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Giving thanks.

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

As things change with my training, there is one thing i have not mentioned. My Lady has taught me to give thanks just before dinner with my head bowed and my hands folded. Then in a audible voice i must remember and give thanks to all the wonderful lesson's i have learned.

   My Lady and Momma are always on the look out for things for me to improve on. At first i was very uncomfortable being monitored so closely, now it has become that i think about it all day so i can give a more accurate thank you.

    Some of you ready this will understand and others will feel this has no point. My Lady has been working on my short falls as a male and traits that need to be removed so i can be Her sissy. Following Her instruction seems to be the first lesson. Now i am just starting to really feel trust and faith in my Ladies judgement and foresight. Now i do sissy things as they make me so much more happier.

My Lady rules

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

Some people ask why i am so happy and comment on my dressing in pink. My Lady has been training me on the fine art of showing my emotions with  love in hugs and kisses. This may sounds a little boring but i can now see the big changes in my attitude as i feel more defenceless and more dependant on My Lady. Now i wait at the door with My Ladies puppies for Her to arrive home from work. To greet Her at the door with hugs and kisses, because i am truly help She home.

   Now as the house is tidy and the floors are washed like My Lady likes, She notices everything. My Lady will check Her emails to make sure i wrote my daily morning letter to Her Mother about my growth with feelings. For the last year or so i have added another growth habit with writing to Momma. This is to make sure my mind is in the correct space as Momma is in constant contact with My Lady. Now i can miss a day but i do have to explain why and have a good reason, then do an extra long letter with both days in it.

   My Lady had  my long hair shortened and had bangs left. Still over my shoulders but it has been thinned because My Lady wants me to curl my hair. Once i use to get away with a little hippie theme but now my hair style is of a Woman's. My Lady is always  pushing my comfort zone and i have become so accustom to wear pants with no pockets and flowers patterns. Still my favorite and My Lady loves to see me in dresses with my hair done in a bun or French roll.


Posted by: goddess24 in Chastity on

Some of my specialties are: obedience 

training, tease and denial, double Domme 

sessions, humiliation, foot worship, 

sensory deprivation, chastity play, CBT, 

bondage, cuckolding, x-dressing, forced 

sissification, breath play, and many 

more... If you think your fetish or fantasy 

is too extreme or unusual,My interests are 

wide and varied, ranging from gentle tie 

and tease right through to more hard-core 

and ‘bizarre’ scenarios. I am somewhat 

selective with My slaves and will only see 

those whose interests appeal to Me, so you 

can rest assured that should I allow you to 

serve Me I will be enjoying Myself just as 

much as you, if not more!I am a 

sophisticated Goddess and I expect to be 

treated as such. This is not an act I put 

on in session. I wear 5 inch stilettos to 

run errands and wouldn’t be seen dead 

without My retro winged eyeliner and bright 

red lipstick. I truly live a glamorous 

lifestyle 24/7 which requires a lot of time 

and upkeep, and I cherish the slaves who 

work hard to make My life so much easier 

and more enjoyable. But be warned, even 

though being one of My chosen servants is a 

very rewarding position, it is also very 

demanding. I do not take defiance lightly 

and whilst I am a very desirable Woman, I 

am equally as cruel.
I am both the Bitch in your worst 

nightmares and the Woman you have always 

dreamed of… Sensual, sadistic and utterly 

addictive, session with Me and prepare to 

have your wildest fantasies fulfilled, and 

your expectations exceeded…dont be afraid 

to message Me

Just a quickie about this morning's quickie. She woke up horny and I woke up locked up, as I have been all week. She started grinding into me as we snuggled in bed together. I got the hint when she began fondling my locked cock and balls. I quickly filled the tube of my Steelheart 1 and began feeling her and playing with her breasts. Soon I was squirming all around the bed as she pulled and massaged my balls. Once I started sucking on her nipples and playing with her clit she became even more enthusiasstic about my nuts. I was getting as hot as her.

 She came in a shudddering orgasm and I kept softly stroking her and she kept cumming. Then we got up and went about our day.

 Good morning indeed.

Shoe shopping

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

 Went out shopping with My Lady and Miss J for new clothes. Going out in public is always a big adventure with My Lady and anything can happen. She knows how embarrassed I can get when She offers something for me to try on, it's all about tease. Though I have really learned very well not to say no to My Lady, Her request always pushes my comfort zone.

     There I was try on Ladies shoes as My Lady was instructing me as other customers cruised by giving me the once over. Yes I look and dress like a sissy and I will never be uncomfortable about that anymore.

     My lady has always set little goals for my feminization and mannerisms'. After ore then three year I look to see how much change there is in my appearance. Ask me back then if I would leave the house with my hair done up in a French roll let alone a high ponytail and bangs.  Even my t-shirts have flowers and butter flies on them plus pink does look good on me.

So, here I am sat at work, bored, nothing to do, and so I thought it might be interesting to start a blog.  Im not sure whether anyone will find it interesting or not, or whether I will add to it, but if I do get any interest, and people want to read more, then I might continue, but here is my story so far.

 Me and my partner have been dating now for just over (less than a month) 10 years, and he is my life, my world, my everything.  Ever since we first started seeing each other, our love life has been varied. We started trying bondage quite early on (within the first year or so), we have tried all sorts. I have persuaded him to dress up for me on and off. The toy box grew, then didnt get used, different ideas came and went. I ended up with hooks in my bedroom ceiling but then they never got used, so we tried things, some stayed, many didnt, but we happily plodded on.


Sissy home maker

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

   Just through a steady pace of change most of the house hold loving chores have become my expression of love and respect. My Lady has become so busy with Her career, She has become my total focus. Now i have a deep down feeling of pride and usefulness is serving as My Ladies home maker, sissy. 

    Trying to get up one hour before My Lady is awake so She has Her full beauty sleep. Before She prepares for Her busy day at work. She always gives me instructions for the day of things She wants done and how to do them. The only problem i am having is what to prepare for Her dinner as sometimes She has her dinner before coming home. This will work out with practice as She is too busy and needs me to be here for Her.

    My Lady wants me to be dress nicely and respectfully when She arrives home. As i have no male clothing left to wear and show disrespect by wearing anything male. Trying hard with out My Ladies help in styling my hair to show loving effort to please My Lady. My Lady loves to see my legs and wants me to show them more. As i am shopping for some heels that are about two inches and practical with a touch of sexy. 

almost there

Posted by: bohospleasure in Chastity on

Only 4 more days of chastity to go, but it feels like an eternity. Any free time I've had has been torturous.


I've gotten to communicate fairly regularly with Mistress during the process, which helps immensely. It's when I am left to my own devices that I have the most trouble staying focused. Even when Mistress teases me and tells me about her own orgasms, it helps reaffirm the purpose of my chastity.

Some one noticed

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

 Working in the service industry with the public and it is a broad span of customer's. Then yesterday an elderly gentleman, whom i have not seen for a few years showed up. This was a really nice and pleasant surprise. We did get caught up on some past history on both our lives and it was all good news.

    Then he asked me about this new Lady in my life, that he has heard about. That he heard about how happy i am and that i have really changed. Then the compliments started to flow from him. He like the new hair style and the earrings.  Also stating that i look much younger now in with a kind of glow from deep within. Then he said with every one getting older i seem to be getting younger. Well i was blushing as i do love to hear things like this but i hadn't looked backwards for sometime. 

    My Lady is so wise She had changed me slowly and in a positive way. Working with what i have to bring out as much feminine appearance as possible with out making people uncomfortable. Knowing that i do not have any male clothing any more. The transition is really moving forward so this moment with this gentlemen was a mile stone for me.

This is not a game.  Wear it for the rest of your life or we are done.  This is my life.  She is not joking.  I will be in chastity for the rest of my life.  This is how it all started.  I was intrigued by chastity and bdsm.  She was not interested at all.  But I am so I bought a chastity device because I was curious what it would be like to have no control of my orgasms and what I would be willing to do to make her happy to get an orgasm.  Not knowing anything about chastity I bought a heavy metal contraption that was not for long term, just a night of play.  I wanted something long term.  So I did a little research and bought the cb-6000s because I am a grower not a shower.  I also bought a rubber device and a urethra device.  I was able to get her on board with orgasm control and punishing me for my behavior.  Little to her knowledge I was able to pull out of all these devices and escape.  I am in construction so there was no way I could wear these to work so I would have to lock up when I got home and send her a pic.  I am a chronic masterbator and she knows it.  She hates it because I show her no attention because I already got mine.  I would go a few days when caged in these devices just to see if I could.  She said she noticed a big difference in my behavior.  She really got into punishing me with with strap ons, big dildos, and spankings.  She also makes me drink her pee now.  So being that I was never truly locked up I still wanted to see what it was like so I read that the only true way to be chastized is to have a prince albert piercing.   I was nervous to have some stranger pierce my junk, so I ordered a online piercing kit, and  a PA-5000 because it seemed small enough to be worn 24/7 including work.  It all came in the mail and I got the nerve to pierce myself one afternoon.  It was an amazing feeling once done.  It took a long time to heal because I kept on upgrading the guage size.  My wife thought I was insane for doing this to myself.  ( but of course now she has never been happier)  Finally it was time to give it a try and lock up.   So I did and gave her the key.  My first lock up was one week.  It was a week from hell.  I did house hold chores, and did the dishes, and gave her massages, and oral sex.  She even fucked me with her strapon one night.  I would do just about anything to get out.  It's crazy because she has to be 100% happy for me to get a reward. Never being truly locked up for more than a day or two.  A week  was soo soo hard.  I was fine to go to work and barely know I am wearing it most of the time except when horny or  wanna masterbate.  This device is an amazing tease because you can get hard, and hold your cock in your hand and not be able to do a damn thing about it.  Once I finally got out it was amazing.  I came soo much and she made me clean it all up and swallow it down.  She was ready for me to put it back on and I was not,  so I started a fight and gave every excuse to not lock up.  I told her I was scared because I have never been truly chastized and that the other devices were a joke and this is the real deal.  She was furious and demanded it go back on or were done. She said this is not a game and will I will be wearing this for the rest of my life, because of my masterbating addiction, and because her ex husband cheated on her and I have a cheating past with previous women.  So she has trust issues with men.  So I put it back on and drank a lot of pee last night for fighting with her.  She said I will be locked for a minimum of two weeks and get a lot of pee and big dildos shoved in my ass during this time and giving her lots of oral and massages.  So I guess I got what I wished for and she got the greatest gift a man could give.  So if you want true chastity get a prince albert piercing and a PA-5000.  Or a cb-6000 with a cable or lock through the piercing, to prevent pull out.  It's day 1 of 14 plus and my wifes cock is already rock hard trying to break out.  It's gonna be a rough two weeks for me.  So ladies don't be fooled thinking your man is locked up.  He can pull out.  Get a prince albert to be certain.  I never believed in true chastity till now.  The only thing left for me to wonder is how long she is gonna keep me locked up.  She may want to keep upping my lock up time between orgasms because she is soo happy with my behavior.

being pretty

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

    Just kissed My Lady good bye as She goes off the get another degree for her career. Then i looked on the mirror in the hall way and saw myself. Wearing a pretty pink nightie and fluffy white rubber pants trimmed with lace, my hair done with a pink bow. Now that i am totally with out body hair the smooth feel is fantastic and always feels good. Then i looked at the shoe rack to see no male shoes. Some how it really hit me this morning that i am the sissy home maker.

    My Lady gave me all the instruction for me today for things She wants done. Other then the normal loving chores like washing the floor and dusting. She did tell me what time She will be home and hinted that She wants a selection of steamed vegetables as steaming is healthier. She also brought home a dragon fruit and i have to read up on how to serve this for desert. She did say i could pick the protein entrée so She does trust me a little. 

   Now i am starting to get the feeling My Lady wants me to start wearing heels. As My Lady tells me that i do have legs and feet that are very attractive and must learn to show them. Yes i still blush when My Lady wants me to dress prettier and more feminine which is wonderful for me on all levels. 

First step

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

     My Lady sat me down over a week ago to discuss my future with Her. Explaining to me about chemical castration with  cyproterone acetate. To watch the changes in my demeanor as there still is a little male ego left. This will be a safe first real physical  change moving towards sexual reassignment surgery. Now that i have gone for almost two years with out a sexual orgasm, means i am closer to a more permanent change. 

     Under a doctors care and learning to live like a Lady-sissy by dressing like a Woman everyday is part and parcel of the whole transition for sex change. Some how this is all a little surreal but deep down in my heart i do feel this is the proper way for me to grow. 

   The more i think about the more i feel that this should be done as quick is possible but My Lady is always using caution and research for me. 

My last orgasm was Nov 7/2013 at approximately 10AM.


Mistress had ordered me to cum naked in a forest for her, which I videotaped for her.

I am a beautiful, STRONG, confident, and a progressive dominant woman.

I desire a lovely male ... or trans...who completely knows his place in MY life.

To completely submit to my desires to guide our lives to be the most exciting and best they can be.

I am STRICT but lovingly supportive for you to be your can be to make ME the best I can be!

My sub must be willing and able to completely care for and make ME his only thoughts in words, actions and ability ... always thinking ahead on how to please my every need before I even think it as he gratefully progresses.

He should be in shape...or be prepared to get there. Have excellent domestic skills, financially very healthy and be completely willing to submit to my control in every area of his life.

Hello My name is Mistress Chazzy
Born: september26 1986 (age 27)[1]
Dallas, Texas
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: Dallas
Measurements: 32-24-34
Bra/cup size: D
Boobs: Enhanced
Height: 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight: 106 lb (48 kg)
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Black
Hair: Black,
Underarm hair: Shaved
skype: chazzy.fernandez
yahoo :
facebook : Chazzy Fernandez


Pretty down to earth and easy to work with. I love creative projects and will happily bring my ideas to the table as well, but I'm selective about the people I work with. I'm available for paid assignments, editorial and product collaborations that are relevant to my interests. 

Relevant interests: lingerie and other clothing, anything music related, dj'ing, snowboarding, skateboarding, graffiti, comic books, calenders, anime, cars, motorcycles, street bikes, zombies and uh vampires. lol. BDSM IS MY LIFESTYLE

device on its way

Posted by: lilslaved in Chastity on

Chastity play in the past but think my 24/7 lifestyle will be much more than play .

My Lady is the ruler of my life

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

   One of the most important things i have learned under My Ladies rule is never think it is over. My Lady is always on top of my daily training and thoughts. Going back to my olds way is unthinkable now. As My Lady and Her Mother , Momma as i address Her are always looking after my behaviour and changes.

  Having these two dominate Ladies taking more charge over my life is pleasing but sometimes there is too much to do. As the house hold chores are my duties and also holding down a full time job the pace is a little over whelming. Yes i do enjoy pleasing My Lady and trusting in Her guidance to improve myself. The only short fall is not enough time to do all of Her request as well as Momma's. One day i hope it is soon the will accomplished.

    Having no male clothing and not pretty enough to pass, fully. Seems to be in an area of limbo before the full sissy home maker takes over. My Lady has requested that i wear leggings or pantyhose fulltime to show off my legs in public. Yes i have dressed in in dresses in public but away from where we live. My Lady knows just when to challenge me and nudge me to the next level. As my shoes are all definitely Woman's as well as every other piece of clothing and hair style. 

Just a short update.

We have not been here for a while but now My Lady finds it appropriate to update our situation.

sissy g have not been locked for some time. But from today sissy g is locked in cb6000 with no release date. Lady might milk Her chastity slave each quarter and in the mean time the chastity slave sissy g will serve and satisfy Lady as Lady prefers, sissy g do not need and deserve any satisfaction until Lady decide.

Pink is my favorite colour

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

     Still remember the first time i wore pink and the teasing i received. Being pointed out as a sissy and that i was hen pecked. Seems every one around town has become use to my sissy dress style. As My Lady told me this is going to be a slow and easy transition into Woman's attire. Most of these changes will be permanent and for my benefit.

     One big surprise at work was the service manager tell me, not many people can get away with wearing pink but it looks good on you. That little compliment was a real good ego boost as i do my job well with out offending people. Proves that racist and bulling come from people with low brain power that are afraid of what they don't understand.

     Most morning now i am very proud how i dress and feel pleased with myself under My Ladies guidance. Every day i push my ego farther back into my mind and move forward.

Absolute loyalty is the law

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

      My Lady has spoken about what She expects for Her pets. That is absolute loyalty and nothing else. My Ladies rule and control are very fair and wise beyond my experience's. Having unquestioning faith in My Ladies ability to govern over my life is in reality a big relief to my mind. Just do what i am told to do and always try to improve myself. Acceptance of being governed by a supreme superior Lady is a lot of work and self discipline. 

      After three years of progress with My Ladies training and goals. Now i am totally amazed at how far i have changed. At first i was so self conscious at wearing Women's panties under my male clothing. The reason My Lady gave me was to make sure i would cheat on Her as explaining to another Woman why i was wearing them. Now i look in my closet space and drawers and see nothing that look male. Now i have no body hair at all and just the shadow of the male beard left on my face. 

      Then My Lady took it the responsibility of explaining my changes to my Mother. This is an area i didn't want to go but My Lady deemed it necessary for my growth and my relationship with my Mother. Afterwards my Mother gave me some wonderful hugs and told me She just wants me to be happy. This was a great feeling and i am still getting use to my Mother understand.

Just do as My Lady says

Posted by: mypet in Chastity on

    After about three years of training and changes, my comfort level is much better being a sissy. Having My Lady being in control and looking after my daily life seems more normal now. Just like any great leader My Lady needs control and loyalty from Her support. The more loyal and faithful i am for My Lady seems to pay off as She become greater in the outside world with Her career.

    Now i am looking after more of the house hold duties and enjoying every moment. Having this deep seated pride in the way the house looks before i leave for work is satisfying. Always feeling pretty is a whole new world of feeling good about myself. The outside world is not full of closed mind people as long as one is pleased with them self.

   Think the big turning point on my dressing is the colour pink. Once i wore a pink blouse for the first time out in public my confidence grew many times. Dressing is an art and has to be done carefully as i can now understand what Ladies go through when getting ready for going out. Secretly i want to over do it but reality kicks in and modest is the way to dress for daily duties.  

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