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DickCage Print E-mail
Written by morpheus
product review DickCage

At a glance the ‘DickCage’ chastity device looked very promissing, especially with the test result scheme as shown on the dedicated site for the device. 
My keyholder decided She wanted to have one, because of the soft materials used, and since I’m driving motor cycles this thing might be the solution for a comfortable ride.

She paid € 105,- and got the Dick Cage delivered within two weeks. I was confronted with it and had to wear it. After two hours we decided to put on ‘The Curve’ again, because the Dick Cage never even fulfilled the basics of chastity.

The ring was pretty hard to put on. My balls didn’t fit easy and I had to push my genitals through, which was painfull. We both also agreed at once, that it was the most ugly thing we ever tried.

After wearing the DickCage for two hours the plastic material caused severe burning on my skin. It felt like having blisters on my feet and the Dick Cage also seemed to slip off. I could pull out my dick easily. She suggested that we needed a smaller ring, but than I showed Her how difficult it was to put my genitals through with this size of ring and we decided that couldn’t be the reason.

The Dick Cage just isn’t a working chastity device. The test results must be fake.

Our advice: Don’t buy this thing.

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