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Ultimate torture Print E-mail
Written by graphicman
Very simple, put your sissy in his chastity devic. Now force feed him a Viagra pill, watch the begging begin!
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ultimate tease/torture
written by mick_interlaken, September 06, 2009
the ultimate tease and torture is knowing that she's going out to the club wearing these shoes (and Ihave to stay at home)
My wife brought home a portable toilet (handicap style ...
written by hersissyboy, October 22, 2008
My wife brought home a portable toilet (handicap style.) She then made me take a 20 mg pill of cialis...She then sits on the toilet seat (tub removed) and I'm forced to lay under it as she watches TV, reads, etc. She'll use a crop to smack my tied-up balls and once in a while will dribble a little pee onto my face. She will usually be talking on the phone with a girlfriend, complaining about me & discussing 'hot' guys. This always ends in me giving her a royal ass licking/cleaning. Of course I am NOT allowed to orgasm.
I just took a cialias,I'll let you know ...
written by BONGUY, February 11, 2007
I just took a cialias,I'll let you know!!!
XN28D Life
That's HOT ...
written by XN28D Life, February 03, 2007
That's HOT!
better yet, the 36 hour Cialis! OMG ...
written by Beverly Ann, December 01, 2006
better yet, the 36 hour Cialis!
I would love to experance that . It would be mind ...
written by Julie43, September 25, 2006
I would love to experance that . It would be mind blowing

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