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Cock Teasing Techniques: Tease & Denial
Maid Lexis Ready to Please Her Mistress.Submit your own favorite teasing techniques, ideas, teasing games and tips that just drive the poor boys crazy. 

My goodness what submissive men let happen to themselves.  It's a shame really, you could be fucking your wife/girlfriend but instead you submit to her bitchy little attitude and teasing games.  You don't really deserve to use that cock of yours anyway!

Just look at our little house maid Lexis.  Believe it or not in guy mode she's a bit of a "Man's Man". He's cute and could get any girl he wanted.  But instead she's now in chastity wearing a CB-3000.  She has limited access to masturbate and has not had an orgasm in months.  Instead of being a man -  she's almost prefers to be a bi, slutty TV maid who would rather please her Mistress by subjugating herself to humiliations...pleasing her Mistress and servicing her Mistress' male friends.  What a frustrated little slut? No more stroking that clitty for you honey..."Sissies don't get pussy they are pussy!".
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Item Title Author Hits
Dice System robin39 12201
An addendum to a slave contract bob 13175
the interview slavesven 8235
Figging WhiteKnight 14367
A teasing game for the Mistress having Her slave in chastity. bob 35077
loking for the one nathan 7088
mind games rathi vasant 12262
Hypnotic sissies Dianespet 12387
slave for Mistress alex 11530
Foot frustration tease vissuddi 12150
My development MaidCharly 9085
The joys of it Jay101200 10389
Transition Question ryan Flynn 9299
Does semen have anti depressant properties towanda 8623
subservient piggott 8036
for all you sissies uqor 19572
Cuckold "Chastity" Roulette admin (maid lexis*) 48988
Ultimate torture graphicman 39556
Instruments of Enslavement Subslut 23042
nipple play admin (maid lexis*) 11443
Little Brush admin (maid lexis*) 10290
Intimate Teasing admin (maid lexis*) 20307
Beat the clock admin (maid lexis*) 16722
Tease and Please - A Game of Erotic Chance admin (maid lexis*) 17159
Torment Game I admin (maid lexis*) 18130
Lotto Sex - Chastity Game admin (maid lexis*) 16743
The Chastity - Nipple Tease admin (maid lexis*) 26866
A Great Tease admin (maid lexis*) 16015
Punishment Tease admin (maid lexis*) 26464
office mistress admin (maid lexis*) 13464
Photo Tease admin (maid lexis*) 20945
The key to tease... admin (maid lexis*) 14114
Blind Man admin (maid lexis*) 8629
Could be tease or Game! admin (maid lexis*) 10280
Poker New game for release admin (maid lexis*) 11496
re blind man admin (maid lexis*) 6519
Night out key game admin (maid lexis*) 17622
Masturbation admin (maid lexis*) 19674
Intimate Teasing admin (maid lexis*) 17517
Puzzled ? admin (maid lexis*) 7983
Wheel of Frustration admin (maid lexis*) 19428
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