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Torment Game I Print E-mail
Written by admin (maid lexis*)
This is a little torment game that a domme can play with her male submissive. Includes bondage and CBT.

Players Attire
she is dressed in very very high high black heels, g string, very small black bra, black leather gloves up to her elbows.

he is naked, kneeling on a pillow she has laid out for him.

Bondage Position
his balls are bound and pulled behind him by a rope which runs to a door knob. his arms are tied behind him by the wrists and the elbows forcing him to crouch forward on his knees.

an additional rope is tied between his wrists and tied to another stationary post directly in front of him forcing his head closer to the ground.

Pre-Game Show
she walks in front of him making him stare at her shoes as they cross back and forth, clicking away. she orders him to insure that his eyes never stray from her heels.

she click directly in front of his face and crouches to reach beneath him and tease his nipples. she does this for quite sometime and until he moans with great pleasure, his nipples are raw and hard, and she has made his cock rise by this focused and unrelenting teasing.

Genital Positioning
she walks behind him and pulls his cock backward so that it rests upside down and out like a tail between his legs. She pulls the pillow backward to keep his cock in this position and begins to stroke its underside which by way of this position has become his cock's top.

The Contract
she asks him if he would like to be untied or left like this for a few hours. his muscles have begun to ache and of course he asks for release.

she offers to release him if he agrees to first allow her to play a game with him. he of course agrees. she takes a ball gag and while applying it and tying it behind his head she explains that the game is a game of moans. she stands before him again holding the rope that runs from his wrists and is the bane of his now aching back and armstand pulls it tighter increasing his anguish.

Rules of the Game
'Now slave you are to moan for me to indicate that you wish to be freed from this hardship. Three moans in a row indicate to me that you beg for mercy. However, I will only release you after you have begged after you have endured one more degree of cruelty from me.'

she walks slowly behind him and begins to stroke the top (bottom) of his cock. she brings him to the brink and stops many times. each time she stops she asks the slave:

'are you sure you don't want me to continue? please moan twice for me if you wish me to continue stroking you.' he of course moans twice. 'however, each time you moan twice for me i will tighten the rope from your hands increasing your arch, and then i will offer you more pleasure for your cock. and each time you moan for release from your bonds i will first bring you to the edge of orgasm, an orgasm you will not reach if you choose to be released from your bondage.' 'this of course will go on until one of two things occur:

1. you decide you can no longer bare your bondage and moan three times after i have brought you to the brink, which means of course that you will be released, yet you will leave here with a great case of blue balls. or

2. you endure as much of this as i wish - which will be a very very long time, and i reward you with an ejaculation before i release you from your bondage.'

'so you see slave you are really the one in control. are you ready?...'

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written by HammerHeart, April 07, 2013
I could have sworn that there'd be some door slamming involved at some
Oh my God ,,, I have to find someone to do this to me ...
written by ravenx42, April 03, 2007
Oh my God ,,, I have to find someone to do this to me!

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