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Tag >> Crossdressing


Posted by: admin in Chastity on


                I talked to GA for a long time yesterday, about pretty much anything, and everything. One of the topics we discussed was the possibilities of a threesome. Now since we are both switches, there are many different combinations. Adding another male, adding another female, whether or not the third person would dominate her, or me or both….  Really the possibilities are massive. The main combination we talked about was me and another woman dominating her. The Idea of this is really exciting to me. The ability to watch her lick another girl’s pussy and ass, would just be incredible. The other combination that I find really exciting is her and another woman dominating me. As for adding another male into the mix I wouldn’t be oppose to it, but I don’t want to be cuck’d full time. All of these ideas excite me. I can’t say that I wouldn’t be into anything I haven’t tried. Simply because I haven’t tried it! I keep a pretty open mind about just about everything, and there are very small limits I have.  But even so I have found in the past that limits you think you have now, you may come to set them aside in the future. When I first started realizing that I was into the BDSM kink I would have never entertained the idea of allowing a woman to lock my penis away, and denying me the pleasure of touching myself whenever I wanted. Today I am sitting here on my computer writing this blog, while I am waiting for the delivery man to hand me a package that marks the last day for release in at least 3 months.

                Last nights webcam session consisted of my wearing a butt plug all day yesterday. I was told to be on my computer waiting for her to call. I missed the call because I was in the shower. At which time I was instructed to cover my ass crack and anus with Icyhot. Then I was permitted to masturbate for her, consuming all the results.  This ended the session.  

how did this happen

Posted by: maidsally in Chastity on

Hi everybody bit new to this 6 months ago my wife/Mistress stuck a cb3000 on me,  i hav always been a sub and she always knows how to get her own way. now my life has completly changed ,this bloody cb has given her total control.aftter the first 10 days i was crawling the walls desperate to cum, my Mistress said i could but there were a few new rules and conditions. she told me to wait in the bed room and she be back, she came back with a 5 page contract and our new camera. i asked her what the contract was but she said if you want to cum hads behind your back , this done she cuffed them there and removed my cb . my cock went hard instantly 8inch rock hard and bobbing. she pored baby oil over my cock and very slowly started to wank me, 5min and i had been taken to the edge 6 or 7 times i begged her just to let me cum . ihad tears in my eyes my Mistress let go of my cock and said sign and print here and you cum, i signed and printed best i could with me hads cuffed but done it. my Mistress smiled and looking right in the eye said your now mine, the she finished me off in 5 strokes and left the room .she came back in and refitted the cb , ibegged her not too but she said i should be quite untill i heard the contract i signed. i had signed a slve contact to my new owner and tobe her sissymaid whenever i was not at work,i had to eran an orgasam and would wear the cb 24/7 with my Mistress and her mum the keyholders


Posted by: admin in Chastity on


                Hello to all. Yesterday was quite long, sitting in a class for eight hours next to someone who had less than desirable personal hygiene. When did it become cool, or even alright, to not bathe? I must have missed that memo.  After a long day in class I needed to make a stop at Target and pick up a few things. In my last blog I told you that I had to be punished for removing my butt plug without permission.  So while at Target I bought some Icyhot, and a large package of clothes pins. These will assist in webcam punishments, and sessions, especially after I am locked in my new CB-6000. Due to conflicting schedules yesterday, GA and myself were unable to talk via webcam, (Skype is amazing), but never to fear text messaging is always an easy alternative.  So I opened the package of clothes pins and sent her a couple of pictures.  Lying in bed last night I couldn’t help but remember how hard it was to sleep in chastity, and especially if I am to remain in it for 3 months.

I see your picture, I smell your skin

Diary of a Rubber Chastity Maid

Part One: A Maid In Training



Posted by: admin in Chastity on


                Today has been a pretty good day, despite the mix up with the shipping of the new CB-6000 I ordered. Its alright though, It is coming on Monday, along with a “Day and Night Princes Wand”, long distance punishment just got a little more interesting. As I had said on yesterdays blog ( well I am writing Saturdays, tonight because I have an early class tomorrow), I was told to wear my butt plug today, I had it in until I went to a meeting, then I removed it. So tonight, while we were video chatting, the subject of butt plugs came up, and she asked me how mine was feeling. Well I had taken it out without permission. So I was to be punished. First I was told to insert quite a large butt plug, and go kneel in the corner, (all of this on webcam). Then I was to repeat “I will never take my butt plug out with out permission”. I repeated it 10 times. Then I was allowed to change into a smaller butt plug, as the large one will not stay in on its own. Next I had to sit naked on upturned bottle caps for an hour. After that I was allowed to masturbate for her on webcam. I was allowed to cum as well. Due to my following all of her instructions during the punishment I was not required to eat it…But I will be spending the night with a nice plug in my ass as a reminder… Another Day has passed, and I can’t keep my heart from skipping a beat every time I think of her…………

As a follow on to moving to larger breastforms, my wife agreed to ask this forum for advice. If you read my previous post, you know that she now wants me to wear larger forms. I have been resisting this. She ordered a larger set, so now we have three sizes. Below are some pictures of what the three sizes look like wearing the same shirt and using the same bra. We would like your thoughts as to which "figure" you all think is the best looking. 

Thanks for your help...

Here is a picture of the bra used. A very nice underwired unlined Vanity Fair full coverage bra.


Posted by: admin in Chastity on


                Last night was long, my CB-6000 hasn’t arrived yet but the anticipation has been incredible.  Yesterday, after I showed my profile and blog to her, she decided to create a profile of her own. She has been added as one of my friends. Last night she had me masturbate for her on the web cam, I was required to consume my cum for her. (I think I am really starting to get used to the taste). She had me repeat again this morning. I guess she is making me have my fill before I am locked away (for safe keeping).  Due to the time difference we ended our webcam session fairly early (around 9pm pt). So I went to bed and turned on a movie. I couldn’t even focus on what was going on it. All my mind could think about was her.  After I had sent her a picture of the butt plug I was told to sleep in Wednesday night, she informed me that the hair on my ass could use some attention. So I had to remove it. (all pictures will be included…)  So back to last night, all I could think about was her so I took some pictures of me fingering my ass so that I could send them to her (they were well received).  This morning I was told to wear the butt plug again while I am getting ready for the day. Even though we are 2000 miles apart all I can do is think of her, and if it is at all possible I love her even more.

Arrived and fitted

Posted by: subtoserve in Chastity on

Well I had it fitted within 15 minutes of receiving it, most of that time spent in squeezing everything through the smallest ring and then waiting some time for everything to 'subside' before I was able to fit the cage.

It felt very snug and my balls were held tight against the rings. I kept it in place until 2:00 in the morning. Wow if that's what a full blown woody feels like while wearing it then it's going to be tricky to adjust. I had to remove it just to get some sleep..

It's now next day and my balls have headed for the hills and it's going to take some time to coax them back down. When they do I'll try the next ring size up and see if that enables me to get through a night.

It Starts.

Posted by: admin in Chastity on


                I have made the decision to start writing a blog on here. A few years ago I came across this website. I had never really heard anything about chastity, but was interested by what I found here. About a week after that I ordered my first chastity belt (CB-3000). I had been chatting with a dom over the internet who had some experience with chastity. Once my belt arrived I spent that afternoon playing around with it, and finding the right configuration of rings and spacers. Once I was satisfied with the fit I took it off, and made the drive to my dom’s house. That evening she locked me in the device, where I was to stay for the next week, and I was hooked. She made me wear the belt on and off for about 6 weeks, but the time with it locked on never exceeded that one week. I fell out of contact with this dom soon after that, leaving me to be my own key holder. Needless to say, my will power wasn’t very strong. I was never locked up for more than a day at a time. The feeling of the chastity belt on my penis became “masturbation material”, it seemed that no sooner had I put it on, I was taking it off again so I could touch myself. This went on for well over a year.

                Fast Forward: I started seeing a wonderful girl last October. She is great. I actually feel that she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. At the onset of the relationship I had informed her about my interest in BDSM, and D/S. She was open to try it as well. After a couple of weeks where we tested the waters of incorporating these things into our bedroom activities, a joke was made by a close friend of mine about my chastity belt. Now he had really no idea that I even had one, nor had I told her so. So one night we were both lying in bed talking, and she made the comment about how much she wanted me but it was that time of the month. So I told her that I wouldn’t cum until we were able to do it together. She didn’t believe me. Then I told her that there was a way that she could be absolutely sure that I stay true to my word, with that said I stood up walked over to my dresser and pulled out my CB-3000. After explaining how it worked I told her I would be willing to put it on, and surrender the keys, as well as my cock and orgasms to her. She agreed to try it out. Together we fastened the ring around my balls and slid the cage over my cock. I handed the lock to her, and with a click I was locked inside. Just as I had promised, I handed her the only two keys I had. She slid them inside her bra, gave me a kiss, rolled over, and went to sleep. That first night was hell. I had forgotten how many times you wake up to a burning in your balls, and a raging hard-on confined in about a quarter of the space that it truly needs to be comfortable. I couldn’t help but lie there watching her sleep, wondering how long she will keep those keys, and kicking myself for giving her the opportunity to lock it. Then I realized it was for real this time. There was no unlocking it after and hour so I could touch myself. The next day we went shopping, an entire day of walking around the mall with this device strapped to my testicles. Later I asked her if she liked me wearing the CB-3000. She said that it was kind of exciting walking around the mall knowing that I was locked. She kept me in the belt for 5 days. After the first night sleeping was getting a little easier and I was starting to get used to the belt being there. When she removed it that first time it was because I had developed a small sore from the side of the cage. It really wasn’t a big deal. It seemed to heal quickly. Even after it had, I wasn’t going to push to be locked back up.  A couple of months passed and I figured she had forgotten all about the belt. She had been on me about helping her do some research for a college paper she was writing, and I was procrastinating. After numerous discussions about the paper, and my continuously putting it off, she disappeared one night only to return holding the Cb-3000. She then informed me that I would have no orgasms until the paper had been finished. She locked the device on me and slid the keys into her bra. It worked, that night after she went home I started on the paper, it took longer than I expected it to. I made it 6 days this time, but when it came time to release me she said she liked me in the belt and I just might have to wear it longer. When I asked why, she told me that I am much more loving with her while I am wearing it, and it excites her to know that she controls when I can touch myself. We even explored sex where she gets multiple orgasms, without me being allowed any at all. After she was done she locked me back in my chastity unfulfilled and frustrated. I lasted as long as I could in the belt, but the hinge in the ring of the CB-3000 would cause me great irritation, so I told her I would no longer be able to wear it for long periods of time. It never would break the skin, and the belt was completely comfortable to wear except for the hinge. I love the idea of wearing the belt for her because I too enjoy the way I am with her when I am in the belt. So I started looking at the CB-6000, but we both kind of forgot about the whole thing until now.

Looking For A Mistress

Posted by: Cloe66 in Chastity on

Evening; Looking For A Mistress in Dallas Area

I am new at this type of lifestyle and am looking for a mistress in the Dallas, TX area.  The problem is that everybody who has contacted me is looking to be paid for there services and they are all on line.  I am looking for a relationship, any suggestions or ideas were I can start looking?  Frustrated.


Well I've just received confirmation that my CB2000 is in the post. Ordered yesterday and hopefully it will be here tomorrow. I can hardly wait.. :)

I have a keyholder lined up and I will have a week to adjust before I send the keys to him, then it will a matter of chance for how long I am locked up. Hope it's not too long for my first time.

Anyway... I'll update this when I receive it.

I consider sissy milking as merely a ritual to amuse myself and a way to push my sissy training much beyond many of their limits. It's not about your pleasure sissy, it's about mine. You don't deserve to stroke your clit to your silly fantasies, you can only milk it to my instructions!! LOL his is a story about something I did to one of my sissy bitches. Try not to play with your self..LOL!

I prevented him from touching his clit for a few days Making sure he was on the edge and ready to obey my every comand because I knew he really wanted to cum. Then finally on the day I decided to milk him I had him strip naked and asume the sissy bitch position on all fours like a shameles slut with his sissy marbles and clit dangling obscenely between his spread knees. I called him my bitch dog and had him bark and wag his ass. Then I had him crawl to his bed and had him lift one leg and hump the corner of his bed while moaning like a bitch in heat. All the while I was laughing my ass off and desided I was satisfied with his obedience, I had him grip his little nub with just his thumb and forefinger and gently stroke it in a milking motion. Nothing fast and hard, really slow so that it wasn't too exciting.  Immediately, his little dicklet started oozing pre-cum. Then I yelled  "Take your sissy drippings and use it as lipstick, bitch. I want your lips glistening with pre-cum. Do it now!', I ordered and He quickly obeyed.

Then I said ‘Now, do you want to suck cock or get fucked by one, today?'. He froze, I could hear the panc in his voice.  He was Like 'Mistress, I am not gay. I don't want either'. I replied with, "oh yeah awww..well,  I don't give a fuck! . If you want to squirt now, you have to fantasize about one or the other. Or, I will put you back in chastity for one more week. So, what is it sissy? Do you want a cock in your mouth or your pussy?' Just like a little bitch dog in heat and obviously wanting to cum really bad, He mumbled ‘mouth, Mistress'. ‘You want to be a cocksucker?', I laughed, ‘then, say it slut'. HE said ‘I want to be a cocksucker, Mistress', I told him how ashamed he should be and how low he had gone just to squirt his filthy sissy juice.  But, the humiliation only made his usally limp dicklet harder! I yelled, ‘Say it Louder, slut'.  He said ‘I want to be a cocksucker, Mistress'. ‘I said louder, slut'. ‘I want to be a cocksucker, Mistress'. ‘I can't fucking hear you'. Finally I had him screaming on his knees with his tiny dicklet between his fingers, ‘I WANT TO BE A COCKSUCKER!'. ‘Again BITCH!'. ‘I WANT TO BE A COCKSUCKER!'. ‘Stop milking your clitty and put your thumb in your mouth, sissy. and Suck it!',  I was laughing uncontrollably at this point. Then I told him, ‘Since this is your first cock, I am starting with a small penis, but soon you are going to learn to suck a real man's cock, you filthy whore!', I could hear him I suck his pre-cum soaked thumb. ‘You like sucking cock, don't you, bitch?' he  said. ‘Yes, Mistress‘. ‘Say it. Say, you love sucking cock'. ‘I love sucking cock, Mistress', i told him ‘Keep sucking, sissy. Take your other hand and stroke your clit dick. I want you to cum with that tiny thumb penis in your mouth!'. It only took him like 20 seconds and a couple of strokes to cum. Then I made him go to bed with his lips glistening with pre-cum, his clit dick wet with sissy cream and his thumb still in his mouth. HAHAH!!! Does this sound  like something you'd like to do for me?... then  call me at 888 556 4586 Ask for yours truely.. OLIVIA!!

Coc Hunting

Posted by: MistressOlivia in Chastity on

So the other day I found myself Looking for some cock.. well not for me, I never need to look for cock.. it just comes to  So as I was saying, I was looking for some cock for a very horny fag.  He just cant get enough of those big cocks in his mouth.  I was surfing on a well know free list of things, for some horny guys in his area looking for a good cock sucker to swallow a big load of their cum.  He wanted it really bad and had spent hours on the phone begging for it.  We had been going over  possibilities.  Choices of cocks that needed sucking. We had to find the best one out of the bunch.  Hot, big ,nice body, under 45.  That's what he was looking for.  Maybe even a massive black cock, but he felt like he wasn't the best deep throat cocksucker so maybe we should wait on that.  So finally, after about 3 hrs of hunting, I found the right one.  Someone a little smaller that him in stature, 28 yrs old, hot body, very nice thick cock.  I emailed this guy on behalf of my horny slave.  Then my slave hung up the phone in an attempt to contact this other man for a suckfest.  About an hour and a half later I get a call from him telling me that he is with this man now and that he has found out that this guy, lets say John, is a also a crossdresser.  That he really loves to be feminine. But the twist is that my slave really is the one that loves to suck cock.  (I know you would be thinking it would be the crossdresser right?)  I'm really never completely surprised when dealing with these weirdos.  So anyway, the crsossdresser just is going to sit their and get his cock sucked while I listen.  I told My slave  to put john on the phone.   I asked him what he was doing. He explained that he was dressed up in high heels, corset, pink silk panties and a blonde wig. He explained to me that he was very horny and couldnt wait for my slave to pull his panties down and suck his cock. I told him to tell my slave it was ok to start.  They both were so excited that within 5 mins. the crossdresser was cumming in my slaves mouth and on his face.  I laughed, it was rather entertaining and rediculous.  What a bunch of losers.  LOL!  What an image!  does this story turn you on? are you ready to play this real with me?  Then call me! 888 556 4586

Well, they finally arrived. My wife decided that it was time for a "boob job" and move from size 4 to size 10 forms.She has had me wearing a bra and the smaller forms for about 2 years almost every day. Since I have a big frame, they are not very noticeable under a loose shirt unless you looked hard.  The Wife feels that I should always be reminded of my subordinate role and her control of not just my cock, but all aspects of how I dress and what I do or don't do.

I guess I was getting just a little too comfortable and a little sloppy so she decided to make a more visible statement so to speak. We went shopping last week, and I was directed into Macy's to purchase three new bras. For my forms I prefer a underwired demi-cup bra, and a "B" cup push-up bra for regular wear. I picked out three nice ones, size 40B, and started to walk to the check out stand. As I approached it, my wife suddenly grabbed the bras and started into me about buying the wrong size. 

Rather loudly it was made clear that I was supposed to get a 40D cup, unlined with full underwire and plenty of support. She asked how did I expect a "D" sized breat to fit in a "B" cup, and so on.... With that she asked one of the clerks where the plus sized full support bras were. The clerk, probably no more than 20 years old, led us to the back wall, and suggested that Bali made by far the best full support bra. 

So you think you’re god’s gift to women huh? Convinced that you can please any woman any time?
But you’ve only got a few inches, and its not very impressive.  Maybe the girls you’re with are faking it.
You can find out what a pleasure or a pain in the ass you are to women by having a good long talk
with Miss Frankie.  Have questions about your sucess in the sac?  I’ll tell it like it is and make sure you
know that you are most definitely NOT any prize to be sought after.

Want to read something funny? How about the requests I get, begging for my attention!!

lets talk im white 28
6ft2 195lbs into cuckold humuiliation i have a small dick and i come quick i need to be a cuckold sub, i am experienced have few limits, i can take a strap on a good whipping love humiliation and cream pie eating… mike


slave Journal

March 27, 2009

Tonight i will be entertaining Mistress Zel.  i have been scheduled to have the remaining hair below my neck (chest and under-arm areas) removed tonight while Mistress watches.  i have yet to learn the manner in which it will be done: by razor or Nair.   i am certain i will be left with the markings of an absolute slave.  I simply cannot imagine any plausible reason a man would be without any body hair except that he is a slave and has been left to deal with it!

Love Lockdown


For the last two years I have been dating the most amazing woman that I have ever been with. We began our relationship as ‘switches’ for the first several months, but it soon became apparent that I was more of a sub then a Dom, and that she enjoyed holding a dominant position over me. Our relationship has allowed us both to learn and grow into these roles, and increase the level of dominance that she holds over me. We have compiled an expansive number of toys and tools, and I have spent countless hours designing and constructing specialized furniture such as a queening stool that she can lock me into while she watches television, I also built a special footstool that traps and exposes my cock and balls at her feet so she can tease and torture me at her whim. We also have a cbt chair, an inescapable spanking bench, and countless whips, clamps, paddles, strap-ons, and too many other toys to mention. We also purchased a CB6000 about a year ago, and she has been enjoying keeping me locked for increasing lengths of time, and we are both interested in her possibly exploring cuckolding me. She attends school about two hours from my home, so I am locked during the week, and only let out on the weekends, when we can be together. The CB6000 has the effect of deepening my submissive feelings, and we both love the way it makes me so much more attentive, compliant, and submissive to her. I text, email, and call her several times a day, every day, and drive to her during the week whenever bidden to do so, even if it’s only for a cup of coffee, and an hour or two of teasing in her dorm room before she sends me home sexually frustrated. When she chooses to let me out on the weekends, the sex is amazing. (click below to read more)

Over the past few days the topic of Total Power Exchange has come up in conversation with a few different people. At Midori, she posed the question "Is there such a thing as a 24/7 TPE relationship?" The audience gave mixed answers and, if I had to guess, I would say the answer was 50/50. She answered with a resounding "NO"!! She went on to give this example: If the Dominant was to order the submissive to hold their breath indefinitely, would the submissive be able to obey? Well the answer is obvious - NO! The human body would take over and, after the sub passed out, the body would resume breathing. I thought that answer didn't really make a good case for a TPE not being possible.

When I think of 24/7 D/s or Total Power Exchange, I think of what the submissive is CAPABLE of giving control of over to the Dominant. I think of things like: sex, financial decisions, parenting decisions, free time decisions, etc. I do not think of things the submissive does not have any control over, which would include bodily functions. Yes, the submissive can give over urinating and defecating, where permission has to be given before evacuation can be made, but what if the Dominant does not ever give permission to use the bathroom? Eventually the submissive will make a huge mess. So, does he or she really have control over that function? NO!!

I am just starting to read more about TPE (total power exchange) so I am by no means an expert on the subject. I have also been asked lately if I am ever just "normal" with my husband. Where we are equals? I have been thinking about this and I have come to the following observations. First, in any relationship there is a dominant and submissive balance. Even with friends, usually one is more dominant in the relationship than the other. In my marriage, I have more control over CERTAIN aspects of the marriage. This has always been though. In the past, before D/s, if I wanted to watch a particular program on TV, in the end we would end up watching what I wanted. There might have been arguing and pouting, but I would have gotten what I wanted. The only difference now is I am being freely given the right to watch whatever I want, with none of the arguing or pouting. Presto, D/s is born in our marriage. What is different - the mindset of the parties involved. My husband made a decision to hand over his power, which includes his arguing, pouting and generally unlikable behaviour. He sees it now as a gift he is giving me, instead of something I am taking from him. On the surface the only thing that has changed is him.

Some people say that the submissive is really the one in control. Actually it takes both to make it work. The sub has to be willing to give control and the Domme has to be willing to take control. I like to look at it a little different - the submissive is freely giving up his rights to control and giving it to the Dominant. This is what makes it a gift. In a relationship where the D/s is strictly in the bedroom, the submissive is still giving up his right to control the situation. Once the Dominant accepts that gift, a power exchange has occurred. Pretty simple. Well the same thing happens in a lifestyle or 24/7 D/s relationship. Instead of the submissive saying "OK, I will give you the power to do whatever you want for the next hour", the 24/7 lifestyle submissive is saying "OK, I will give you the power to do whatever you want for our entire relationship".
In any marriage there is a Dominant partner and a submissive partner. Society tells us that the man is the Dominant and the wife is the submissive. When people think of a regular marriage, where there is no D/s, they see that as completely normal. They do not think that the woman is sitting at the man's feet waiting to be given permission to speak. So why do people think that in a FemDom marriage, it is not just as normal as a vanilla marriage? Like Ms. Rika says "We are no different!" My husband does not sit at my feet every night, not allowed to speak or change the channel on the TV. The only difference between us and "regular" folks is I am being given the power to have my husband sit at my feet when I want. I have been given the power to make the final decision on certain things, like anything to do with this lifestyle. I decide when and how we have sex. I decide when and if my husband gets to orgasm. I decide who will cook in our household. My husband still decides when the bills get paid, when he goes to work, what he eats and when he speaks.
When we go to dinner or the movies, we still hold hands. He walks beside me and acts like a gentleman, opening doors and pulling out my chair. We are a lifestyle FemDom couple but in most cases you can't tell us apart from all the other "vanilla" couples. I decide how, when and where we have our power exchange and to what extent. If we are going out to dinner and I specifically tell my husband that he is to ask permission for everything while we are out, that is just a game I play with him, to exaggerate the level of control. I have the power in the relationship to do that. If we go to dinner and I do not make him ask permission for everything does that mean we are acting "normal"? No, it just means the level of control I am enforcing is that he doesn't have to ask permission for anything, that in itself is control.
So the bottom line is the mindset. There is never any question who is in control of our marriage and everything it encompasses. My final word is law, period. Most days our interactions are just as normal as any other couple out there. There is just a firm understanding that I make the rules and whatever those rules are, my husband is to obey them. When he is unsure of a rule, it is his place to get clarification and it is my place to communicate with him what I am expecting. On most days we seem as normal as anyone else. Actually we are quite different. We are madly in love and anyone that is within 500 yards can tell that. More than 50% of marriages end in divorce, maybe those "vanilla" couples should be more like us!! One can only hope!

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I'm a single and slightly frustrated man. I brought a CB2000 about a month ago and eventually got up the courage to put it on. I have now had it on for six days and I am surprised how easy that has been, especially since I am prone to fairly frequent erections -- of course prevented by the device but enough to be uncomfortable. The overwhelming emotion that I have felt whilst wearing it is one of being somehow protected or safe.

It's the same with cross dressing; wearing a bra and tights makes me feel loved and protected. Crazy, eh?

I would really like to find a local keyholder who could take me to the next stage of submission. Oh well. I can dream...

Yesterday was a great day!

Home alone the whole day.

For others reasons I'm not in a chastity device in this period and, till 6 days ago, I was a bad sissy. Everyday I touched myself until pleasure one o two time a day from al least two mounth now.

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