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Types of Chastity Devices Print E-mail
Written by admin (maid lexis*)

What types of devices are available:  Tubes, Cages, Belts and Piercings

Chastity Tubes (Most popular design/style)

Chastity tubes (such as the CB3000/2000Buddy Lock, Gerecke, Lori's Chastity Tube) offer the advantage of not requiring a waist band.  Chastity tubes operate on two basic principles: that a narrow tube encasing the penis will prevent the penis from getting thicker and erect. And/or, they prevent the penis from elongating, thus not allowing erection. Most chastity style tubes also reduce the potential for the man to touch his penis, thus decreasing sensation.  Though most tube designs do not "prevent" all access, they do make it more difficult. 

CB2000 CB3000 Houdini Buddylock

There are a number of chastity devices in this tube category. They fall into two major designs: metal and plastic tubes.

Metal Chastity Tubes: The metal tubes, such as the Gerecke, Houdini or Lori's, are very difficult to escape even using tools and are considered more secure in terms of actual escape.  A metal hacksaw, nerves of steel and a steady hand would do the trick.  One draw back to metal tubes is there ability to go through metal detectors in airports or court houses.  Also, generally speaking metal tubes are more expensive than a plastic model.

Plastic/Acrylic Tubes: The plastic tubes, such as the CB3000/2000, Exobelt, or The Curve, can more easily be cut off if one is willing to destroy the device in the process.  Though they are secure and do enforce rules of chastity as set forth by a couple.   These devices are quite strong, when we say plastic they are really an exceptionally durable, transparent polycarbonate.

So the first question you may want to ask yourself is whether you want something that really can't be taken off without serious tools, or you want something that will be detectable if removed.

It isn't too surprising to learn that the more secure the device, the less comfortable it will be. Heavy stainless steel is less comfortable than lightweight plastic.

Lori's Chastity TubeAnother option in the chastity tube department is how the chastity tube is secured to the penis. Most are attached via a locking ring of plastic or metal around the scrotum, this is most common. The most secure manner to afix a chastity device is via the use of a genital/penis piercing, such as with Lori's Chastity Tube.  The most common piercings to secure a chastity device are the Prince Albert (PA) or a Frenum piercing.  A Penis Piercing? Most men, and women, get wheezy when they hear about getting pierced in the penis. Actually, as body piercings go, the kind needed to secure a chastity tube is easy to get and actually fun to have even without chastity play.  Don't despair! If this isn't something you want to do, there are other choices that do not require one to be pierced.

Frenum Piercing Prince Albert Piercing

Tube Advantages: Not a full belt, best for beginners, more comfortable, some models come in acrylic/plastic, ability to use plastic number locks, easy to conceal, easy for 24/7 use, can be made more secure with a piercing.

Tube Disadvantages: Some men can slip out (see points of intrigue or luvtolock), some can masturbate or "shake the device" until orgasm is achieved (though this is funny and a humiliating way to acheive orgasm), still offers some "access" to the man's genital area.

What's the most popular tube design? 

Frank and Doris Miller make the CB3000 (most popular device on the market), The Curve and CB2000. These are made from a plastic/acrylic and the device's have set the standard in comfort and security. Their devices also don not require custom manufacturing, custom sizing or a body piercing to hold them on.  These products represent some high-tech solutions to make chastity play literally, lighter and have open the chastity market to a wider audience by offering a simple and relatively comfortable product.

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davey boy
im wearing a cb 2000 with no problems and its 24/ ...
written by davey boy, November 24, 2008
im wearing a cb 2000 with no problems and its 24/7
As an uncut male who is not in chastity. I am also ...
written by NMSilverfox, July 20, 2007
As an uncut male who is not in chastity. I am also somewhat well endowed. I wore a 'curve' that due to the foreskin was impossible to wear. Other than a Houdini is there a device that can be used in this situation long term?

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