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Club FEM: Overview and Device Reviews Print E-mail
Chastity Device Reviews
Written by admin (maid lexis*)
What is ClubFEM?

ClubFEM is BDSM organization for Female dominants and submissive men. FEM is an acronym for "Females Enslaving Males". The term "club" does not refer to a place or location but an organization of people coming together based on their mutual interest of Female domination and male submission.

The M. C. D. (Male Chastity Device) is an all-plastic device which was developed to insure total control by the Mistress/Domme over Her male slave's sexual activities. The device is offered through ClubFEM for $40.00, which includes postage and handling.

Five locking strips are included with the M. C. D. and more are be available in lots of 5. We recommend the standard electrical tie-wrap (which you can get at any hardware store) be used to test the device and learn how to properly use it.

This is the M. C. D. and the 5 securing strips which come with it. These strips are special electrical tie-wraps with a tab on them which the Mistress can write Her name and date on to insure the slave won't cut the strip off.

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