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Chastity Lifestyle
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Chastity Lifestyle

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Written by extremetease

It's thursday night. I met my princess online! She just adore chastity! She wanted me to go into chastity if i want to be worthy for her. I like having orgasms a lot. I masturbate everyday. Will I say no to this wonderful mistress? She is sooo tempting. I really want to make her happy. She wants me veryy much. I mean she wants my ass!!! She finds me adorable and wants to take me like a girl:) to fuck me with her strapon!!! that makes me feel very weired. Me the Macho man, very muscular,who practices sports everyday, and head of his company!!! But she is sooooo tempting!! She just wants me! She wants me into chastity because that makes her happy! She wants to make love with me her way. Not sooo many times i felt that somoene desires me sexually that much,i wil. I felt sooo tempted that i accepted to be under her control. I am very tempted by her desires, plus i always felt that i like to serve my PRINCESS. I will do anythig to make her happy and to make her feel that i am willing to do anything to make her satisfied. To make a long story short, I agreed to go into chastity and use a cb6000. I want her to be flying from excitement, i want to excite her the maximum possible. I know she is member at this site, so i decided to make her a surprise!!! to apply for a full profile and show her how much i adore her! I will make her smiling all day long, aroused by my thoughts, wondering what i shall do for her next! She is PRINCESS LEXUS, and i am her chastity slave. I will make her proud of me, and make every mistress envy her for what she has got! i know she hes lot of chastized males at her feet, but i will be the best!

Today is friday, it has been 18 hours without a full erection or any orgasm. I can't stop thinking of my Princess. I am so excited. My balls are working full speed. I feel them already full with sexual energy and seeking relief. I am in constant soft arousal. Sometimes it's very painful, and my balls are aching because i am not used to chastity belts. I swam for one hour while wearing my chastity belt. I never did that before. I was in constant arousal all the time feeling the water on my balls and my cock caged with my cb.My Princess i am doing this for you. Are you happy? do i deserve you? am i making you hot?

I just want you to know that i am planning to make u sooooo hot that you cannot stop thinking of me! I will make your imagination flow, your desires aroused, and your emotions stirred.

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