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Read other member blogs or start your own. Chastity, D/s, Femdom, Cuckolding, Relationships, Advice and more...

First let me say that I do not drink wine and for good reason! When I am done telling you about my fun with a hot little blond fem-sub you will know why. There was a party being held at one of our friends homes who just moved into a new house. One of my favorite Masters was there, Master Len. I have tremendous admiration for this man. He has over 30 experience in BDSM and above all he is so much fun! Last Friday night at my friends house warming party he brought one of his hot little fem-subs. Before long she was naked and the center of attention. This position is usually reserved for my hubby, being the naked sub at the center of attention, but this night Master Len's sub beat him to it. She was about 5'5", 115#'s, 34DD and a 26" waist. She is blond with nice golden brown skin. She is delicious!!

I had just finished eating and was drinking Coke and whiskey which I am fine with. I think I was a man in a previous life because I can drink beer and whiskey with the best of them. Give me a glass of wine and I am on the floor drunk. So before I knew it, I was being offered this hot ass fem-sub to play a little game with. The instructions were simple, she was to not move no matter what, and I could do anything I wanted to try and get her to move. No problem. At first the rule was I wasn't allowed to touch her. Again, no problem, my words alone can do the job (just ask my little slut!!).

ML revised the rules and said I could touch her if I wanted. Even better! I had her bend over in front of me, she had her hands tied behind her back, and I pushed her face down into my darling subby's crotch. Now remember, I don't let him cum very often and I believe he hadn't cum in almost 8 days. I told her to blow and hum into his crotch and to not stop until I instructed. I proceeded to bit and lick her ass and grab her rope (she also had some between her legs) and pull in just the right spots. It didn't take long before she moved.

Once she moved that was it - time for a spanking. She laid across my lap with her head inches away from my feet and I proceeded to whack her ass over and over with my bare hand. Mistress Kali decided to get into the action and she came over and sat with her legs spread right in front of her face and spanked her right ass cheek as I spanked her left cheek. The next thing I knew the little slut sub bit Mistress Kali on her inner thigh. OMG - HUGE Mistake!! Mistress Kali whacked her so hard it immediately left a bruise and nice hand print. The little slut started begging for forgiveness immediately. That was enough of that for now.

Later on that night I decided to have a glass of wine - mistake #2. Out of nowhere that wine hit me and I was totally wasted. I had this hot little slut in front of me and I was teasing her and playing with her perfect tits. I noticed out of the corner of my eye a fellow male-sub staring and I took full advantage of that and teased and taunted him while he watched in total awe. Looking back I am completely pissed at myself for having that wine. This would have been a perfect situation to totally tease and torture my slut hubby. If I wasn't totally incapacitated I would have taken the fem-sub and my hubby and tied them together. Then I would have fucked with each one until they were begging for release, only to deny them both.

I have already decided that this little slut will be mine for a night again soon. Only next time, my darling will be forced to watch me do all kinds of dirty things to her. Maybe I'll wait for the Carrara belt to come in and lock him up and then fuck her while she is tied to him. Or better yet, I'll tie him to a chair positioned just at the end of the bed and then make his face be smothered in my ass while I lick her body from head to toe. I could go on and on. Yes, she will definitely be a nice little toy for me to play with. I'll keep you all updated on my next rendezvous with her.

I know my next post was suppose to be on Spirituality and Femdom, but this topic I am speaking on today I feel is very important. It has come to my attention over the past few weeks that some men do not understand how to express to their wives their Cuckold desires. First, I want to make it perfectly clear that "cuckolding" was never something my slave asked me for. I took the knowledge I had of his other fetishes and then took MY OWN feelings on the subject and decided that this might be right for us. In order for a person to get past the fantasy portion of cuckolding and really get to it's purpose, you have to strip away all the fantasy that goes along with it. This part of Femdom is not very prevalent. I think I read where it only appealed to 5% of the whole Femdom population. I think I can understand why.

If you are a man and are going to your Wife with these thoughts of being a Cuckold, you have to understand how she will probably feel. I only give my opinion on how I would feel if my husband had come to me and expressed his desire to be a cuckold. First, I would have been hurt. I think any man that wants his Wife to be with another man in lacking in love for his Wife. I know I was a little upset when I first mentioned cuckolding to my husband and he did not react in jealousy. He was thinking about the fantasy, not the reality. It took me a while to make him understand that by him not being jealous, that I would want to be with other people, gave me the message he didn't love me. For why would someone who loves another person with all their hearts, not mind if that person was with another. I know I didn't like thinking about my husband with other women, so why would he not be upset that I was talking of being with other men (and women). Once I talked to him about my feelings and thoughts, he assured me that he didn't want me to go be with other people, it was the mental aspect of being so submissive to me that he would not leave me if I was to be with other people. Now that was something I could understand.

For me Cuckolding has absolutely nothing to do with anyone but the Domme and sub. The third person is strictly a tool, just like a chastity belt or rope is a tool. It is an object the Domme uses to help the submissive become more submissive to her. Not that I do not take into consideration the feelings of the third person, I do. I just make it clear to them that the main purpose of their being with me is to assist in making my sub more submissive. I will not be falling in love with then and leaving my husband for them. They will not become a slave to me. They are strictly a fun toy I will be playing with and putting back when I am done with it.

So, when I hear of men going to their wives and asking to be cuckolded or trying to get their wives to cuckold them by being bad lovers or whatnot, it will not work. It has to be the woman's idea to cuckold her slave and only for the purpose to make the bond between Femdom and slave stronger that I feel cuckolding would truly work. I am sure I will get comments of people telling me this is not so. Let me make this clear, this is how I feel about Cuckolding and Femdom. It is not law and I am not God. If you feel differently than great. But if you are a man trying to convince your Wife to cuckold you, you had better think long and hard about it. Make sure you have her understand that it is not that you do not love her, you do!! Think long and hard about if you are really ready to see the woman you love with another. The fantasy is wonderful. Thinking about it is fabulous. Actually doing it in real life is quite another. You had better be prepared for your Wife to either get upset or to possibly find someone else she would rather be with other than you. If you are forcing or trying to coerce a non-Femdom into cuckolding you are weaving down a slippery slope!


My subby hubby and I have a D/s relationship to large extent.  However, it is not a 24/7 lifestyle.  It is something we do for fun called "play".  When we "play" I am his Mistress and he is my slave.  Play begins on my whim.  All I need to do is call him "slave" and he is ready to obey me, his cock instantly hard.  99% of the time we play at home in private.  Yet, occasionally I will initiate when we are out in public.  Last night I decided to take him to a pet store.  He thought I wanted to look at the cute little animals.  He was mistaken.


Once in the store I said, "slave, we are going to try some collars on you and get you a food & water bowl."  His face turned red and he averted his eyes to the floor.  In a cool tone, I asked, "do you have something to say to me slave?"  Still staring at the floor, visibly shaking and his face fire red he replied, "Yes Mistress, whatever be your will Mistress."  I giggled and told him if he was a good slave we might not make a scene.

Hi Everyone!

I am new to this site and curious about male chasisty. It is something I might be interested in introducing to my submissive husband. I will post more with specific questions about male chasisty later.

For now, I'd like to introduce myself. I have always been a dominant female. So many of my interactions with males growing up involved humiliation. I'm not really sure why, but I've always thought it was a result of the relationship my mother and father had. My father was a wealthy, hardworking business owner. My mother came from money and was used to getting what she wanted. So I saw the way she manipulated my father and started imitating it. He rarely if ever said "no" to her and, although I do not think they had a BDSM lifestyle, she humiliated him by the way she treated him in public. She was a drama Queen. She'd argue, cause scenes and he'd always be the one apologizing. Anyway, long story short she was and wasn't the best female role model. She taught me to be a strong, dominant female, but she also was kind of childish. I think that as I have grown up I have used the good she taught and distanced myself from the bad.

Now...about being childish I can be very a good way. I like joking around, doing goofy things with my girlfriends, interacting with others, catching people by surprise and in general love being around people. However, I am not childish like my mother was e.g. being selfish with others (unless it is one of my slaves...then it is all about me).

I am not a Pro. However, my hubby and I have been to many lifestyle events throughout the U.S. Through my interaction with different members of the community I have become friends with many Pro Dommes and others in the lifestyle. My husband and I have a semi-exclusive relationship. He is 100% faithful. I do not sleep with other men, but I dominate them and do enjoy time with other females.

My marriage is still fairly new, year and a half. My hubby and I were not in a Dom/sub relationship when we met. It slowly developed over time. Now he is a dedicated slave when we "play". Our "play" begins whenever I initiate it. The result is that in general he has become my slave whether I am calling him by his given name or adressing him as "slave", indicating we are now "playing". He is a "manly" man type. He is a doctor with a bit of a god-complex when it comes to his work. Martial Arts are one of his primary hobbies, which I enjoy doing with him. I have never tried to get him to cross dress and I know he would not want to do it. I have humiliated him in many ways; strap-on sex, peeing on him, much corporal punishment and so on.

Hopefully my diligence in learning more about different lifestyles will enhance our relationship. I hope to learn from others. Likely I will be posting some blogs in the future. Look forward to getting to know you all.

A number of people have asked how and why I transformed my husband into a sissy etc and so I have outlined here some of how and what happed but will elaborate on specific areas another time.

I have a sister whom my parents adopted as a baby when I was two years old. Our parents were very liberal in our upbringing and encouraged us to explore our sexuality. This was mainly due to our mother being a gynaecologist and therapist and my father a GP and psychologist.

My husband on the other hand had a stricter upbringing due in part that his father often worked away from home and therefore his mother took charge of him and his sister.

Well, I planned on playing as soon as my toys arrived.  In fact, I even posted a blog on here detailing my plans.  However, as we all know the best laid plans of mice and men (or women apparently) sometimes fail.

Life has a way of canceling our plans for us.  Without getting into details some family issues eliminated any free time.  Enought said.   This postponement left me very eager to dominate my slave.

Finally, on Thursday night I had some free time.  I did not tell my slave a thing.  When we walked in he asked if I'd like to get a snack and relax.  I told him that relaxing sounded great and that I was going to the bedroom to get into something more comfortable.

My plans for tonight!!! (first blog).

Posted by: mistress_CB in Untagged  on


 Well today UPS delievered an order I recently placed.  I now have a new cane, a new whip, a new butt plug, new massage oil and a Magic Wand vibrator.  The question is do I use them on my sub hubby today or wait?

 I never like to wait.  So, when he get's home from work he will be surprised by an excited, horny Mistress ready to pounce on him.  My plan is to strip him immediately.  Then put his hood on him so he has no idea what is going on.  He'll be pushed onto the bed and tied down using our under the bed restraint system.  He'll be confused when he feels the lash of my new cane because the old one broke and he doesn't know I have a new one.  It will sting and a welt will rise.  But I plan to just keep caning and caning him.  Going without a cane for a few months made me miss it a lot.  He will at least 30 lashes. 

Valentine Failure

Posted by: panti_boi in Chastity on

Well, my intended plans for a romantic Valentine's Day sort of fell aprt at the end when i ejaculated too soon causing my wife to get angry with me, she also told me i was too small to be of much anyway ....

Well it was time for my husband's monthly dice roll to see if he got to come out and release his load.see my other blogs for my rules and dice roll outcome chances.we both got excited leading up to his roll and it has become a very intimate moment between us as he gets ready to roll.We actually went to a bar to have a couple of drinks while I humiliated him in front of our local bartender.His roll came up a nine which meant that he got to come out of his cage for a day but does not get to come.I teased him all night and then for valentines day,we went to a place called origins and bought me all kinds of lotions for me.leg cream,heel cream,body lotion and 2 kinds of bath crystals and 2 new massage oils.He got to use all of them while he massaged me for three hours on the massage table I bought for him for christmas last year.By the time he was done with the massage he was dripping precum down to his knees.By the time my bath was finished he had a puddle of pre come on his feet and the ground between his legs.Since it was valentines day,and I was horny as hell,I decided to allow him to come but only after i came from him screwing me.I had to keep telling him to slow down so he would not come before me.He was banging me like a jackrabbit so i had him pull out .He then slowed and grinded until i came and right after,he exploded with a month long load of come that took him twelve minutes to suck every bit out of me and between my cheeks that had oozed down!His face was covered from his eyes to his chin with both of our come and mostly his.He looked so silly and slutty i took several pictures before i used a dildo clean up the bits that were left so he could get every last drop.It was  wonderful valentines day for both of us,and although he hates providing clean up duty,he knows how lucky it was to be valentines day because it would have 2 months minimum before he would of had a chance to orgasm.His longest stint since we started this dice game last year had been 2 month and three weeks in between.see you next month.Goddessape.


New Beggining

Posted by: panti_boi in Chastity on

Well .... Greetings E/everyone. i'm new to this, blogging as well but i am hoping it may be a means to learn more about being held as a sissy, taught to be fiminine and kept strictly chaste. i especially would enjoy conversing with Dominant Ladies to help guide my experience. i hope to learn and please. Feel free to introduce Yourself as i would be extremely grateful and apprciative. Thank You - panti boi


Posted by: neolocked in Chastity on


I have recently given my wife and keyholder (I hope) the keys and complete sexual control over me.


My story.


Slave journal

February 5, 2009



Hello All,

I just joined the group and I have been a sissy all of my life but Princess Lynne has put me in Chastity and I love it. I am only able to provide pleasure to others and that is the way is should be. It is nice to join a group that beleives in this life style.

Being a bondage enthusiast and having extensive experience with cock rings the natural next step was chastity devices. I started with the CB2000 but managed to masturbate in it (I'm compact). I obtained a CB3000 cage and could not cheat in it. After these I got an Exobelt X1. Getting into it was a challenge but I also cheated in it. I got a larger diameter tube and could no longer cheat.

With all 3 ring type devices I had problems with temperature and the seasons as when my compact package shrinks too much they basically fall on the floor.

Last year I made the jump to a Locked In Steel full metal belt and my compact size now is an advantage! After some adjustments and getting a smaller diameter penis tube undefeatable and all year chastity is a reality.

As others have mentioned trial and error is to be expected. Everyone's anatomy and lifestyle are different. I have found the struggle was worth it. I have a loving wife who likes being my Keyholder. I enjoy the smoldering lust more than the quickie orgasm ( I still want one though!).

I currently am on Day 20 of a 27 day Chastity Run. I currently am being allowed release (both ways) on holidays.

Just so you know there is compromise in my chastity lifestyle. I don't wear the belt at work or when driving. The purpose of the belt is to prevent my masturbation. I never have the key. If I'm loose and start getting lusty I ice that thing down and put it on. It's all good and it works.

The belt is part of my normal life now. I would miss being locked up. I feel very lucky.

Good evening Ladies and Girls, I am Mistress Chastity. The name says it all.  I didn't realize growing up with the name, Chastity what a lifestyle had already been predicted for me.

 I'd always been the dominant woman, the one to laugh for impotence.   I was drawn to leather, latex and PVC.  I would be the cocktease. A man defined me as:

Evil whore that gives a false anticipation that you will
gain mind blowing sex in exchange for what you do.
The end result is that she gets what she wants and
you get fucked in the figurative sense  ONLY and
must go back to the old threesome of me, myself, and
I.Cock teases are typically thought to be the minions
of a larger, more evil force.

my husband is in the middle of his lock up month for any one that follow my blog,but in between ,he still has routines that must be followed in order to not get added time to his lockup is his daily routine:after each bathroom visit while at home,he is required to wipe me. in the morning as i shower,he waits to towel me dry from head to toe and then lie on the ground while i mount his face so he can perform tongue duty first to my pussy and then to my asshole.he then rubs a mixture of nivea cream and nutragena oil on my whole body.when he gets home from work first,he is to have a cold beer in a cold glass waiting for me while he cooks dinner.after the dishes are done by him,he joins me on the couch to rub my arms and shoulders while we watch tv.when i say it is time for bed ,he goes upstairs and turns down the sheets and puts a towel underneath himself.i then lay my head on his chest and play with his chastised penis until he is dripping precum all over his leg and towel .all this while he massages my head and plays with my hair.i then roll over on my tummy and he proceeds to give me a complete body massage until i fall asleep.any ladies who rebuke efforts of their man who wishes their wives tobe their keyholder because they think it is too weird should take heed:when all is said and done,the man will be the only one wishing that he probably should never have given you this much is good to be the queen and rule her kingdom.april....

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