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How to Milk a Sissy Print E-mail
Written by MistressOlivia

I consider sissy milking as merely a ritual to amuse myself and a way to push my sissy training much beyond many of their limits. It's not about your pleasure sissy, it's about mine. You don't deserve to stroke your clit to your silly fantasies, you can only milk it to my instructions!! LOL his is a story about something I did to one of my sissy bitches. Try not to play with your self..LOL!

I prevented him from touching his clit for a few days Making sure he was on the edge and ready to obey my every comand because I knew he really wanted to cum. Then finally on the day I decided to milk him I had him strip naked and asume the sissy bitch position on all fours like a shameles slut with his sissy marbles and clit dangling obscenely between his spread knees. I called him my bitch dog and had him bark and wag his ass. Then I had him crawl to his bed and had him lift one leg and hump the corner of his bed while moaning like a bitch in heat. All the while I was laughing my ass off and desided I was satisfied with his obedience, I had him grip his little nub with just his thumb and forefinger and gently stroke it in a milking motion. Nothing fast and hard, really slow so that it wasn't too exciting.  Immediately, his little dicklet started oozing pre-cum. Then I yelled  "Take your sissy drippings and use it as lipstick, bitch. I want your lips glistening with pre-cum. Do it now!', I ordered and He quickly obeyed.

Then I said ‘Now, do you want to suck cock or get fucked by one, today?'. He froze, I could hear the panc in his voice.  He was Like 'Mistress, I am not gay. I don't want either'. I replied with, "oh yeah awww..well,  I don't give a fuck! . If you want to squirt now, you have to fantasize about one or the other. Or, I will put you back in chastity for one more week. So, what is it sissy? Do you want a cock in your mouth or your pussy?' Just like a little bitch dog in heat and obviously wanting to cum really bad, He mumbled ‘mouth, Mistress'. ‘You want to be a cocksucker?', I laughed, ‘then, say it slut'. HE said ‘I want to be a cocksucker, Mistress', I told him how ashamed he should be and how low he had gone just to squirt his filthy sissy juice.  But, the humiliation only made his usally limp dicklet harder! I yelled, ‘Say it Louder, slut'.  He said ‘I want to be a cocksucker, Mistress'. ‘I said louder, slut'. ‘I want to be a cocksucker, Mistress'. ‘I can't fucking hear you'. Finally I had him screaming on his knees with his tiny dicklet between his fingers, ‘I WANT TO BE A COCKSUCKER!'. ‘Again BITCH!'. ‘I WANT TO BE A COCKSUCKER!'. ‘Stop milking your clitty and put your thumb in your mouth, sissy. and Suck it!',  I was laughing uncontrollably at this point. Then I told him, ‘Since this is your first cock, I am starting with a small penis, but soon you are going to learn to suck a real man's cock, you filthy whore!', I could hear him I suck his pre-cum soaked thumb. ‘You like sucking cock, don't you, bitch?' he  said. ‘Yes, Mistress‘. ‘Say it. Say, you love sucking cock'. ‘I love sucking cock, Mistress', i told him ‘Keep sucking, sissy. Take your other hand and stroke your clit dick. I want you to cum with that tiny thumb penis in your mouth!'. It only took him like 20 seconds and a couple of strokes to cum. Then I made him go to bed with his lips glistening with pre-cum, his clit dick wet with sissy cream and his thumb still in his mouth. HAHAH!!! Does this sound  like something you'd like to do for me?... then  call me at 888 556 4586 Ask for yours truely.. OLIVIA!!

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