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Sexual Psychology of Male Chastity Print E-mail
Written by admin (maid lexis*)
A Game of Sexual Psychology
On a psychological plane, BDSM "play" involves power and dominance, in particular power exchange, in which one person, the submissive, willingly hands over power to another person, the dominant. This can range from addressing another person as "Master" or "Mistress" for a ten-minute scene, to a witnessed, formal collaring with a lifelong agreement which micro-manages the submissive's life.  And it also includes chastity.  Chastity "play" could take place over a relatively short period of time, say from hours to a full day.  Or, some practitioners of chastity incorporate chastity into there the way of living - thus creating a chastity lifestyle.

Chastity, when redefined in the context of "Erotic Sexual Denial", is equated with orgasm denial as part of total power exchange (TPE). TPE is an established part of BDSM and chastity is simply an extension of this philosophy in which a partner, usually the submissive male, gives up their access to orgasm to another person. Chastity belts are usually used for denial of stimulation.  Though it can be debated that if a person is in submission to a dominant and orgasm control is part of there verbal agreement, that it should be followed with or without a chastity device.  Our take on that is that a chastity device is simply a physical extension of the ownership that is taken by the dominant.  Also, many couples practice chastity play outside a formal D/s setting. Taking a more tantric approach to short term orgasm control to ultimately increase the male orgasm at a future date.

Erotic Sexual Denial
Orgasm denial or orgasm control is a sexual practice where a person, usually a male, is kept in the plateau phase of the sexual response cycle for an longer than normal length of time. Otherwise known as keeping them "on the edge".  Some would say long term case of "blue balls".  Which by the way is a MYTH men use to get laid! Erotic sexual denial is usually done as part of a vanilla sex game, a BDSM scene or practiced in a D/s lifestyle. Depending on the nature of "the game" and those participating, the wearer may either be A.) allowed an orgasm at the end of play (which usually produces an orgasm that is generally much stronger than normal), or B.) the wearer is deliberately denied an orgasm, in which case the wearer will generally feel extreme feelings of sexual frustration.  Usually, in a D/s or BDSM context a blend of both options is used to create feelings of frustration and control by the dominant partner.

For some, and especially in a D/s context this feeling of frustration is part of the "subspace" that submissive's experience as part of physical and/or psychological play.  Going into subspace is a physiological and psychological descent from total consciousness to the relaxing, uninhibited plane that is subspace - it can be mind blowing and for many a mind expanding experience that submissives yearn for and strive to acheive. ("Some compare the ability to put oneself in subspace to being able to "see" the images in a "Magic Eye" drawing - it may take some time to adjust your vision at first, but eventually, the hidden picture is visible to you almost immediately.")

Long Term Orgasm Denial
It is said that males can be kept in denial for extended periods of up to several weeks (periods around 2 - 4 weeks each time are often quoted as being trouble free), although there will be an emotional and psychological impact from the artificial suppression of such a powerful drive.  Both Maid Lexis and Miss believe anything over 4 weeks of chastity is long term.  "Most" chastity games are held over a period of a few days to a week.  That being said, in some D/s relationships both the submissive male and dominant female find that extreme long term chastity works for them.  It is possible to keep a submissive male in chastity for periods of 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months or longer.  This is extreme orgasm denial, control and submission.  It can be an amazing experience for both the dominant and submissive when practiced and managed properly with open communication.

The consequences for long term chastity are unclear, most sources seem to agree that the body will spontaneously reabsorb sperm, but that the prostate fluids should be removed regularly to reduce a later risk of cancer - This is usually done via a prostate milking. In cases of long term chastity the prostate will build up fluids and "best guess" estimates suggest the male should have this fluid removed about once or twice a month - obviously under the supervision and rules set forth by the dominant partner.  Feel free to tell us about your favorite teasing techniques or add your personal experience.

For females, the impact of long term denial seems to be mostly emotional and psychological, since there is no equivalent of prostate buildup or erection denial involved.
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written by MistressDevina, June 03, 2014

I"am Devina
Mistress in bdsm lifestyle seeking for my slave to owned
seeking for my worthy slave to owned
seeking for my loyal and devoted slave to owned
if you are willing to be that slave to owned
then let me see if you are worthy enough to be my slave to owned
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written by mcgwombs, February 04, 2009
blue balls isn't a myth, any high school boy will tell you that. I remember one time after I went to a movie with this girl I liked, we'd been rubbing each other through the whole movie, then when I got outta the theatre I couldn't hardly sit down again and had to pass on going back to her house, masturbation didn't even solve the problem
Maid Lewis, I am brand new to your website and I am ...
written by Becky, February 05, 2007
Maid Lewis,

I am brand new to your website and I am sitting here rocking an pelvic thrusting at 3 AM, for all the good it will do me. I cannot cum until my next appointment with my own domina, and she said I had to wait until Thursday. In the meantime, I can take care of my hygeine, and I am forbidden to touch myself..I cannot wait for my new bondage device to come in the mail, as I hope that will make my life easier. When I know that I can get to my weenie, I abuse myself as often as i can. That's why I need help keeping my hands off myself, saving me for my domina.
joanna thinks your points are well taken and she would ...
written by joe, September 16, 2006
joanna thinks your points are well taken and she would love to be the center of attention as a sissy maid being locked in her full coverage chastity belt with her hands locked behind her back. it would be like a dream come true to be come a full time chastity slave and to learn to obey every and all commands she is given.

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