How to lock up a sissy

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Before locking up a sissy in a chastity belt all necessary items have to be ready and neatly placed for inspection.











The main belt, which is going to be locked around the sissy’s waist is the major part of the belt.





There are more accessories to go with the belt which are the clitty tube, the front shield, the rear shield and the locks to which the sissy will never have access.











If wanted or necessary there are different styles and sizes of plugs which can be added to the belt. The rear shield shown in the picture above is meant to hold any kind of plug in place.



Before using the belt it has to be properly cleaned. As the belt has many edges and slits an old toothbrush can do wonders.

To clean the belt you ought to use a perfume-free or medical soap.

Of course the sissy has to be cleaned as well for locking her up for a period of time of Your choice.




As next the silicone lining of the belt should be treated with a perfume-free ointment or cream.






The same has to be done with the tube that is meant to hold the sissy’s clitty safely and inaccessible in place.



At first the unlocked sissy needs to cover her pathetic clitty with the end of a stocking. There are other ways to pull the clitty inside the tube such as using a cord.



Simultaneously the sissy’s rear should be plugged even though this can be done later as well.


The main belt is now to be placed around the sissy’s waist. This can be done in upright position but if You prefer it can be done while your sissy is locked to the bed as well.



The tube has now to be pulled over the clitty by the use of the stocking. It must be well inserted and the top ring of the tube should now rest flat and held tightly against the sissy’s pubic bone.


As next the pin at the front of the tube has to be hooked into the slid of the front part of the main belt.


Eventually the waist belt, the front part and the tube will be held together by three pins and matching holes.

The pin in the middle is larger and will be used to accommodate the lock as we can see later.


Eventually the front shield must be hooked to the D-ring at the bottom of the belt. It is mainly to make the shemale belt looking like a female belt and thus has an optical purpose only.

At the top of the shield is a little hole that goes into the middle pin so it can be locked as well.


The last thing to do is to place the lock over the middle pin and shut the lock.


If available the thigh bands are now to be locked to the sissy’s thighs.


The chains now have to be locked to the d-rings at the side of the chastity belt.


Eventually the rear shield must be placed over the butt plug and locked to the belt by a little pin that works in the same way as the main lock in the front of the belt.


Your sissy is now safely locked up!


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angst angst und angst
written by dooriy, July 22, 2014
my profil is not komplet.. sorry - need meber-s faer my-penis you will
feminine chasity belt for sissy's
written by bambie, September 12, 2011
Is there a belt that is made of leather, instead of all the metal? i go through a metal dectector at work and i don't want to set off any alarms.
written by mypet, April 23, 2011
Thank you so much for sharing your sissifaction and feminization. Truly are learning what has to be done to be a sissy. Bravo!
Sincerely mypet
The Sissy Belt.
written by tayphad, April 18, 2011
Very nice and informative and exciting pictures! You Mistress no doubt took, them. She is very good at what she does ...
Love the corset
written by curiouscd159, April 18, 2011
I'd like to know who it's by as I'm interested in getting something similar
if i am half as good, at being a chastised sissy as ...
written by vickitransgirl, April 18, 2008
if i am half as good, at being a chastised sissy as you katrin, i will be a very happy sissy indeed. i am very tempted to purchase a neosteel myself! thanks for the encouragement!
oh WOW! oh WOW! oh sissy katrin! i just came across ...
written by annasissydoll, August 05, 2007
oh WOW!
oh WOW!
oh sissy katrin!
i just came across your wonderful instruction on locking up a sissy as a PDF elsewhere on the web, and then i found chastifylifestyle, read some posts and yours about Mistress controling random release times caught my eye -as did your lovely image!
and i find out it ws YOU in the lock up lesson images!
its kismet! *giggles*
oh you are such an inspiration!
i have a phone Mistress who locks me from time to time, but OH to be full time like you!
i'm so jealous... and inspired! smilies/smiley.gif
anna sissy doll
very nice and ...
written by stigga101, July 25, 2007
very nice and informative
very ...
written by sabryna, June 08, 2007
very nice
Thanks Sissy Katrin, I really enjoyed the pictures ...
written by toejam, June 04, 2007
Thanks Sissy Katrin,
I really enjoyed the pictures and descriptions, as i am new to all this and Very Keen to learn...!!!! smilies/cool.gif
For a sissy this must be the ultimate, not only are ...
written by zeus, June 04, 2007
For a sissy this must be the ultimate, not only are you chastised but you're chastised in such as way as to have a feminine appearance. Additionally you have to hold the plug in you for as long as your master/mistress demands.
I really liked the corset to further enhance those feminine curves
nice pics, the design of Neosteel is good, it is ...
written by zuohaonl, June 03, 2007
nice pics, the design of Neosteel is good, it is better if there are some detail big pic to show the the lock system/3 pins/the detail Dring connection between 2nd shemal shield and CB, anyway, your share is highly appreciated! sissy maid alice
:) very nice gotta love the corset to ...
written by uqor, June 03, 2007
smilies/smiley.gif very nice gotta love the corset to smilies/smiley.gif
I have a neosteel waist belt like this,the rear ...
written by ImherBitch, June 03, 2007
I have a neosteel waist belt like this,the rear shield rubs my inner thighs.
after a while sitting the tube digs into the pelvic area also.
I'm thinking on buying a shemale sport belt next..

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