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Diary of a Rubber Chastity Maid Print E-mail
Written by Rubber Chastity Doll

Diary of a Rubber Chastity Maid

Part One: A Maid In Training


 'CLICK' the lock sounds shut. I lift my black shiny skirt, then my black frilly petticoat and stare down at my newly purchased (and locked) chastity belt. I adjust my garters so that they lift my thigh high stockings into proper position. I bend over and buckle up both of my little dolly shoes.  My fake inflatable boobs push against my knees as I bend over, when they are fully inflated they are Much larger then my natural breasts and make my daily chores much more difficult.

I attach my apron, adjust my maids  cap and collar, do my make up and put my hair in little pig tails. I glance at myself in the mirror, a reflection of a rubber doll stares back at me. My cock (clitty) tries with all its might to become erect but is denied by the chastity belt I have recently put on. This is a feeling I will have to become quite adjust to.

Rubber Chastity Maid

 In a haze of lust I search the room for the key to my belt. I drop to my knees as I realize not only have I hidden the key on myself but I have thrown out all of my other clothes and only kept naughty maids outfits to wear.

'RING' The door bell rings! I frantically search my house for something else to wear but only find more maids outfits and a full body latex catsuit.

'RIIIING' Again the door bell chimes. Quickly, I stand in front of the mirror, adjust my outfit, put on some extra lip gloss, and head to answer the door.

 "What have I gotten myself into?"



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Sissy Elaine
written by Sissy Elaine, June 24, 2009

Please keep writing!!!!
Rubber Chastity Doll
written by Rubber Chastity Doll, June 18, 2009
Does anyone want to write the next part of my Blog and describe what happens to me next? Extra points are given for creativity! smilies/grin.gif
written by esem, May 06, 2009
we need more.. what happens next?

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