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Yahoo Chastity Groups
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  Link   Lysa's Chastity slaves
The Group is owned by Mistress Lysastrata, and maintained by Her trusted slave, Requirements are: you must have a chastity device. plastic tags, camera or web-cam, Mistress Lysastrata will be your online keyholder, for Her pleasure, and your frustrat
  Link   Chastity Tubes - A Place For Chastity Tube Talk
This club will focus on all types of chastity devices, but focus on the chastity tubes, ie Mistress Lori's Chastity Tube, Remy's Chastity Tube and the CB2000, just to name a few. Would love to see homemade belts, also.
  Link   Chastity Talk
This club is a support and discussion group for men and women interested in being chastised or in chastising others. This is a place to make friends, chat, ask advise and share experiences involving all type of chastity devices.
  Link   Chastitybelt
This list concerns the historical and current use of chastity belts (male and female) throughout the world. Current applications and psychological implications are discussed.
  Link   Chastitybelt Escape Club
Chastity belt escape club - the place for belted women to exchange ideas
  Link   Forced Male Chastity
This group is for those women who were forced into chastity by someone at some time in their life or women who are excited by the idea of wearing a chastity belt.
  Link   Forced Chastity
This group is for those women who were forced into chastity by someone at some time in their life or women who are excited by the idea of wearing a chastity belt.
  Link   Keepin Men in Chastity
Hello Chastity Belt enthusiasts. This is a place for everyone, no matter if your straight, gay or whatever to talk about being controlled via a stainless steel chastity belt. Keyholders and those who wear belts are incouraged to participate.
  Link   Locked up in Texas
A new group for the discussion of chastity and the reason we are interested in Chastity.
  Link   Malechastity
Guys, let's get together and share our interests in chastity belts and devices, masters and victims!
  Link   The Chastity Club
Where Women have fun, and the men get none!
  Link   TimeLockChastity
Yahoo group dedicated to users of TimeLock software for chastity control.  The TimeLock allows you to place the keys to your chastity device in a time locked container.  This is great for guys that hold there own keys!!!
  Link   Tollyboy Belt Group
This if for people who own or wear products made by tollyboy uk. And everybody interested in Tollyboy belts.
  Link   University Chastity
Group for university students interested in chastity.
  Link   Chastity Talk 2
Canadian chastity discussion group.
  Link   Las Mujeres como Diosas para ser Adoradas
Our Yahoo Community is growing, 1100 people! (this is by the moment, the only group about Chastity and Orgasm Denian and Control in Spanish lenguage!), dedicated to Increase the Power in any Women using the sexual libido in Men to cont
  Link   chastity of the male for/ by female
this is my group based on male chastity and female supremacy
  Link   Orgasm Denial: XXX Groups
XXX rated Yahoo style group about chastity and orgasm denial.
  Link   Chastity Piercings
Chastity piercings.both permanent and temporary.
  Link   Chaste Relationships
Chaste relationships - Use Chastitybelts to control sex and orgasms
  Link   Chastity Piercing for Girls
Everything to do with female chastity piercings. Please post opinions and experiences about female chastity by piercing. Images of female chastity piercings are most welcome.
  Link   Neosteel Group
New group for people who are locked in a neosteel chastitybelts, keyholders or just curious about the chastitybelt lifestyle.
  Link   chastity captions
This group already filled and closed.(1month!) I hope this is a softer group with out the cuckolding and more about men who are kept locked by a caring woman who know's better than him what he needs. Check the files for big pics. Thanks and see you i
  Link   cuckoldinchastity · WHERE WOMEN HAVE ALL THE FUN & MEN NONE
This is the best know and largest group on cuckoldry and chastity lifestyle. About dom's who chastise their subs and enjoy a promiscuous sexlife themselves.
  Link   Intro to Chastity Group
Discussion group created to discuss the introduction of a chastity regime into your relationship.
  Link   East Coast Chastity
This is a group for those, interested in or living in Chastity/Femdom, This group was originally based in the Mid-Atlantic states, but anyone is welcome to join. As long as your posts concern Chastity, or Femdom.
  Link   Chastity - Denial of sexual activities group
A place where people can meet and share their interest in chastity. Share photos, stories, advices, links, resources on the net, even might find your next key holder. Be ready for a life with complete denial of all sexual activities.
  Link   Blue_Balls · Enforced Chastity and Denial
Blue Balls!! Ladies and property (subs of all versions) are invited to join this power exchange group. Topics and stories include enforcing and controlling orgasmic release. Sharing of techniques, pictures, and stories of control, tease, denial, Domi
  Link   Female Keyholders
For the female keyholders who keep their husbands locked in chastity belts and devices. Here we can talk and exchange ideas and stories. This is a FEMALE ONLY group.
  Link   Chastity Group "New" for Texas and others
A new group for the discussion of chastity and the reason we are interested in Chastity.
  Link   Carrara Chastity
A Group for all those people, male & female, currently wearing, or would like to be locked up in a Carrara Concept Chastity Belt. Key holders are also welcome too!
  Link   Chastity Fetish
This group is for everyone who has any interest in chastity, orgasm denial, Male or Female, Keyholder and control of the other partner, be it Gay or straight everyone is welcome.
  Link   Jills Teasing and Denial & Orgasm Denial
  Link   Forced Abstinence
This is a membership forum to discuss being denied by any means. Chastity devices, commands/requests, self denial, or any other means.
  Link   chastity-talk · Canadian-Chastity
This group is for disscussion, stories, manufacturer information, Photos both male and female links.
  Link   My KeyHolder
This group was established for all those interested in chastity and the chastity lifestyle. Whether you are currently in chastity or thinking about it, currently a keyholder or looking to become one or simply interested in exchanging ideas and learni
  Link   CB-3000 Male Chastity Device
Great group on the CB3000 chastity device.
  Link   Degradation Of Shema
This Group Charts the use, humiliation and degradation of my Shemale Sub Shema, it is here for my enjoyment, her education, and hopefully your pleasure.
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