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Exobelt Issues Print E-mail
After two and a half days in the Exobelt it was removed for a safety check and adjustment.  I was a little concerned at the condition of my balls upon removal.  I now believe the problem was simple moisture build up that caused the skin to become prune like.  Similar to what happens to your hands and feet after a long bath.  24 hours out of the belt solved the problem and I am now locked again in the Exobelt.  This puts me nearly 8 days into my chastity with no orgasims.  One more day and I tie my previous record of 9 days...
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written by dalwilli, June 12, 2009
my Wife locks me in the V1, but after just a couple of days it is very uncomfortable. my balls/sack begin to be pinched between the ring and the cover...any suggestions? i think the problem is my ball size is too big. we like the V1 because of the total cover makes it easy to do workout, ride a bike...whatever, without pinching.

I find the CB3000 very comfortable for long term use. we also just ordered the new ExoBelt Extreme and are looking forward to trying it.

the end goal is to find a device that will be comfortable for long term use (1month+).
written by cushnwa, April 11, 2009
I have one on order and can hardly wait ...smilies/cheesy.gif
exobelt V1
written by jojobean2, March 21, 2009
Jenny and i work together, and i am on her web site locked in the exobelt V1. All in all, it's an excellent device- comfortable and very good under clothes. The one issue i've had is the positioning of the balls below the rings and inside the cage. It can be tricky, and sometimes it does take a few attempts to make it work. The shorter, narrower penis tube is actually very comfortable, even though i was thick and well-endowed before chastity. Jenny wondered whether i could fit in the tube, but i can honestly say that it is the easiest to get into, and is quite comfortable. The longest i have been locked in the V1 is about 4 days. It's a good idea to take it off for cleaning about every 3 days or so. Because it's a closed cage design, both the device and the penis can develop odors. i find that soaking in dishwashing liquid, and using a toothbrush on it makes it clean and ready for lockup. And i like the idea of being locked and being unable to touch anything. i know that's what Jenny wants for us, and i'm happy to please her. You can see pictures of me on her product web site:, click on the V1 and click on the link for "see a man locked in the V1". The top 3 pictures are me.

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