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John Pearsons

Castration Print E-mail
Written by carolie12

My Slave and I have been marriednine years, together twelve, during this time he has been in chastity, never once having sex with me.  We have both discussed taking his sissification to the ultimate.  I am thinking of having him castrated and he is willing to go along with my wish.  I wold like to know other's views either positve or negative and also if anyone has any advice to give I would much appreciate it.



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Hot topic
written by Chongo, September 25, 2015
The thought of being permanently denied sex is too hot, 12 years damn... I'm jealous. I'm sure that the thrill is intensafied by the threat of their removal, so permanent. His approval gives you so much to use when challenging his manhood/masculinity especially when divulging this revelation to others, a real man wouldn't conceive of such a thing. The removal may be too much but the threat of it happening can go on indefinately.
Keep my balls and cut the penis
written by Neosteel, February 09, 2014
What I'm looking for to give it as a present to my wife and KH is the idea to get my penis cut off and keep my balls to keep me as horny as possible without any chance to get a sexual satisfaction anymore?!
written by charlescorrado, July 21, 2013
Castration is a hot fantasy and that's it. Yes I get swollen in my cage to fantasise it. But once castrated that's it. Bye bye. Just stick to long term chastity and enjoy the ride!!!!
If Only
written by pussyslavejack, May 11, 2013
If only there had been the internet when i was young. i have been submissive all my life, but finding others was difficult. I had a girlfriend in high school that was a wrestler and loved to humiliate me for her friends. My friends thought it quite funny. when i got married it was to a catholic girl some 6 years my junior and my secrete desires were just that, secret. Had I know of sites like this and other Femme dommes i might have become the cuckolded, castrated husband i longed to be. When my marriage was failing, (totally cut off from sex) I broached the subject of me being her slave. Sadly, she thought it perverted. Even though she was actually controlling my sex life at the time. now i am 78 and have grown children so i cannot even indulge now. I do have a domme friend that would love to put me under lock and key. I wonder if I should do it?
written by bisson0, March 31, 2013
I am also in permanent chastity for 12 years and Mistress Sophie I wear women's underwear for 5 years and I adore a lot.
I am very happy with my situation
make him a bitch
written by vicci, March 15, 2013
I have been cukholding my hubby for 3yrs he has been on hormone treatment for 18mths to stop all hair growth & grow breast which he now has a 42GG bust.He also is going to have a pussy installed in 5 days time he is full agremment with this & can't wait to loose his virginty
Castration ....
written by cushnwa, December 02, 2012
Push the penis up into the lower abdomen and have it sewn in for a time ... This will give you a flatter appearance and make it impossible to get a true hard on ... Although you will be able ot ejaculate it will be different ... more feminine ... Similarly you could have your testicles placed into the lower abdomen ... similarly sewn in .. not necessarily permanent ...but certainly erotic ... mmm just have to find the right surgeon ...
Castration Plus
written by sirex, August 19, 2012
My girlfriend has become increasingly turned on with the thought of me not having a penis or balls. After I expressed some interest in being sexually restrained we started to experiment. She and I both did a lot of internet research with subsequent activities. She would tie up my penis and balls, then put me in panties. We then turned to taping, pulling my penis back very tightly between my legs and taping it very, very flat. She sometimes would pull these cords between my legs which cut into my flatness and created simulated lips. I would have to stay that way all day, especially on weekends and when we go out at night.

The result of this was the most amazing love making. I find myself incredibly turned on. We are both shaved, and I adore eating her. Being restrained the way I am, I find it next to impossible to orgasm. Our love making goes on and on. It is like constant foreplay. She has repeatedly told me that she loves my flat crotch and tells me over and over again what a lovely pussy I have. She bought me panties and bikini bottoms, which she has me wear as much as logistically possible. I hardly ever wear men's underwear any more. I am having the best sex of my life. It has been months since I have orgasmed inside her.

Lately, she has mentioned that she wants to get rid of my penis and balls and have me get a vagina. I go crazy with desire when she whispers it in my ear at night. She has already begun scouting out the best surgeons. She has no interest in turning me into more of a female than that. I have no interest in other clothes or breasts, long hair or makeup, just changing my genitals.

I truly never believed I would be so turned on by such things.

Total Slave
written by Total Slave, January 17, 2012
I agree totally with Fantasy Mstr. Being castrated isn't as attractive as it may sound unless all you want is servitude because what you feel now you won't without your balls. A penectomy on the other hand is the way to go if you really want permanent frustration without really getting full satisfaction. I would do either if my Domina wanted that but if I ever do get a penectomy or castration, I would hope that She would take me all the way and would have me undergo surgery to become her female slave. By the way, your comment on a penile prothesis is very interesting. Balls but no dick and still be able to satisfy your Mistress/Master whenever they wanted it but not be able to feel it. I like that.
written by chastityman2, May 16, 2011
I used to have a woman who loved doing CBT to me: she used several or many rubber bands around my scrotum and penis, and loved watching them turn blue/black...we talked about removal and ending my sexual desire compleatly. She loved to lay back and have me lick her pussy while I felt the pain of the rubber bands...I used to eat her for an hour or so...I'd plead with her to cut the bands off, since I was loosing any feeling I had; fearing I might be castrated soon...she would laugh and say, "so what, isn't that what you want"? I would return to licking and lapping her wet pussy. I really miss her a lot, and sadly my new GF won't even consider playing those games...smilies/sad.gifsmilies/sad.gif
Serious topic
written by mypet, April 17, 2011
My Lady prefers me to have as smooth crotch look as possible. The tucked look is a real turn on for both of us. Castrastion would change thing as in no return. That is the only way to move forward to becoming the perfect feminized sissy. Castration to transgender is the step from what i have read. The thought of one getting fulfillment from the submissive dream to the trangender realilty.
My reality is if MyLady ever really decided that She want me castrated it would happen but i wouldn't do it by myself.
Sincerely mypet
Penectomy and penile prosthesis
written by FantMstr, July 01, 2010
Surgery of any type is a very serious step. One of the problems as stated above is the loss of the testes reduces the sex drive and thus lessens the "frustration" factor. One "solution" I have heard of a penectomy. The penis is removed leaving the testes. Drive yes, ability to do something about it no. No place to even touch that has sensation and gives a nice smooth front.

Another thing I have already posted about is a penile prosthesis. There are pump up types. The penis is always flaccid unless it is pumped up.

My two cents worth.

Fantasy Mstr
Hi all.
written by chastityman2, June 05, 2010
Hi all, I am new to this site, but not new to male chastity, cuckolding, and castration. I love the concept of perminant chastity; too bad I don't have a woman friend to play this out? I love the cuckold fantasy, however back in the 60s, 70s, and early 80s, eating a cream pie; mine or some other guy, wasn't a big ex first wife cheated on me, and would come home drunk or high, and before she could get to the shower, I was down on her wet messy, and used pus...we never talked about what happened the night before, but we both knew.
Now castration, I love the fantasy; I imagine having my testes removed, my penis taken away, or both...however I agree if it were done for real, my desire would be totally gone, and I would be useless.
So keep the castration a fantasy, but doing the chastity thing is a wonderful reality. And cuckolding a male by feeding him creampies are a risky thing, since we have STDs like AIDS and such...however feeding him his creampie and sitting on his face to make sure he gets every drop, is sexond wife loved this, but she has since moved on. I am single, retired and looking, and I would consider being with woman/women, or even a safe couple...older of course, since I am over 60.
I mourn...
written by wallad, May 29, 2010
As i stated in my introductory post...i was born with penis and one testicle which and a complete vagina. i feel a deep sadness about not having the penis i was born with. (i don't think about or mourn the testicle that they removed)I can even imagine i see my penis there all floppy and useless and small. i long for it. If i had it i would love for Daddy to spank it and laugh at it and tell me how small and useless it is and compare it to his own exceptionally thick cock. Actually, Daddy does make fun of the fact that when i had one, it was very small. He does tease me about that.

My Daddy says that he loves his sissy boy with or without a penis (although i know he would really love if i had mine, no matter how small it was).

Maybe it is different for a female owner of a sissy than it is for a male owner of a sissy boy. Or perhaps it's a threat that a sissy who still has his penis feels threatened by.

Thank you.
written by Russelyn, January 31, 2010
Allabout is most insightful. There is a site called Eunuch Archives that is devoted to castration. There seems to be a great deal of health issues as well as psychological decay regarding castration-proceed with all the information you can obtain.
written by allabout, January 07, 2009
Carolie 12,

This is a PS. I did not wish to offend your status by referring to your "slave" as your "husband". My beautiful Goddess wife only refers to me as her "husband" so it is habit NOT to use the word slave but of course every relationship is different. Her friends find it much more exciting and possibly more credible when she describes the way she treats me using the term "husband". I think the reason is that many of them see little chance of their husbands being slaves but can see the possibility of gradually luring them into "orgasm denial" whilst still referring to them as husbands.

Anyway I apologize if I offended your status which is not what I intended.


written by allabout, January 07, 2009
Hi Carolie 12,

I am a submissive husband and cuckold. However my beautiful Goddess wife and I have a wonderful "normal" relationship outside of the limited time we have to indulge our satisyfing "cuckolding". Generally I don't need a chastity device because I have great self-control and can quite easily go for months without ejaculation even though I eat loads of spring onions [scallions] which greatly increase the amount of semen and thus desire in a male.

So regarding castration.........My Goddess teases me with this from time to time but it is not likely to happen for the simple reason that the whole point of orgasm denial is exactly that! My Goddess likes to control my occassional ejaculation but she readily admits that after castration there would be nothing to control! Also her orgasm becomes mine so when she orgasms that is my satisifaction which is not likely to be the case after castration. A castrated male has no desire or passion so after castration giving his female an orgasm is a duty NOT a passion.

The best way to analyse this over the next few months is to think when you are doing things to your husband what it would be like doing it if he was castrated. EG if you derive pleasure from severely caning his ball sac YOU would lose out obviously so it would be YOU who suffered NOT him.

The threat of castration is much more exciting than the after affects of castration. Also if he is willing to go along with your wish for castration then there is little point doing it because the excitement should be for you doing it against his wishes.

The only scenario I can see where his castration would NOT interfere with your enjoyment is if you are lucky enough to possess 2 males [which doesn't appear to be the case]. where you could castrate him but still have one fully intact male to tease in the usual way.

My beautiful Goddess loves castration but prefers it in the abstract in the sense that she loves the idea of teasing bound males who are about to be castrated and being responsible for their last ejaculation at the point of castration. Then she can walk away and tease me fully intact so to speak.

Castration is pretty final! Don't deprive yourself of the endless pleasure over the years of gradually destroying your husband's ball sac. Enjoy it - that is why you were born!

Best regards,


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