a Lori 2C

Posted by: phoopha in Chastity on

Anyone in the Uk interested in a Lori 2C? Alas, circumstances mean that it looks like my 2C might be going up for sale. I'd be looking for circa £450 if anyone is interested. Drop me a line if you want to know more.

It's been a while, I'm giving chastity a go again.  Over time I've had relative successes and failures.  Probably the most significant failure is not being able to wear the CB6000 for a prolonged period of time.  This was to be expected and while there are better devices out there, I'm opting for a belt.  There are a few reasons for this:


  1.  Security - A well made belt is pretty damn secure
  2. Aesthetics - I just find belts to be more visually appealing than devices and while crossdressing I love the idea of a belt giving me a smoother profile down there
  3.  I'm really drawn to the idea of wearing a full belt, I'd say it's actually quite a turn on for me
I've almost managed to save up enough for a belt, if all things go well I think I should be ready to place an order within a few months.
The belt I've decided on is a Neosteel Masterpiece Total.  This is the model with the continuous crotch band.  I'm opting for this over the thong as it seems messy and not too convenient having to pull the wire out of the way when using the toilet.  I've spoken with a few people who wear the continuous band and they don't have any comfort issues with it.  It also has the advantage of being able to wear the secondary shield and, if brave enough, the remote education shield (aka shocks delivered through an anal plug).
Looks like the only issues left are:
  1. Where to get it delivered to (complicated family situation)
  2. How likely my weight is to change
  3. Finding someone to keep me locked


My Journey so far

Posted by: chastitysub42 in Chastity on

My Journey so far

About time i started a blog .Well going to get my first corset in a few hours cant wait!!Bit by bit its happening just getting so frustrated now even to the point of just giving my key to someone from the classifieds but thats not what i want for me the biggest turn on ever in my whole life will be when she opens the high security lock from its box cor i can feel myself leaking just writting about it and procedds to put the metal ring around my package then put my tiny cock in the steel tube and then wow that sound SNAP and i no longer am a man !

Ihave looked everywhere and smile to myself when i see so called small dick hummiliation Mine when soft is at best 2 " long well i would say a tiny bit bigger than a cocktail sausage

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