Permanent cuckold

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PERMANENT CUCKOLDIt has been awhile since writing here.   I have been locked in chastity off and on for about a couple years, with  me going nearly 6 months this  last time.  I have been unlocked and free to masturbate for nearly a month now.  I felt my Goddess wife was not at all interested in the lifestyle anymore. I was disappointed when after telling me I would get a cuckold tattoo on our anniversary in January, she seemed little interested in demanding it.  I took that as disinterest on her part, and so this lifestyle went on hold for the past month.  Things seem to have suddenly changed.  My birthday is next week. I am presently working out of town, however, when I get home, I am to return to being her locked up cuckold husband, permanently this time.   I believe it truly is the best thing for us and a life that will prove fun and adventuresome.  She has told me that this is a done deal.  Upon returning next Saturday, I will be placed in permanent chastity and become her cuckold for life.  I am to receive a severe whipping for removing my cage without permission, and for a couple other breaking of ‘the rules’.  I will be placed back in a new CB6000 she has waiting at home. I have used the CB6000 before and they always broke, so have used the metal cage shown in my profile. This time, I will glue the CB6000 together with epoxy glue as it is assembled. That should keep it from breaking  as well as make it permanent.   Once that’s back on, I am to get a cuckold tattoo. Stating I am Goddess T’s cuckold on my center lower abdomen.  She says she is making me her permanent cuckold, to remain locked up without release, to serve her domestically and be obedient for our remaining life together.  She says she WILL find a lover/boyfriend who will keep her sexually satisfied and I will probably never fuck, receive a blowjob, or masturbate ever again.   Again,  in her words, “it’s a done deal”.    I am looking forward to this future.   I wait to see that she will enforce the ‘rules’ and be more of a dominant Goddess than in the past.  I believe this will be a fun and interesting adventure for the both of us.  In a future blog I will tell you how my birthday weekend went.  Whether she actually does demand my permanent chastity and the tattoo. I’ll be sure and post a photo of the tattoo on here if/when it’s done.  It will be an interesting weekend coming up…guess I should get in as many orgasms as I can before going home.  I kinda think she is serious this time, in which case, these could be the last times I ever get to cum. She is the boss…..I am at her mercy, and direction.  I do love her eternally.Sailfun




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written by sailfun29, March 29, 2011
Promise too!!
written by Browneyed63, March 29, 2011
Keep us posted!

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